Prepositions after "send"

send to, by, in, for or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases send to is used

In a press statement sent to P.

A query is sent to a Controller.

So my modem got sent to wrong address.

They must surrender and pay for those innocent souls they sent to great beyond abruptly.

Can you send me an email address that I can send to, or brief instructions? Thanks Cool.

I think it only worked with mail sent to other AOL users that they hadn't yet seen/read.

The marines continue on through fire and rain, questioning each other about the squad sent to the planet 17 weeks ago.

The politicians pass them, boilerplate them, and send to all New Right Republican states for immediate implementation.

Notice of a special general meeting shall be sent to local councils at least one month before the date of the meeting.

Duncan Livingstone was sent to build a fort eight miles from the source of the Mackenzie River (near Fort Providence).

In 10% of cases send by is used

In July of 1973 letters were sent by Dr.

Similar messages were sent by individuals.

I suspect that you are sent by my brother.

It was the message he sent by blooding seven debutants, more rookies than any other club.

No telephone line required for the fax: The fax is sent by the computer over the Internet.

Ken -- If the message was sent by some survivor we might know something about the invaders.

The instructions were sent by the head of department from each department to the secretary general of each department.

Hao month when a small palace by his master, sent by the Queen personally arranged for Li Ying's there to protect her.

Certificates of Achievement will be sent by post to participants who finish the race within the specified time limits.

Meanwhile the SOS message sent by the Governor was been heeded to and the British sent a Relief Column through Bekwae.

In 5% of cases send in is used

Surdez polished his prose and sent in his work.

All other designs will be sent in pdf format ONLY.

The CJ rightly asked for the request to be sent in writing.

Got a nice pass from a very impressive Giroud and sent in a low shot into the right corner.

Had a cleaner been sent in once a week the poor men wouldn't have been living in pure filth.

They can be sent in any order (thogh the C code always sends them in the order listed below).

So is Obama much different than Assange? He is sending in good people to die for no good reason as far as I can tell.

Nothing was ever left! School tables had been sent in the container previously and both classrooms were equipped with one.

West of Taegu a four-plane flight, sent in to the perimeter from Valley Forge, discovered adequate control and destroyed a tank.

He sent in his troops, who according to one account, killed between 60,000 to 100,000 East Timorese in the period 1975-76 alone.

In 4% of cases send for is used

So he sent for him and he came.

My comp crashed, sent for replacement.

I should have been sending for you.

The king sent for the parents of the boy, and took the boy and his parents to the Buddha.

Although Anne was present for public ceremonies, it was clear that she was out of favour.

With his characteristic thoroughness, Parsa sent for and went through the official files.

At first he rather angrily assumed that I'd been sent for refusing to apologise, until he realised that was not the case.

The Delegate Access feature in Outlook lets meeting requests be received, accepted, and even sent for you by someone else.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) sent for her father, then he gave the girl the choice of what to do.

If she became pregant and gave birth, some days after the birth she would send for them, and none of them could refuse to come.

In 4% of cases send from is used

I can send from Java - Indonesia.

Sent from my BlackBerryr Smartphone, from Etisalat.

Packets sent from the server to the container begin with 0x1234.

There were 800 tables, provided locally, and some 15 tons of equipment sent from Memphis.

MO: Mobile Originating: these are the messages sent from the Participant to the Operator.

In a nutshell it looks like this: You get an email that looks like it was sent from your bank.

Packets sent from the container to the server begin with AB (that's the ASCII code for A followed by the ASCII code for B).

Branham considered himself to be a prophet sent from God to the last Church age who was given 7 visions regarding the end times.

Thomas's funeral was attended by 1980s girl band Bananarama with wreaths sent from a host of celebrities, including Paul Weller.

In 3% of cases send on is used

Their bare deal was sent on to Rudd's group of leaders.

Later, the husband was sent on an impossible errand by the king.

It is a unidirectional Message sent on any event to other Controllers.

Sometimes I wonder if his a human being or an angel that God sent on a mission on earth.

Benedict Arnold was named brigadier general by the British government and sent on raids to Virginia.

Awarded a special prize by Queen Alexandra, he was signed up by a promoter and and sent on a tour of London music halls.

Martinez sent on striker Franco di Santo for Maloney on the hour, but the game was rapidly slipping from his side's grasp.

The letter which was sent on Wednesday, ordering it to stop any consideration of canceling it's consolidation election with Coleman.

In 2% of cases send into is used

Suddenly I was sent into a clandestine life.

All comments sent into the site are liable to editing.

Several were sent into the eastern Mediterranean last week.

Some were sent into the vineyard at the eleventh hour; but nobody had hired them before.

The same would apply when the dog was being sent into a house as part of a firearms operation.

Notes: John 1: 6 to 9 Here we aretold that John the Baptist was sent into this world in advance.

Even the most confident and secure woman can be sent into a tailspin when her image, intelligence, competence or personality are attacked.

By 1928 with Trotsky sent into exile Stalin was in an unassailable position, despite his enduring paranoia that people were plotting to overthrow him.

It was when he was sent into material creation to help in the development of young human spirts that he developed a will of his own and became a spirit.

One of the advantages of deploying our troops early is that if they are sent into battle, they will have been acclimatised and got ready for that conflict.

In 2% of cases send via is used

To Europe goods are sent via airmail.

SMTP A way that logs are sent via Simple email.

Applications addressed to the People &; Development Manager, should be sent via email to:.

In short, SOAP are way by which method calls are translate into XML format and sent via HTTP.

We welcome your nominations (sent via post, please) of who you think should be next month's member.

From there, you can email them, post them to Facebook, send via messaging, upload to Dropbox -- whatever works best for you.

