Prepositions after "sell"

sell to, in, for, at or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases sell to is used

The land is accordingly sold to B.

Rowntree was sold to Nestl in 1988.

These lands can not be sold to anyone.

It was sold to a Canadian Company providing the boat could be delivered to Lake Ontario.

As of close of business Sunday, 8,458 tickets had been sold to the 17,000-seat grandstand.

Picture a manufacturer of soap in Penang selling to a few customers in their local area.

Broken unregistered dogs sold to a high of 1,700gns (av 1,481 ), with part-broken unregistered dogs peaking at 700gns.

Site is still so young and as they said now already sold to the new management without informing their members before.

Also unlike Darwin, he had no money, so had to pay his way by collecting exotic specimens which he sold to collectors.

All this means is, the people who I'll now buy from are the ones who get how I want to be sold to, and do it that way.

In 17% of cases sell in is used

It is sold in most pharmacies).

Pandora beads also sold in wholesale.

Copies of his racing boots were sold in the U.

As a means of support, he made wooden canes and paper fans which he sold in the streets.

If they are well cared for they can be readily sold in the time of need for a good price.

DANIELLA WESTBROOK I 'VE been very good since my late teenage years, when CDs sold in their cases with no shop alarms.

Gargoyle Aug 11, 10:57 AM Go figure -- an American phone with less features than the one sold in the rest of the world.

Money was scarce and virtually unobtainable, except when livestock was sold in the Newtownhamilton or Crossmaglen fair.

In 15% of cases sell for is used

The database is sold for: $149.

It would have to sell for under $30.

It is being sold for 8,000 Ksh ($100).

A lot of those Boomers are sitting on homes that they hope to sell for their retirement.

In Canada, the best-selling car was the more basic Honda Civic, which sells for $15,700.

But she did buy quite a few single cups of Yoplait Yogurt, which typically sell for around.

These had to be the most perfect specimens we could give these researchers for the best value that we could sell for.

And I can show you homes which have resold for the same or more than that which they sold for in the past four years.

The idea that, on average, houses are selling for two thirds of asking prices is just wishful thinking I am afraid.

How old were the boys sold for sex in Barney Frank's house by his boyfriend? Yes, it is sad that children are homeless.

In 13% of cases sell at is used

The price the Customer may sell at.

They will sell at any price by then.

This type of jewelry is sold at auction.

Luckily there was durian being sold at the market, so we ate our dinner at the bus stop.

New towns sprang up and Housing and Development Board apartments were sold at a low cost.

As if someone is buying at the offer, then 10 ms later selling at the bid, and so forth.

The square, located in the heart of Dublin 6, is being sold at the December 4th auction with a a content summary only.

A woman who owns a pearl necklace sees a better pearl necklace on a store window and it is being sold at a huge discount.

In 1861, due to a financial crisis and the impending American Civil War, the Maid of the Mist was sold at public auction.

Sterling silver chains look great and are usually sold at a very affordable price compared to other common jewelry types.

In 9% of cases sell on is used

Not sold on NC State or Michigan.

And pretty much sold on the merits.

Never been sold on Clippard as a closer.

The 30 Day Replacement Guarantee is applicable to all physical products sold on flipkart.

Anyone can *TRY* to sell on eBay but most of them don't make any income worth mentioning.

In Ghana both imported and domestic rice are sold on the same market in the urban centers.

Ben Lankester Sherborne, Dorset SIR -- If each of the 8,000 Olympic torches was sold on eBay for 153,000, more than 1.

First stop to eBay and he managed to recruit many resellers who sell on his behalf but he ships directly to customers.

Supposedly it remembers where it's been in your house so that it doesn't retrace it tracks, but I'd not too sold on that.

There are a limited number of each type of these and, as they sell on a particular train, the seats become more expensive.

In 6% of cases sell by is used

So selling by auction is not the problem.

They really are way past their ' sell by date '.

Now being sold by receivers with a guide price of 12 million.

Retail trade includes goods sold by supermarkets, grocery stores, and other goods retailers.

Smartphones, says the company, now account for sixty percent of devices sold by the company.

As far as is known this did not happen, but several models were sold by a dealer in Saskatoon.

