Prepositions after "sentimental"

sentimental about, to, in, over or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases sentimental about is used

Don't get too sentimental about it.

He is sentimental about newspapers.

But I am not sentimental about home.

There is something special, sentimental about holding a real book in your hand.

The novelist Mrs Gaskell was sentimental about hand-sewing being a labour of love.

I am still very sentimental about him but I plucked up my courage and went to see him.

Ringo isn't sentimental about the place at all, and clearly on the side of local residents who want new homes.

Outer borough and bridge-and-tunnel kids are far less sentimental about mom and pop shops, I think you'll find.

You could mention that you are very sentimental about your jewels, and would not like it being worn by anybody.

It means I have enough reasons to want to get sentimental about Obinna's views if I am wired to think that way.

In 9% of cases sentimental to is used

While extremely sentimental to me it doesn't make me Jewish.

The balsam is sentimental to me as my mom planted them before.

In reality it was over-wrought and sentimental to the point of mawkishness.

It was an old denim shirt, that is sentimental to me for the bird patch on the back.

This mobile cot was very sentimental to us because it was used since JL, AL and now baby#3.

RIP??? How do you rest in peace apart from being with God??? Sounds lame and sentimental to me.

About Me I am optimistic and sentimental to the point of being annoying, especially to people who think that being cynical and cold is cool.

I'll be very near them, so the night before will really be sentimental to me as I will not really have much opportunity to sleep there again.

The reasons span the spectrum from the nineteenth century to the present, from the sentimental to the hard-headed, from hydraulics to freedom of speech.

Sentimental to a fault, Roman will stand by those who stand by him, because to Roman a business is a family -- and what's family without loyalty? Well, maybe just this once.

In 8% of cases sentimental in is used

Stop being sentimental in judgement.

They're actually quite kitschy and sentimental in their ideals of beauty.

A native of Abia, she is not sentimental in carrying out her many functions.

But let's be clear -- there is nothing sentimental in the Community Links approach.

Everyone is very sentimental in this land and the politicians only care for themselves.

Parks and Recreation is what it is: modest and charming, and almost sentimental in the way it depicts rural communities.

After being liberatingly acerbic for most of the night, playwright Durang goes soggily sentimental in the play's last movement.

You can only afford to be sentimental in a very limited situation, and even that situation has to have an upside for your business.

It isn't only funny though, the scenes with Michael Caridia (who is quite good) and the hamster are quite sentimental in a touching way.

In 5% of cases sentimental for is used

That night, I have to say I got a little sentimental for the safety.

That said, I enjoyed the salad bar very much, as it was kind of sentimental for me.

I feared that the movie would be too sentimental for my liking but this is not the case.

Kills without remorse, like a true psychopath, but very sentimental for the right reasons when it suits him.

The Far Side of the Sky is told in plain language with a brisk plot that may be far too sentimental for many readers.

There were also times when it got a bit too sentimental for me, but on the whole the messages were good and so I'll forgive this too.

With LINCOLN, Spielberg has created a work for the ages, a movie so powerful and rich with emotion, but never sentimental for sentimentality's sake.

The next generation will have real-time virtual reality headsets and then people will be waxing sentimental for the days when we only had words and still pictures.

While the Speilberg film was a manipulative drama that was too sentimental for it's own good, Private Peaceful is a well-acted, well-directed, and all around well-executed war film.

In 5% of cases sentimental over is used

My dear sir, there is no point being sentimental over these things.

Doesn't particularly bother me either way, I'd not sentimental over kids, and there are plenty of other things in life.

I do nt want to get sentimental over James Bonds early upbringing a la Harry Potter and watch a Home Alone style ending.

I wanted to flow into another Riverdance company without getting too nostalgic and sentimental over leaving the Shannon in the United States.

I'd the type who gets sentimental over the process, and I hope the movie does well for no other reason than I like working with those people.

What in the world is supposed to be wrong with eating swallow with the fingers? I think, as usual, lots of nairalanders are being overly sentimental over nothing.

The movie successfully closes the book on the Toy Story franchise, but I thought the premise of a college kid getting sentimental over a childhood toy a bit hokey.

Yes, some are greedy, unmanageable money-grabbers but deep down, we know some have given their best to the club; let's stop getting sentimental over these glaring issues.

And the early you think like human beings, the better for you to ascertain where lie your problems and how best to solve them rather than being sentimental over every issue that concerns the yorubas.

In 3% of cases sentimental at is used

I think I'd sentimental at this moment.

Being thousands miles away from your family could pretty much make you go sentimental at times.

A little soppy and sentimental at the end, but it was basically a middle-of-the-road Pixar movie.

