Prepositions after "selfish"

"selfish in", "selfish for" or "selfish of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 19% of cases selfish in is used

He/ She is just selfish in bed.

Never selfish in his knoweldge.

He is selfish in an extreme sense.

I might be selfish in demanding that that but yours is one of my favourite blogs ever.

Our environment has taught us to be selfish in most cases, and it is completely wrong.

My blog is selfish in that way as are all other blogs that fit the original definition.

Selfish in the way an airline insists that you affix your own mask first BEFORE helping those around you secure theirs.

Am I being selfish in trying to secure myself financially? Why can't my brothers step in and take more responsibility? 5.

That? s why I would like to say to the Bangladeshi players: Please be very very selfish in the first 3 days of Test match.

As for Mara, Clara insulted her being so selfish in not telling Christian Torralba (Albie Casio) about what she truly felt.

In 19% of cases selfish of is used

It would be very selfish of me.

And I feel that is selfish of him.

How very selfish of you and yours.

I think it is very heartless and selfish of you to say they need to get over it, SMH.

I'd like to keep seeing you and your viewpoint, and I know it is selfish of me to ask.

Maybe it's selfish of me, but I don't want her to be very cognizant of the whole process.

Charm B 5/7/2012 - 10:40 AM Pastor, you are the one being selfish 5/7/2012 - 9:56 AM Really selfish of the mothers.

After all, from the most altruistic to the most selfish of us, everyone has a stake in lowering youth unemployment.

Yes maybe that is selfish of me to say but I am clearly not the only one with this sort of, brace yourself, opinion.

In so many levels I know that this is wrong, and it is very selfish of me to even feel a bit of this, but I can not help it.

In 18% of cases selfish for is used

I think I need to be this selfish for now.

I feel guilty and selfish for wanting to leave.

He was selfish for taking it in the first place.

Sally, the woman said it was selfish for her to adopt when she could still reproduce.

She thinks I'd being selfish for not getting a decent job to build our future together.

After having found this answer it would be very selfish for us to keep it to ourselves.

I feel a bit selfish for wanting her well so she can make me laugh again -- but what can I say? I'd selfish that way.

If being happy means being selfish for a while that's fine, if it means taking a break from all this then no problem.

Do i sound selfish for wanting adoption because i feel its best for my own baby? Source(s): You are not selfish at all.

No, it's not selfish for the person you CHOSE to marry to expect you to hold to those vows if you want to remain married.

In 8% of cases selfish with is used

You are even selfish with your time.

She didn't want to be selfish with him.

These people are selfish with their money.

Don't be selfish with your blog space, and allow others to guest post on your blog.

I can't be selfish with my time and abilities when we're called to sacrifice ourselves.

I'd not selfish with the thoughts that race through my mind, and I'd usually happy to share some inspiring ideas.

Another plus is that Benteke is not selfish with the ball (unlike some players) and not afraid to take a long shot.

He confesses that because he loves her, he can't be selfish with her and that he doesn't deserve her, but Stefan does.

I enjoy my work with the students, but I must say, I am very selfish with my time, I have relished this week of just being.

In 7% of cases selfish about is used

There is nothing selfish about that.

Sorry, I have to be selfish about it.

I'd also being very selfish about it.

And to be completely selfish about it, it would make the results better to look at.

What are you doing? For yourself that is for I am a bit selfish about my own survival.

I feel sorry for Tom Hughes who's behind me now but you have to be selfish about it too.

In defence of capitalism, the most virtuous economic system yet devised There's nothing selfish about capitalism.

What we both need to do is learn to make the most of our time together and stop being so selfish about our careers.

My husband was reluctant at first but is now on board, however, I can't help but feel a little selfish about it now.

She complains and is very selfish about her situation, not realising that Janet's offer of help comes at great cost.

In 6% of cases selfish by is used

Those eyes are selfish by nature.

Extremely selfish by the sounds of it.

Both selfish by nature, their marriage is collapsing.

I can remember been called selfish by my mother at the time for not wanting children.

That SNAKE doesn't deserve your sympathy, and you are being selfish by NOT reporting him.

Sorry i did sound a bit selfish by not commenting on this thread and asking you to view mine.

In this sense, Japan also can be thought a little bit selfish by other countries, although we hardly have such ideas.

You say that the Indian youth is becoming selfish by focusing on career but having a job is not a luxury but a necessity.

You are being too selfish by insisting on and patronising a department that is a liability both to the govt ang the mwananchi.

On the one hand people need to be reminded that, where money is concerned, businesses are ruthlessly evil and selfish by nature.

In 5% of cases selfish to is used

You're very selfish to post this.

She calls him selfish to the end.

It is selfish to the highest degree.

People are just too selfish to remember that what they entered to is a giving relationship.