You may have picked up one of the 9,000 albums sold by The Riptide Movement or one of the 12,000 singles they released.

In 2011 alone, 73,592 bibles, 9,884 New Testaments and 24,569 bible extracts were sold by the CBS at concessionary rates.

All lighting systems sold by the member companies of the ELC, however, are well within the national and international limit values.

Sixth, the root of the problem is variable insurance products sold by these companies that contained a guaranteed return provision.

In 2% of cases sell as is used

It was sold as a way to stop drug traffic.

Read more It's going to be sold as a DVD and CD combo.

Austerity is sold as the only available means of reducing the debt.

Dalmatian stone readily accepts dyes and it is often sold as an artificially colored stones.

It was sold as an all-purpose venue but it clearly is n't, with access limited by turf fragility.

Not bad stuff, not at all, and not nearly as dangerous as bromo, but still not safe to sell as acid.

Wenger had insisted that the club was forced to sell as the Cameroon international had expressed a desire to move to Spain.

Businesses are continually bought and sold as a result of an opportunity being made available or because of a strategic plan.

In 2% of cases sell into is used

Apple is in Cork to use Ireland as a base for selling into Europe.

I might watch this if the losers got sold into sex slavery to Thai businessmen.

Sold into the excitement the first hour today for an average of 15% on the options.

One of the biggest fears for company's wanting to sell into China is Intellectual Property.

In the context, the meaning of ahvad is that the people were conquered and sold into slavery.

What I recommend to investors is find companies with fat profit margins that can sell into China.

Investors are going to have to invest in companies that are not here to source cheap labor, but are trying to sell into the market.

I am very bullish on Nike, Starbucks, and Apple because these are companies that are not producing in China, but selling into it.

As it is told, after embarking on a voyage for the West Indies, Richard was captured by an Algerian pirate and subsequently sold into slavery.

Is anything being done to protect intellectual property and what advice would you someone looking to sell into China? Investors in China should be very cautious.

In 2% of cases sell off is used

This has resulted in a continual sell off of assets.

Why do you think John Key wants to sell off the SOEs.

But if they continue to sell off the NHS then they destroy something great.

One year later he sold off the remaining 49 per cent to Ren Leimer, a colleague of Rossetti.

Standard Chartered argues that, having previously sold off their gold, central banks are now buying again.

You might think that everyone understood this already, but the market sold off 50 points or so in the DJIA.

Selling off part of the business could leave the remainder in no fit state to continue as a functioning, viable farm.

The UK, a pioneer of civil nuclear power, sold off its nuclear industry and allowed its expertise in this field to lapse.

He subdivides it and sells off property 1 which has a house and street frontage and retains property 2 which remains bare land.

Sorry, we can't do horses or rivers or the sea in school but we do a hell of a lot better than the English selling off fields.

In 1% of cases sell from is used

But the local unit's upside was limited on selling from leveraged funds.

I will just sell from the heart instead of trying to say what I think I should.

Always separate the books you feel certain you can sell from those you aren't sure about.

It was the six-storey Bizhub28, where all 60 freehold strata units have been sold from S$600 psf.

We had been linked with Alvaro Pereira in the past, and he happened to be sold from Porto to Inter.

Ustrong/?? is sold from a company in Hong Kong, and advertise itself as a formula from New Zealand.

Selling from AUD$18,000, Proton is trying hard to compete with the likes from Korea, Japan and even China for the middle-segment car.

There are restrictions on the range of non-petroleum goods which may be sold from filling stations after general retail shop trading hours.

It sells from just $249 in Australia, but its build quality compares to rival (and in most cases, inferior) devices that fetch well over $500.

Exemptions from lodging an export entry Passengers ' baggage and effects (except goods sold from a licensed export warehouse or under drawback).

In 1% of cases sell like is used

Limited sets will be sold like this.

Those LS engine is selling like hot cakes.

They're making fun of our ancestors being sold like cattle.

But, at the same time, he was selling like crazy! As for the hat.

The company's handsets are continuing to sell like hotcakes in many markets.

They ARE desirable and they do sell like hotcales - to a SMALL minority of the market.

From the information below, the tickets for Heineken Thirst 2012 is selling like hot cakes.

