Prepositions after "sensitive"

sensitive to, about, in, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 81% of cases sensitive to is used

I'd also sensitive to their flaws.

Sensitive to gender, diversity etc.

Sensitive to O'Brien's illness it is.

Back in Nevada, Secretary of State Ross Miller says he is sensitive to the critics.

Cobalt-70 once again seems sensitive to this: Bill Hamblin wrote: cobalt wrote: No.

The whales are sensitive to the microwaves and go crazy trying to get away from it.

Sensitive to the young girl, and guided by the her well-intentioned step-mother, he taught her to read the Quran.

More external funding is also required, but it must come in ways that are sensitive to the environmental impacts.

There are no known behavioral equivalents to this measure that are as sensitive to the newborn's brain functioning.

Babies are acutely sensitive to -people's moods, so there's a good chance that you were aware of their nervousness.

In 7% of cases sensitive about is used

They are very sensitive about this.

Kids are really sensitive about that.

God is too sensitive about His choice.

I have experiences with weightloss and emotionally I'd still sensitive about it.

Even if he is super sensitive about his brother and quick to fly off the handle.

Men are generally a little jealous and extremely sensitive about their territory.

Apparently management are now more sensitive about their role on the island and relations are slowly improving.

If she was really keen on you, she should have understood that and perhaps been a little more sensitive about it.

Try to remember that the person you are talking with may be very sensitive about the situation and may be scared.

Everyone has the right to say what he/she wants and they're being sensitive about not using the word SO publicly.

In 3% of cases sensitive in is used

Men are sensitive in strange ways.

Be sensitive in flashing your smiles.

The angles are very sensitive in synastry.

The **31;2417;TOOLONG seems to be becoming less and less sensitive in recent years.

According to Marriam-Webster: Sentient: finely sensitive in perception and feeling.

However, do not become too sensitive in your feeling more than what is good for you.

Cathar are a cat-like people that walk on two feet and have a history of being force sensitive in Star Wars lore.

Functional studies may be more sensitive in detecting abnormalities that differentiate various forms of dementia.

MRI is very sensitive in the demonstration of disc disease and herniation, with a sensitivity rate of above 90% 3.

These people are sensitive in love, even if their Sun sign is the more playful and outgoing signs of Gemini or Leo.

In 2% of cases sensitive for is used

It's still a bit sensitive for me.

And it's not sensitive for every woman.

I'd WAY TOO sensitive for such criticism.

They say I'd too sensitive for it and they don't want my mind to be changed by it.

My friends have never mentioned this, so maybe I'd extra sensitive for some reason.

A lot of our material will touch on topics that might be sensitive for some people.

ELISAs are more sensitive for anti-Ro, anti-La, and anti-RNP, but are positive in other diseases also (table 4).

And I gave up on earrings long ago when my ears decided it was too sensitive for anything that wasn't real gold.

The issue is particularly sensitive for Romney's running mate, Ryan, who is a devout Catholic opposed to abortion.

If any one would take offense to a recreation of this music video then they obviously are to sensitive for society.

In 1% of cases sensitive at is used

Our nerves are hyper sensitive at the moment.

We are sensitive at the most surprising times.

He was masculine and sensitive at the same time.

That is not a bad thing though I was told I should be a bit more sensitive at times.

You are very sensitive at the moment and so an over reaction has happened, that is all.

But OSI was deemed too politically sensitive at the time and was pushed into the background.

Your body is extra sensitive at this time of day, so don't push or force it to do anything it doesn't want to do.

Another thing that pisses me off is that so many of them accuse her of being overly sensitive at the words directed her way online.

In 1% of cases sensitive of is used

Be aware and sensitive of this.

For now, I'll be sensitive of my food intake.

Not very sensitive of him, it could be argued.

Among the most sensitive of the secrets was the coating that was applied to the aircraft.

It was time to hit each other in the most sensitive of areas, below the belt danger zones.

Truly, I wished they were more sensitive of other fans and more importantly, of JJ himself.

This may be used as yardstick to judge the characters of his daughters or sons in a society sensitive of the past.

With the fading of rapture, he remains in equanimity, mindful and fully aware, and physically sensitive of pleasure.

And it's caused by one simple fact: the human brain, that most sensitive of organs, is under threat from the modern world.

Houellebecq shares with his creation a delight in provoking that most sensitive of audiences, the French intellectual left.

In 1% of cases sensitive on is used

I was ultra sensitive on this day.

My hubby is exceptionally sensitive on the issue.

Muhammed Mustafa was very sensitive on this point.

He hadn't realized that he was still this sensitive on the issue of his upbringing.

This is something of concern for IC since they have to be sensitive on civilian causalities.

We asked one of the physios at La Masia and he said Cesc was always the sensitive on the team.

No one wants to hear anything negative about his or her religious beliefs and it pays to be sensitive on this issue.

When a student is especially sensitive on privateness, one should go for people apartments that include the bathroom.

If a message is personal or otherwise sensitive on a human level, and a face-to-face conversation isn't possible, step.

Since that last glass of fizz in the penthouse garden I'd been feeling a little sensitive on the subject of rose-bushes.

In 1% of cases sensitive towards is used

I'd pretty sensitive towards family.

They are very sensitive towards their owners.

She needs to have the man be sensitive towards her needs as well.

Google seems to be very sensitive towards inconsistencies in the phone number.

Therefore, as patients, we must be sensitive towards our own needs and health progress.

He is sensitive towards his neighbor, sharing his joy and commiserating him in his sorrow.

You seem to be very very sensitive which in one way is a blessing if we are sensitive towards committing any sins.

The rural parents complained that the teachers are not responsible, concerned or sensitive towards their students.

As mentioned earlier, people are generally less sensitive towards how much money is coming out of their CPF accounts.

In 1% of cases sensitive with is used

They've been sensitive with it.

It is sensitive with high aesthetics.

He is very sensitive with the way you would feel.

Linux isn't sensitive with websites because it deliberate actions to install programs.

I think that we need to start being a bit more sensitive with our elite-level budgeting.

Be sensitive with her reactions and expressions because those are hints on how she feels.

May I add if you are going to start a debate then try not to be so sensitive with other peoples terminology etc.

And pls people be a little more sensitive with your comments, a precious life was lost which could have been saved.

For once, can people just be sensitive with the security needs of today and not cry human rights violations at anytime.

One should be sensitive with the needs and respect the wishes of those who refuse or unable to receive information about ones condition.

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