The film also feels a little corny and sentimental at times and more Hollywood in style than German.

He is essentially a stranger and if you get sentimental at the simple act of a stranger signing something then you have no future in banking.

Essentially, what makes a person employable? Organizations are not sentimental at all -- no sympathy, no sentiments and no emotions, just business.

What is it I'd trying to do? ' Suddenly feeling sentimental at the thought of his daughter, Carl decided to go back to the Daily Days to warm himself up.

I think that a lot of events and objects are very meaningful and sentimental at the time that they happen/are acquired, but become more neutral over time.

The pacing is full of stops and starts (the whole thing feels very episodic ), it borders on the over sentimental at times, and everything is tied up too neatly.

In 3% of cases sentimental on is used

With that said, I am being very sentimental on Bibi's inclusion, since i think at 34 age isn't an issue.

The problem with so many of us is that we are always sentimental on religious issues that it beclouds our sense of reasning.

So, it's understandable that Donald (bowling coach of South Africa and the Pune Warriors India) turned sentimental on Saturday morning.

One of the issues arising from this type of art -- blatantly sentimental on the one hand, panderingly formulaic on the other -- is that they all share an aura of exoticism.

Needless to say, Bocek feels a bit sentimental on his return to Montreal, where the mix of wins and losses remind him of his previous UFC inexperience and eventual ascension.

Whether or not Chelsea choose to recognise that contribution in some way is entirely down to them but what they can't afford to do is be too sentimental on a footballing front.

In 2% of cases sentimental as is used

This one actually looks quite good, not quite as blindingly white and sentimental as the others.

This could be an engagement ring, wedding ring or other item of sentimental as well as monetary value.

And I'd ' agnostic ' about that (though, as my post showed, I'd relatively sentimental as regards the ' old ' Cathedral).

However, Horza seems to be getting more and more sentimental as the story progresses (sentimentality can make one less cautious).

I had a feeling that if I added work to getting rid of things, I would start getting sentimental as an excuse to get out of the hassle.

It was most sentimental as the ill (but obviously learned) village head welcomed us in his local language and with only two or three words in English.

This degree of security should always be used for jewelry which is of sentimental as well as financial value, but it can be too extreme for jewelry which is worn every day.

In 2% of cases sentimental of is used

My mum is not the most sentimental of people, and rarely remembers.

But then I remembered that Paul was the least sentimental of beings.

Whoever he is that is drowned ', said the most sentimental of the ten fools, we have lost him.

BILL MOYERS: Your book is the least romantic and the least sentimental of any book I've read in a long time.

Let the R &B,; Soul, Reggae, Dance Hall, Sentimental of Sierra Leonean music be heard on radios and seen on TV.

Perhaps it's sentimental of me but I always remember the original Studio One LPs when considering his music; they finally came out on this CD in 2006.

In 2% of cases sentimental with is used

Maybe like a lot of people he just got sentimental with age.

The media are being very, very sentimental with the lives of people of this country.

We definitely can't wait to see Vicky and Pinky make us feel soft and sentimental with their romance.

Seems like Horxa either had a death wish, was an incompetent agent, vastly overestimated his abilities, or had gone sentimental with his lover/unborn baby at hand (or a combination of the four).

In 1% of cases sentimental because is used

Maybe I'd being overly sentimental because of how well he's played this season, but impactful none the less.

That he wasn't means either he had gone sentimental because of his attachment to Yalson and their unborn child or he was just a rank amateur the Idirans found convenient to use (or a combination).

In 1% of cases sentimental from is used

If you say something really sentimental from your heart at the right moment, girls will remember it forever.

In 1% of cases sentimental into is used

But, like a gentle breeze through a window, it can bring a waft of something vaguely sentimental into the picture.

In 1% of cases sentimental like is used

Just try getting sentimental like that over a pile of dirty paper plates.

I'd a little bit sentimental like that, as I've got so many fond memories of being there.

But let's not get sentimental like Karan Johar's sugary-sappy movies about what didn't happen with the good-looking couple.

Keep it simple: Incorporate elements of the decor or pick something personal and sentimental like a gift your fiance gave you on your first date.

In 1% of cases sentimental rather is used

We Bengali people are too sentimental rather than thinking logically.

Take this concept to a deeper level by offering jewelry of sentimental rather than monetary value.

There is also a very substantial lobby of people whose interest is sentimental rather than economic -- mostly environmentalists and nature lovers.

In 1% of cases sentimental towards is used

The govt has to reach a dialogue and show that they are sentimental towards the ppl.

And contrary to what you believe, we are probably too soft-hearted and sentimental towards you guys for our own good: http: //bit.

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