Listed below are a few of them: No need for a fax machine: As the fax is sent via a computer, there is no need for a fax machine.

The abstract should be written in English (between 200 and 500 words) and sent via e-mail to **28;1136;TOOLONG no later than 21 January 2013.

A hard copy of either form can be mailed or faxed to you by calling 780-447-8833 Electronic versions of the forms can be sent via email to you.

In 1% of cases send as is used

If the sender transmits an entire window's worth of data at once, the data will be sent as a burst.

Therefore, the claim made here is that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) was sent as a Messenger for the entire world.

But John was sent as a witness to testify that light, so that all might believe through him in what was to come.

Anything they say in the room is sent as a message to that topic, which Kafka duly distributes to all the subscribed clients.

Not that I've ever sent as a set back because the owner had a sideways landing and two thirds of the spokes snapped or anything.

Blancheflour is in a different caliphate from Flores, and there she is accused falsely and sent as a slave to a Tower of Maidens.

The tares, which God has sent as a curse, lift up their heads erect, and high above the wheat, but they are only fruitful of evil.

Now the Jews had an opinion that the destruction of this army was sent as a punishment upon Herod, and a mark of God's displeasure to him.

The letters, Ryan's spokesman Brendan Buck said, were sent as part of the congressman's basic responsibility to advocate on behalf of his district.

She has recently been sent as an emergency patient from her surgery to the hospital because they feared she may be having a heart attack, so what good.

In 1% of cases send at is used

My first email was sent at 11:23 a.

Did you get any reply for the interview request sent at.

I only know its impossible for messages to be sent at that time as my internet was off I had one of these this morning.

A lot of USA sellers have been burned by sending at cheaper posting rates and then getting hit with refunds for items that take time to arrive.

Mr Unsworth's email - which was sent at 12:15am under the subject line ' Ego trip ' - was posted by Green Party co-leader Russel Norman on his Facebook page today.

For the health and growth of your business, you know that you must ensure that your campaigns regularly distributed and the monthly newsletter is sent at a preset time.

The candidates should take a printout of the online application and preserve it with them for their record and should not be sent at the Nigam's address or any other address.

Because the different information is sent at different frequencies, both types of data can be transmitted simultaneously without affecting or interrupting the performance of the other.

In 1% of cases send off is used

Luiz on the other should've been sent off.

Any player who assaults or insults an official shall be sent off.

It boiled over in the second half and hands up, I was lucky not to be sent off.

A player who is sent off or cautioned after a match must be shown the red / yellow card.

Minutes later Lux had a man sent off which considering the previous incident, completely enraged them.

A day to forget for Liverpool who had Charlie Adam and Martin Skertel sent off and lost Daniel Agger to injury.

And I'd looking forward to the Floor Mop getting sent off in some high profile matches where Atkinson won't be around.

You've done your research, found your potential agent, and sent off the best possible query according to his or her guidelines.

The young men in the scorched fields of the Dotan Valley are now on a clearing up operation, basically packing up and sending off the remaining charcoal.

Liverpool have failed to get a grip on midfield and with Daniel Agger gone off injured and Charlie Adam sent off it will be tough for them to get back into this.

In 1% of cases send over is used

Two versions of the data are sent over different wires.

Will send over the powerpoint presentation today/tomorrow.

HTTP headers, etc) is sent over the connection in a highly condensed form (e.

We sent over 50,000 parcels with various dance related items to 23 countries of the world.

If it is, the file can be sent over the network without first being transcoded on the server.

This is sent over a transmitter to the implant that turns digital information into electrical impulses.

Digital subscriber lines transmit digital data at a different frequency than the voice calls sent over the same cables.

Philip Hobbs sends over Menorah, and as his connections have already enjoyed success at this year's Festival with Snap Tie.

Each 11-chip sequence represents a single data bit (1 or 0 ), and is converted to a waveform, called a symbol, that can be sent over the air.

The container asks for more data from the request (If the body was too large to fit in the first packet sent over or when the request is chuncked).

In 1% of cases send through is used

AFP has sent through another frame from the same video.

Entries must not be sent through agencies or third parties.

Refund requests and such should be sent through our Ticket Support System.

Though the ends are now stopped it is open all the way, for dogs have been sent through it.

This is a secure form of communication, since messages are not sent through the IRC network.

The visa is normally approved by cablegram sent through NITEL offices in Nigeria to the Mission from where it would be issued.

You are required to send your name and address to our Payment Officer where you want your fund to be send through Western Union.

Having said this, you understand that any operational function or media sent through our newsletter system does not come with warranties.

Once this milk has passed all checks it is sent through a filter into the holding tank and any milk that doesn't pass all tests is rejected.

Supporting us If you would like to support us financially, money sent through BMS World mission can go directly towards our personal support.

In 1% of cases send with is used

The performa will be sent with your Joining Instructions.

And the fact that it was sent with extra crystals, makes even better.

He joined the Jesuit Order and in 1583 was sent was sent with another Italian priest Michael Ruggieri to China.

The deposition of an English planter, John Mathews, mentions that in 1662 he had been sent with a warrant to St.

Most importantly, it was sent with clear and strict guidelines to the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Among the messages the judges sent with their own long and short lists was that the Booker is rapproching somewhat with that so-called dead hand.

Terms and Conditions On receipt of e-mail confirmation of participation, an acknowledgement will be sent with precourse information and directions.

Terms &; Conditions On receipt of e-mail confirmation of participation, an acknowledgement will be sent with pre-course information and directions.

If truth be told I was surprised that my letter was published, but I wore the small badge which I was sent with pride -- right up until the time I lost it a few weeks later.

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