Prepositions after "serious"

serious about, in, with, for or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases serious about is used

I was serious about the matter.

Getting Serious About Syria Prof.

Serious about Studying in America?

If they were so serious about the children, they should allowed the grand parents.

Barnes is a good coach who made us laugh but was also very serious about the game.

This is something I am really serious about and want to take it all the way through.

They've been spending a lot of time together so it's a blow to Caroline, who was serious about the relationship.

If the Government was serious about the review they would have suspended the roll out while it was under review.

Ordinary normal life, thats just what exactly I am serious about in addition to wherever Ive the best enjoyable.

Clearly, North Korean military planners do not believe the United States is serious about implementing this plan.

In 9% of cases serious in is used

We must be serious in this country.

I am perfectly serious in my refusal.

So no, I'd not serious in that regard.

If the problem is serious in your area these will probably be attacked with the rest.

The figure showed that wealth disparity in the city was the most serious in the world.

It is more serious in the case of domestic appliances like fridge and air conditioners.

This sickness became serious in the middle of 2006 and had rendered the Bishop inactive for months until his death.

You and I know that immunization is the aspect of medical health care taken most serious in all parts of the world.

When I saw that I am getting serious in my blog, I bought web hosting and a professional Dot Com domain for my blog.

But the virus can cause serious infections in those with weakened immune systems, including some people with cancer.

In 4% of cases serious with is used

I'd serious with the sunscreen.

That is being serious with club.

She was very serious with her job.

This is especially serious with the bigger banks which tend to have many customers.

There are many people now who are very serious with the Lord because they are poor.

Okay, enough funning around, let's get to serious with the world's champeeen Giants.

He nonetheless was full of praise for some upcoming musicians who he said are serious with their work as musicians.

The Bible tells us of a number of young people who were serious with God and served God while they were still young.

Sincerely speaking I wasn't really serious with the NEW MONEY MAKING IDEA and CONCEPT but I decided to give it a try.

If you are really dedicated and serious with the business, you may even start making money 3 weeks after you start it.

In 3% of cases serious for is used

It's not serious for elsewhere.

But it's too serious for cliche.

This is pretty serious for India.

We budgeted for 3 years of losses and we were probably too serious for our own good.

All you seem to have been concerned about is making things less serious for yourself.

Julius Agwu being his silly self after attempting to be serious for all of 5 minutes.

The vow of matrimony is very serious for remember it is a sacrament and is made in the presence of God the Father.

Global warming is too serious for the world any longer to ignore its danger or split into opposing factions on it.

Therefore, the list is potentially even more serious for the BBC than any of the problems now confronting the BBC.

If these conditions are flouted the consequences can be serious for the company leading ultimately to liquidation.

In 3% of cases serious of is used

Pot just isn't that serious of a deal.

Most serious of these problems is the U.

Life purpose seems so serious of a topic.

How serious of an Ohio State fan is Kevin? He dresses up like Woody Hayes on gameday.

I, myself, didn't realize how serious of an epidemic HSV was until recently infected.

However the three adult Beesley's joined together for this most serious of incursions.

If you're going to be in that serious of a relationship, be properly engaged with all the marriage ceremonies done?

After doing that song he did a serious of performances at Colleges, Stage Shows and even doing a tour in Costa Rica.

It is now widely acknowledged that animation can connect with all ages and can deal with the most serious of issues.

In 1% of cases serious as is used

I think I was pretty serious as a child.

For God's sake let us be serious as a nation.

F: No, it's getting less serious as the days go on.

Recent landslips from heavy rains are much more serious as the result of deforestation.

If you're serious as a small business owner, then you will find a way, outsourcing, etc.

It is very important to recognise that the headache is serious as a second more dangerous bleed may quickly follow.

He believes, however, that the threat to continuation of the federation is not so serious as the estimate suggests.

I think he doesn't take his capabilities serious as a talented person that he can be he wants to be a ghetto war lord.

Damage caused by crystallisation within the mortar joint (or in a render) is less serious as the mortar is replaceable.

In 1% of cases serious at is used

I'd bubbly but serious at times.

It was too serious at some point.

Most serious at Anlo-Afiadenyigba.

It's full of love for the way the Doctor can be fun and yet serious at the same time.

In other words, these companies are not serious at all about doing things differently.

He is the serious type all the time while I am serious at times but joke around at times.

Things were getting serious at this stage in the sense that even qualifying for the Shield was coming into some doubt.

Everyone looking so serious at the clamour to get on board and the fuss of getting just an inch or so from the car in front.

You CAN NOT say anything serious at all about race, as a white person, and not be called a racist f*** by some fool, somewhere.

That was the first time I encountered that and I was trying to be really serious at that time so it was frustrating (since then I.

In 1% of cases serious by is used

They were not taken serious by anybody.

The book's targets are not all serious by any means.

It means you're likely to be taken serious by other men.

Stoneburner and Mewhort weren't serious by any means, and still got a pretty harsh reality sheck.

Its also suggested sometimes for the Greens but then they'd be sacrificing being serious by running in.

Right now, paramedics are rarely called because fainting isn't considered serious by the general public.

You are obligated to give any objections that are currently considered serious by the relevant intellectual community.

Government should take ' talks and awareness ' on drug trafficking serious by using the popular TVs and Radio channels.

Your domain is enough evidence that you are taking your work serious by spending some money on the service that you use.

Pakistan has to show that it's serious by taking out those high level, highly visible targets that bother the US so much.

In 1% of cases serious on is used

We must get serious on this front.

I hope you are not serious on this.

We are also serious on these issues.

We need to get serious on this issue If parliament is at an impasse CALL AN ELECTION.

Believe me, online business is a real business, and it works if you are serious on it.

As a nation, we need to get serious on planning: the Intergenerational Foundation has.

He added that Ghanaians are discerning and would know that Rawlings can not be taken serious on his anti-corruption.

I think because I didn't have a producer that was willing to go in with me serious on an album, I had to do it my way.

A must-do on a trip to the city, even for those not interested in her story or something so serious on a weekend away.

I have been doing experiments with many plugins as well!! and talking about learning well I am pretty serious on to it.

In 1% of cases serious to is used

That school does nt look serious to me.

He seems kind of heavy and serious to me.

They range from serious to comedy to caper.

A bit late, no? The loss of cllrs is more serious to the internal Party organization.

For now, I am not adding to my LMT position and giving serious to reducing it further.

Each week on NewsRadio, we bring you a huge range of stories, from the serious to the quirky - but always interesting.

I know that often when I pray - it's serious to me but it must sound a lot like begging, pleading and bargaining to Him.

Thankfully, the injuries are not serious to any of the players and they will be able to feature again for their country.

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