Prepositions after "separate"

separate from, to, in, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases separate from is used

Its separate from the executive.

There is nothing separate from it.

You are not separate from the world.

She strongly advocates a sheanut sector which is separate from the cocoa industry.

We can not say that this is my air, which is separate from the air others breathe.

It is not separate from the $90mililon, but is rather a part of that total figure.

We think that because we dwell inside our bodies that we are separate from other people who dwell inside theirs.

The truth is, you are not separate from this universe; Just as your Spirit is not separate from the rest of you.

Do children come and talk to you after the show or in the interval? We're kept quite separate from the audience.

Plus there is some code that is really only boilerplate and should probably kept separate from your actual code.

In 6% of cases separate to is used

It does not exist separate to wealth.

So they're still quite separate to me.

He insists they are separate to the police.

It is separate to the Pre-63 issue, which is coming down the track for February 2013.

It's not credible to say they are separate to each other except perhaps in the food sector.

This time the side door of our garage, which is separate to the house, was crowbarred open.

Panos Pictures, the award-winning photo agency, is separate to Panos London and will continue to operate as usual.

The hardware and infrastructure is separate to the platform, which is separate to the applications/business logic.

It would be daft at this stage to release MoS as something separate to the universe that's coming around the corner.

Leadership is therefore often quite separate to the notion of a single leader of a single group, situation, and time.

In 3% of cases separate in is used

The two groups are kept separate in prison.

Soreness as if separate in sacro-illiac synchondrosis.

For this reason I am keeping it separate in my accounts.

The toilet room is separate in the bathroom with some kinds of washlet control panel.

Spiritual, physical and emotional healing are not separate in Akan spiritual ideology.

It says nothing about how they may be distinguished or kept separate in the marketplace.

A separate in -- house thesis data base is maintained by the Indexing Unit at the Main Library and has been so since 1982.

The brethren had a general rule that anything that makes them more separate in practise from the world is to be applauded.

Jacobs thought that the two were made and kept separate in history, and that any collaboration between them was corruption, i.

In 2% of cases separate for is used

Keep log-ins separate for different accounts.

The North is kept separate for TNA to play with.

He played in the areas kept separate for blacks.

The country has been separate for a while, sometimes it is better to let go and move on.

So, there should be maximum number of kennels that must be separate for every single dog.

Everyone has to know how to keep the two separate for friendships with coworkers to last.

This article was posted in the BF section, but promotes definitions that are separate for co-sleeping and bed sharing.

I think the money spent on the sculpture was a different fund though, that all councils have to keep separate for art work.

He admitted that directing is something he's been thinking about, but he knows that the two jobs need to be separate for now.

Dadashri: Why would it not, remain separate for the one who have taken Gnan? Questioner: I want to understand how you apply that.

In 1% of cases separate at is used

You two should be separate at this stage.

One-bedroom, one-and-a-half baths, sofa bed (so both sleeping areas and bathrooms are separate at night).

These streams are separate at the time of Smith's publication, though Luce's revised version does then reference Smith.

This means they must be labelled and kept separate at every stage of their journey from the farmers groups to the shop shelves.

A friend of mine had a lovely Jack Russell but he could not be trusted with her new born baby and had to be kept separate at all times.

It may be worthwhile to purchase a fully unlocked iPhone 5 (which won't be available the same day as carrier-supplied phones in the United States ), and use separate AT &T; and Canadian carrier SIMs.

In 1% of cases separate of is used

I have a separate of other laptops in the accommodation, including an sr.

Represent a intersect separate of the on us with us logical argument cookies to co.

Violence can exist separate of cruelty and this separate existence is what I want to consider.

This is why some of the mainstream papers keep their comments section separate of the main article.

The asylum itself protects a whopping separate of unrestrained elephants which are individual to the area.

You can get upset with him for criticizing your own opinion, perhaps, but not for having his own opinion separate of yours.

I think for all practical purposes Samsung's Mobile Phone and tablet division need to be COMPLETELY separate of Samsung Corp.

But there is never the pure opposition of universalism and separation because there is something like the becoming separate of a universalism.

Well the m68k was probably the first non x86 platform to run Linux, but this development had happened completely outside and separate of Linus's tree.

In 1% of cases separate on is used

Levy of tax is separate on each of the persons.

Your SMS and email inboxes should now be separate on your BlackBerry Curve.

Various information is kept separate on distinct layers and so that it's possible to toggle it on and off for various audiences.

And although he maintained interaction with the crowd it was a shame to see that the band seemed quite separate on stage and didn't really connect with one another.

You can't really go wrong with prosciutto-wrapped anything so I did enjoy that morsel quite a bit, but again overall everything just felt very separate on this plate.

The length and slenderness of the grains suggest that they should remain separate on cooking but it differs from other long grains such that it has a soft and slightly sticky texture when cooked.

The Darwin Online database The Freeman bibliographical database and the Darwin manuscript catalogue are actually contained in a single database, although usually treated as separate on this website.

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