Prepositions after "sensible"

sensible of, for, to, about or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases sensible of is used

Be deeply sensible of original corruption.

Which is very sensible of those countries.

So that all men should be first sensible of.

But not finding it successful, he was sensible of his error in going to the press too early.

Britain, when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayer in this room for Divine protection.

Few have any knowledge hereof but what they can not avoid, and fewer are sensible of these things in a due manner.

For all these things are commonly so valued; though some men are more, and some less, sensible of the same offence.

I am very sensible of the honour of your proposals, but it is impossible for me to do otherwise than to decline them.

Sensible of his personal inadequacy, Agur humbly approaches the God who has made Himself known in His infallible Word.

In 18% of cases sensible for is used

Now let's be sensible for a moment.

And it is way more sensible for a holiday home.

Shoes should be sensible for walking in the bush.

Anyway, it was nice to see the FT publish something that was sensible for a change.

It was very low key, which was sensible for somebody selling gold and silver coins.

You hope that ultimately you get to a place that is fair and sensible for both sides.

It matters not whether the person is competent, or whether the horse is trained to a level sensible for roadwork.

For some multilateral treaties, it's sensible for the treaty to come into force once two countries have ratified.

It is often sensible for the last Twenty years and i believe the action does pretty much over the last 2 decades.

The FBE says it does not believe that it is sensible for banks to have to rely on a soft implementation policy (i.

In 13% of cases sensible to is used

That seems very sensible to me.

Seems eminently sensible to me.

Seems perfectly sensible to me.

I think it's just sensible to quit messing around with hormones once you could be pg.

These generally seem pretty sensible to me, and very closely related to existing laws.

You can send into the mental atmosphere thoughts which will raise, purify and inspire all who are sensible to them.

Too Much, Too Soon When you have an hour to yourself, it might seem sensible to post 5 updates in quick succession.

In some wards I've worked in London if you present with Influenza symptoms your sent home which seems sensible to me.

Would it help if I qualified my arguments as being ' sensible to me '? If these come across as ' facts ' I apologize.

In 12% of cases sensible about is used

Just will be sensible about it.

We need to be sensible about it.

So be sensible about taking breaks.

We need to be sensible about this issue and avoid trying to score political points.

Therefore be cautious and sensible about how much personal detail you show in a CV.

The rest of us are just trying to be sensible about how to make this city affordable.

Evans is a fantastic guide, calming, confidence inspiring and very sensible about encouraging walkers to go slowly.

Sixteen or seventeen is fine for a teen holiday without adults, so long as the teens involved are sensible about it.

When MSWoman says, ' Maybe I have too much faith people being sensible about this kind of thing, ' I fear she is right.

In 12% of cases sensible in is used

Finland is just sensible in starting later.

It is just way too hard to do anything sensible in it.

How can I help you? Thanks for being sensible in # 54.

And well, it turns out that screenwriter Rob Hedden is sensible in exactly that way.

The crew was of the older set and Qantas would be sensible in retaining such people.

Microsoft have just been sensible in helping to manage the transition to the App world.

So hello, my name's Jessica, I'd pretty sensible in all other areas of my life but I am addicted to TV talent shows.

Passing notes (temporary configurations outside of the strict chord structure but sensible in the larger context, e.

The Arabs in violent protests in the Middle East are more sensible in not calling for a boycott of American products.

But to define that, one must first define the configuration of the sensible in which the various parties are inscribed.

In 6% of cases sensible with is used

My mum taught me to be sensible with money.

Gus wasn't just sensible with his money, either.

If you're sensible with it you get long term stability.

By all means be sensible with money and budget accordingly, but don't ban all treats.

It's now more important than ever to be sensible with money, both at home and abroad.

And it, of course, is all about being sensible with food and healthy lifestyle choices.

It's absolutely fine if you're sensible with riding speeds, distance and location provided they can reach the pegs.

I think savers and those sensible with their money from all over Europe are feeling resentment throughout this crisis.

The bigger screen can also pose a problem, as can the quad-core chip, but be sensible with it and you'll last the day.

Yes, you probably do, though, unlike me, you may have been more sensible with your money and saved for a ' rainy day '.

In 3% of cases sensible at is used

He is responsible and sensible at all times.

But Henry is a lady's horse; sensible at heart.

The decisions seem sensible at the time, but then they become regrettable.

Once they need known their talent, they have to indicate the planet that they're sensible at it.

The only reason Ro, ney rallied was that he started to sound sensible at and after the First debate.

The crew were walking around Hackney with a lot of camera equipment and it didn't feel that sensible at times.