But a rep should have a specific, customer-beneficial for every call, and he or she should avoid the hard sell like the plague.

But by selling like this you are making it impossible for someone who does not have fiber optic broadband to buy one of these.

As the evening drew in and merch and food alike were selling like hot-cakes, the excitement for Warped? s night-time entertainment was palpable.

In 1% of cases sell out is used

Right now we're just selling out of boxes.

The booth sold out of its first item within the next.

They're sold out most nights and there's no denying that.

I have converted a bedroom into a candle room and sell out of it.

I love it so much I even went to buy a second one but the store was already sold out of it *sad face*.

But he told me he still intends to buy books he finds worth buying, and to keep selling out of his remaining store.

We eventually went to pull ups because diapers didn't fit and Target was always sold out of his size cloth training pants.

While retail stores sold out of the Lumia 920 shortly after launch last week, there appeared to be plenty of stock available online.

Had I not watched that video and learned your system, I would sold out of the position, and been kicking myself for making such a bad entry.

Trying to head to Sprint's pre-order page will only bring up a message informing users that Sprint has sold out of their pre-sale inventory, a proud message to display, I'd sure.

In 1% of cases sell through is used

If you want to sell through the Travel Trust Association (TTA) members,.

The outfits of Warda Designer Collection are sold through the outlets of the brand.

The customers of Oldknow, in contrast, were mainly people of fashion; goods were sold through the London merchant house of S.

Farmer Phil Jones of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, raises vegetables, has about 180 CSA customers and also sells through farmers ' markets.

The state also is asking whether the MSPs will have to meet the same standards that other plans sold through a state's exchange will have to meet.

The only proper solution is to completely separate state and school thereby permitting education to be purchased and sold through the free market system.

As most mediums begin to be sold through an auction process, the dependence on volume discounts on media buys and treasury operations will need to reduce.

McKee Foods is a US company and their products are made in the US and sold through all 50 states (57 states if you're the current US president ), Canada, and Mexico.

S there is an alternative as the Google Play Store was selling the Nexus 4 unlocked but the phone is now also being sold through T-Mobile on contract as we detailed here.

Intermediary Sales Remain Steady: The proportion of equity release plans sold through intermediaries remained level with last quarter at 90% (Q1 2012 ), at a value of 179.

In 1% of cases sell under is used

Power to sell under special conditions Power to buy in and re-sell 38.

Springfield Armory, and in the USA HS2000 pistols are being sold under the designation X-treme Duty pistol (Springfield XD).

Some senior lenders believe they would get more than 70 cents for each dollar of their secured loans if Chrysler is broken up and sold under bankruptcy, said people familiar with the talks.

In 1% of cases sell with is used

Joshiraku, even without the puns, would SELL with baka gaijin.

Anybody who starts to sell with any notion is due to have his eyes opened or lose his pants.

As soon as I can detect something is being sold with hype, I just wait until there are some critical reviews so I can get some perspective.

If the deal is purely buy &; sell with no contractual obligation; then it is clear curlt trading because seller profits and buyer keep the goods.

The hottest version of special server hosting as a result of Windows is sold with top of the range reliability elements and even most recently released web management techniques.

When I probed a little further, the therapist explained that the special also included a high SPF sunscreen, and the rep had advised the sunscreen be sold with the peel as a bundle.

His practice of being able to sell with his team and not just tell them how to sell is reflected in his blog, as he looks to motivate others by showing them the process of his success.

In 1% of cases sell within is used

Sale by trustee directed to sell within specified time 22.

In 2011, a special stamp duty was levied for property transactions that were sold within 2 years.

That necklace sold within 30mins because I put more effort into the photo for it, and because it's intricate and cool.

Sometimes I'd have properties sold within seconds just about by bringing it up, and someone would buying it straight away.

Think about just businesses, that have been buying and selling within the community marketplace for an extended time period.

Cars bought or sold within Ireland Vehicles sold or traded-in within Ireland must have their change of ownership registered, whether new or used.

From the developer's perspective, then, selling prime units to speculators and property agents increases the probability that all of the units will be sold within a limited period of time.

I used the llittle consolation money we had received from idols and for the first time in my life I bought a car, which I later on sold within a few months because the bills just kept piling up.

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