Prepositions after "separate"

"separate from" or "separate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases separate from is used

This is all separate from spoilers.

We are being separated from our loved ones.

These are completely separate from each other.

Pride quickly leads you to separate from those you criticise, or who criticise you.

Eventually such dramatic representations were separated from religious activities.

You should also keep the pearls separate from other jewelry pieces to avoid rubbing.

Truck loads of sea sand are brought to the mineral sand factory where mineral sand are separated from sea sand.

Separate from this, some 400 million years ago, ammonoids and nautiloids developed with chambered coiled shells.

Separated from this, about twenty miles further north, there was a further, very large tract in the Finn Valley.

Their exposure to two cultures, Kashmiri and Tibetan, has turned them into a unique community separate from both.

In 19% of cases separate by is used

Down there, separated by the Sea by only 1.

Nations can no longer be separated by territory.

These process IDs are separated by white spaces.

She turned to me to say farewell, and, as she did so, we were separated by the crowd.

Our family has been separated by her influence over my dad and I am so angry about it.

Grille light should be equal to the number of columns separated by the number of their appearance slightly better.

We next compute the force between two planes separated by a distance y by considering them as a sequence of lines.

C and D (separated by two semitones or one sixth of an octave) sounded together are also dissonant but not quite as much.

A common fraction is written in the form of two whole numbers, one above the other, separated by a short horizontal line.

In 6% of cases separate into is used

Emails can be separated into another.

Telephones can be separated into another.

The boys and girls were separated into two rooms.

Threats to business reputation can be roughly separated into internal and external.

In 1895, the school separated into what we now know as the boys and girls ' schools.

The pelvic floor muscles can be separated into lifting, opening and closing muscles.

Then we are separated into groups and instructed to come up with a plan for a small to medium scale enterprise.

These competencies may become increasingly important as society separates into technological and service sectors.

The review paper has other estimates in it (separated into those based on modern climate and those based on palaeo).

The pictures are separated into a bunch of different pages, and I'd way too lazy to go through all of them and save each one.

In 3% of cases separate in is used

All traffic types are well separated in the Utrecht University Area.

The national census shows that 107,263 people classified themselves as separated in Ireland in 2006.

Men and woman were separated in different rooms and there was no interaction between the woman and the brother.

Tipper Gore lives alone now, too, and at a gentler pace -- the pace she wanted when the Gores separated in June 2010.

Psychological an offense who plays Detective Emily Prentiss Pa Ji Brewster (Paget Brewster) will be separated in th Peggy Brewster.

In it Newton proposed universal gravitation and the inverse square law of attraction between any two bodies even separated in a vacuum.

Some queries tend to be self contained; the user finds what they wanted and the next searches are either unrelated or separated in time.

Psychological an offense who plays Detective Emily Prentiss Pa Ji Brewster (Paget Brewster) will be separated in the end of the quarter drama.

Right? Alleria: what!! Me and Turyaron? I am not, he and another comrades are lost and separate in Draenor when we hunting down the Orcs warchief.

In 2% of cases separate at is used

You were united upon the Earth and were separated at death.

Separated at the same object can be used as a separate layer for a smooth integration with other images.

However it will remain two separate systems unless the labels are removed and quality, safety and environment are no longer separated at the detail level.

In 2% of cases separate to is used

Although we are also happy to review your insurance arrangements regardless of turnover, separate to the IOL scheme with our Lloyds Underwriter.

In difference to the the 550D, the colors are clear, strong, more naturally and -- its difficult for me to say in your language -- kind of separated to each other.

Dawkins attempts to prescribe his own definition and uses that to beat people who have faith whilst at the same time ignoring that his definition of faith is entirely separate to theirs.

But Mr Bin Hammam's candidacy has also been tarnished by claims separate to Triesman 's, which alleged that Fifa members Issa Hayatou and Jacques Anouma were paid 900,000 to vote for Qatar 2022.

In 1% of cases separate for is used

He said he and his wife, Dixie D'Souza, had been separated for two years, and that he met Joseph three months ago.

If you or your spouse or common-law partner are separated for reasons beyond your control (for example, one of you has to live in a hospital or nursing home ), contact us for more information.

In 1% of cases separate with is used

Note, that the characters of s are not separated with spaces.

He separated with his wife over two years now before he went for the show.

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