Be Sensible At Sunday Brunch Sunday brunch can be troublesome for weekend weight loss if you're ravenous when you get there.

It's true, men are really sensible at certain scents and substances (like what celery has) and that makes their blood pomp faster.

It might be sensible at the begining, what about the future? Those projecting to bring back coins to live may not accept coins as well.

It might look sensible at first glance -- your status is your status is your status after all -- but to me they have quite different uses.

In 3% of cases sensible on is used

Generally find him sensible on every issue.

Record as much as sensible on photo and video.

Perhaps he is only sensible on certain subjects, however.

Finally: Greece had a wonderful chance to do something sensible on joining the Eurozone.

Either you personally, or your electorate appear utterly unwilling to be sensible on debt.

There is something to say though, for taking precautions and being sensible on a night out.

So if you want to buy there seems little reason to be totally negative, sensible on price and quality yes, but not totally negative.

Overview of successes and failures: I have managed to keep up with 5 sessions of Slendertone and I have been very sensible on the food and drinks.

Often, we do not forget to wrap ourselves up to the hilt in parkas, scarves, woolly hats and gloves but forget to wear something sensible on our feet.

I know quads can be extremely noisy sometimes and people are often not sensible on them, if they are driving dangerously again I would call the police.

In 2% of cases sensible from is used

This is sensible from an evolutionary point of view.

Is it sensible from a business standpoint? Absolutely.

It is also sensible from the administrator's point of view.

But then I guess this is Pakistan and actually expecting something sensible from our lawmakers is stupid.

For in peeling the sensible from the insensible, the seen from the unseen, Thales didn't just invent reason.

As much as I can, and with God as my Help, I hope to grow more sensible from each mistake and bad experience.

We think it is more sensible from a market perspective to look at what the free market is doing, and respond to that.

This treatment of children as a walled-off phenomenon is sometimes perfectly sensible from a pragmatic point of view, but it's not always helpful.

I do not support Marr and at no point have I given any indication that I support Marr - I can not recall anytime that I have heard anything sensible from Marr.

People who are 180 days behind on the mortgage are most unlikely to pay any form of house tax, no matter how sensible from an economic perspective this may be.

In 2% of cases sensible like is used

He wanted to go to hockey camp or something sensible like that.

We wanted to corner wheat in the stock market or something sensible like that.

However, instead of wearing something sensible like a Swannies hat, Byrnsie wore his Geelong scarf.

Fitch attempts to block numerous shots with his face, but eventually tries for something more sensible like an ankle pick.

They are spotted all the time, but most are something more sensible like an aeroplane, glider, helicopter, balloon or bird.


If something has polka dots on it, nine times out of ten it will be bought whether it's a pair of tights or something sensible like a plate.

Loo points out that some transactions did not seem to be sensible like the shoplots that were launched last year in Taman Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru at RM2.

So who is going to believe that we need a note in our lives, and so there are no plans of a release of something more sensible like in between of the note and the s2.

They seem pretty ground down lately, and maybe open to something actually sensible like that; long shot as it is that both sides would feel like being sensible though.

In 1% of cases sensible as is used

Some of us have long questioned whether this was sensible as well as affordable.

Planting edible peas and beans close to a laburnum tree is not sensible as the pods could be confusing.

And the Nikon case is only really sensible as a compact protective cover to move the camera from one static position to another.

Clearly it is sensible as a rule, there are too many cats for loving homes as it is, more stray cats is not good for cats as a whole.

The government though are rightly cautious about this news, which is sensible as the figures behind the headlines are not the most encouraging.

For laid crops, keep forward speed sensible as the operator will have to leave shorter stubbles and the combine will need to process more straw.

Hardly any folks are likely to observe how you get to the web page anyhow make use of the funds for one thing a bit more sensible as an alternative.

To suggest we acquiesce to such prejudice and prohibit gay parenting is as sensible as to suggest the best way to change a light bulb is by rotating the ceiling.

Once again, it goes to the truth that we're dominated more through our ' primitive ', survival-driven, fight or flight mind compared to the sensible as well as smart ' modern ' brain.

Regardless of the opaquely worded exchanges among academic philosophers, there is nothing as CLEAR and sensible as truth being defined as that which corresponds to the outside material world.

In 1% of cases sensible by is used

That is fine, and also sensible by todays markets standards.

But it really needs to be authentic and additionally sensible by way of their source of income.

It actively spooks children into picking something sensible by including a certain Robert Frost poem on the Leaving Cert Syllabus.

Movements like rolls when landing help reduce impact from a jump on the legs and spine, allowing a traceur to attempt greater heights beyond those considered safe or sensible by the layman.

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