Prepositions after "senior"

"senior in", "senior to" or "senior at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases senior in is used

You're a senior in high school.

He was quite senior in age too.

He will be a senior in the fall.

Hard times, but very worth it I was a senior in high school when I had my son Brendan.

Two of his daughters are in college, GA and Auburn, third one a senior in high school.

The most senior in age among my informants is one of Abdullah Dong's (or Pak Lah) sons.

So by setting this up in my mind as a senior in high school, I was very much expecting to find a husband in college.

Because you got a record deal? My first record came out while I was a senior in secondary school, which is dangerous.

I am just a senior in high school, and about the only thing that I know professionally is how to run movie projectors.

As a senior in college I literally could not imagine what kind of job I might get that was not as a college professor.

In 20% of cases senior at is used

Kripa Sreepada, a senior at St.

Derwin Watts was a senior at I.

I am a senior at Heidelberg College.

Jamaican-born Irving is a senior at Florida Memorial University majoring in aerospace.

In December 1946, when she was a senior at Bellamarine Jefferson High School in Burbank.

Defence: You have also stated there that you have assisted your senior at Criminal cases.

George Otieno Achieng MIO-0260 19 year old male, Kisumu East, Kenya George (Ojojo) Otieno Achieng is a senior at St.

Czisny, 21, a senior at Bowling Green, became the oldest first-time champion since Nancy Kerrigan won at 23 in 1993.

Good luck! Author: Shannon is a senior at Boston University majoring in Advertising in the College of Communication.

I was a senior at the time, and at a Christian college, engagements seem to be an everyday occurrence in the spring.

In 16% of cases senior to is used

They are all very senior to me.

Fazlul Haq: You are senior to me.

He was senior to me by seven years.

He was made an officiating director because his promotion made him senior to Mr Vazir.

Natasha says that her husband was senior to her which didn't really pose as a problem.

It insisted that its claims were senior to that of other holders of the same bonds and negotiated to get paid in full.

He is a confusionist, trailing his history, he has rather put his senior to prison or death to gain himself and place.

Wonderful thing about this great man is that when he was too young he had composed songs for the singers senior to him.

But SF was the most senior (4-star general) SLA had and I don't think there is more senior officer in SLA senior to SF.

In 8% of cases senior of is used

And who asked the senior? A senior of his, clearly.

Ali Enters as senior of Pawan Kalyan in the same channel.

Frederick, the most senior of the Electors, became an outcast.

The most senior of economists in powerful positions write and talk in accessible language.

Teck Soon, another senior of ours came back and we chatted for more than hour at the tv room.

The Alake was the most senior of the three rulers, though the degree of political centralisation was not very great.

Acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio is necessarily in the lead, as he is the most senior of all the sitting justices.

Karan had no problem with it, but he had to do urgent work in his cabin and he could not ask a senior of his to leave.

The sixth, apparently the most senior of the group, was carrying no visible weapon and wore a pink, short-sleeve shirt.

In 5% of cases senior from is used

He's a senior from my high school.

Miranda, a senior from Norcross, Ga.

Nicolas Langley, a senior from Golden, B.

Ralling, 21, a senior from New York City, and Reed, 18, a freshman from Philadelphia, Pa.

Step in Jayaram as a senior from the same army battalion who is also wooing the same girl.

Immediately, all that Chinedu Okoro, my senior from the university told me began to make sense.

Fischer, 21, a senior from Batavia, said his work with the guild helped him get an internship with Deere &; Company.

John Stucker, a senior from Cincinnati, must pay back $80,000 he took out in student loans or borrowed from his parents.

Commission Scholarship is offered by the city of San Antonio, Texas, to a graduating senior from a Bexar County schools.

After attending the last session, I rushed to the airport, and accidentally shared a cab with a senior from Interdigial.

In 3% of cases senior on is used

Accompany the Senior on visits to the top ranked choices.

Veronica is a senior on the team she should be give the preference.

Will senior on broadcast programs, then we were laughing with each other.

As a senior on ghanaweb, I can understand why many of my age mates have left the site.

Reigning CAA Player of the Year Thomas Bass star the year as the only senior on the team.

This is an excellent ploy to trick a trusting senior on a budget into signing a contract.

Klitsner's operatic bombastic working-class senior on the prowl -- with attached, protective sister in tow -- is curmudgeonly.

One senior on my team left not too long after, to pursue full-time ministry; several others remain heavily involved in their churches.

In 3% of cases senior with is used

Help is needed! I am a high school senior with a 4.

Yet Madison, a senior with the University of Missouri Tigers football.

Suddenly, he leapt up and picked up one of my canes, a senior with a crook handle.

That means it's a good time to be a graduating senior with a degree in computer science.

For example, for a single senior with income of $27,000, the maximum credit will be $1,078? 0.

But will Julie Marie still have him, a man who is eleven years her senior with an illegitimate child.

Cue rambunctious senior with a bottle of Accutane hanging out of her backpack approaching my table this afternoon.

If can be especially expensive if you are a senior with Medicare that has not researched medicare supplement plans.

I'd a high school senior with so much to do for school and preparing for college, so I'd trying to maximize my time awake.

This is not an airport for a mom with 3 energetic kids and a stroller or a disabled person or a senior with mobility problems.

In 2% of cases senior by is used

John McCain carried senior by 8 points too.

Alex Ekwueme was my senior by about three years.

With Tom Senior by his side, he's turned PCGamer.

Loku Aiya, my senior by seven years, was an adventurous and daringly mischievous youth.

Anatoly is my senior by a good 30 years but we both could see how happy the Tibetan people are.

I was a senior by then and was a bit of a tough guy kid -- loud, showy and always joking to make my points.

In Alberta, one in five people will be a senior by 2031 -- a strong indicator of rising need for musculoskeletal care.

This means a 5 ' 11, 170 lbs 18 year-old freshman can develop into a 6 ' 1 205 lbs senior by the time he turns 22 and graduates.

Lee, on the other hand, was fully six feet in height and quite erect for one of his age, for he was Grant's senior by sixteen years.

In 2% of cases senior for is used

I mean he is too senior for that.

Withey is a freaking 7 ' Senior for cripes sake.

I was considered too senior for all the jobs available.

Shall I talk to his senior for the problem that whole team is facing.

Smith denied speculation she married the oil tycoon 63 years her senior for money.

Was fully in the spirit as a high school senior for the Busch-Miller World Beeries.

In fact eleven of that junior team played senior for the county at one time or another.

He decided after an All-American junior year to leave behind a possible Heisman year as a senior for the NFL.

He is a Knight of the Order of the Thistle, one of HM the Queen's personal decorations and the most senior for Scots.

The scope of his business activity was indicated when in 1801 he became indebted to Robert Campbell senior for the sum of 160 10s.

In 1% of cases senior among is used

The senior among the civil servants was Sir Hugh Cleghorn, a Scotchman.

Carpio, the most senior among the tribunal's 14 justices, said he would respect Mr.

Before beginning the journey, here needs an introduction of the team members The most senior among the yezdis is owned by Dhanmahesh.

The bankers were quite pleased with the result and the senior among them admitted to me afterward that this approach had never occurred to him.

The expectation may be owing to the fact that he is the most senior among them in government and that after all, he is the Number Two politician in thee land.

But Abubakar, who appeared to be the most senior among the naval ratings guarding the house, told our correspondent on the phone that he was just a peace maker.

We must defer to the senior among us, and we are not allowed to forget it either: sometimes it would appear to be a positive merit for us to do this, because it is a rule of the Order.

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