If you choose to fund drug crime you are either an addict or just selfish to the harm you cause.

He's just selfish to beyond selfish and I didn't even think that the heist was either justified or - it was mean-spirited.

This leading to situations, where Sandi's sacrifices (that is how she feels about her certain acts) appear selfish to an average reader.

Any crusade against traditional publishing is selfish to the extreme -- it wants to replace diverse ways to publication with One True Way.

It's like if I hold anything back I'd being selfish to my friends and family, so in order to be a valid person, I have to give away everything.

In 4% of cases selfish at is used


But, even they will be selfish at the core.

Unfortunately we are all selfish at some level.

Also they sacrifice things they love for they greater good and weren't selfish at all.

Most importantly, because we are selfish at heart, we also tend to be oblivious to the.

Nani is a gud player no doubt but he is bit selfish at times, he want to become a nxt C.

It might sound awful but actually to be totally selfish at that time was an amazing breakthrough for me in my life.

I don't pretend to believe that I was innocent either, I know was selfish at times too, but thankfully grew out of it.

Dean sees himself and we see Dean as very self-sacrificing, but he is human and that means he is also selfish at times.

So I thought I liked her more and i was afraid to lose the another girl too because I was being selfish at that point of time.

In 4% of cases selfish on is used

All human actions are selfish on some level.

So, it will be selfish on my part to go and play.

Ok a tad bit selfish on my part but there you have it.

He CAN NOT just walk away and leave you like that! It's stupid and selfish on his part.

Feeling a little selfish on the 29th and 30th? Well, indulge your ' it's all about me ' side.

You're being selfish on what you WANT to happen, rather than respecting the boys ' decisions.

So it was selfish on that commenter's part, but I fail to see how him/her commenting in such a way even helps them.

I know there is nothing to fear with having gay parents, but it seems a little selfish on behalf of the gay parents.

Only the extremely short-sighted and selfish on both sides appreciate what either of these people have done in our country.

I know that is very selfish on my part, but it makes me sad to know that someday the world will have to continue without you.

In 3% of cases selfish like is used

I'd selfish like that sometimes.

What can I say, I'd selfish like that.

He wasn't mean or selfish like the EUM.

I am not selfish like you, I am thinking in broader perspective.

We do nothing to disturb our own sleep -- because we're selfish like that.

Yes you ppl are dog who think that we need to become a selfish like a dog.

I'll vote for the guy I think will be better for me, I'd selfish like that.

But I think why we are behind LTT even afar we found LTT has and had many selfish like Mr.

For me, I think those guys selling us out, being selfish like that and making those comments.

Finally the twins, James and Kerry, distressingly sensible and kindhearted, not wizened and selfish like me.

In 2% of cases selfish as is used

I am very ambitious and selfish as an actor.

If you did it would be selfish as well as cowardly.

Even if I am selfish as an employee, this makes sense.

To simplify it, I would say that people are selfish as well as selfless.

I think it would be selfish as the bio mom to prevent another person from contributing to a child.

We were not as self-absorbed and selfish as to think of ourselves and our political convictions on that somber occasion.

Since he is clearly very selfish as well as obsessed with this woman, he's unlikely to offer -- so you have to be assertive.

Its time you became selfish as a woman if we want to self actualize our sexuality and end the frustrations we seemed destined to bear as women.

But most of them KNEW when they were being screwed and complained! You must be!) really rich and selfish as a psycho-boy 2) part of the **40;1927;TOOLONG.

The reasons are simple according to Natureboy: Natureboy809 June 2nd, 2012 1:42 pm Everyone who wants to add a 9th conference game is being selfish as a fan.

In 1% of cases selfish beyond is used

To do so is stupid, irresponsible and selfish beyond measure.

Re: there are a lot of people in this digital age who are selfish beyond belief.

Him and the other woman in my opinion have no morals and are selfish beyond comprehension.

To ignore this, and to ignore our impact upon our tiny planet is a suicidal game of denial; and it is selfish beyond belief.

In a certain sense he is right, that is to say, it should not be selfish beyond a point, but it should undoubtedly be of such a nature that one's own happiness is bound up in its success.

In 1% of cases selfish from is used

So selfish from our hands, such ambition and evilness led to this chaos.

Site bookmarked! Thank you so much for sharing it up! See you It's ironic- I found this post searching online feeling tired and selfish from a completely different perspective.

In 1% of cases selfish towards is used

She wants to go back to her mother to spite me and be selfish towards my family.

You must think of your'e own health and start looking after you and not her, she is being very selfish towards you and ur OH.

Richard Dawkins has been at pains to explain that his metaphor of the selfish gene does not imply that humans must be selfish towards each other.

And human instinct because there is 4 billion years of evolutionary instinct hard wired into our brains that makes us selfish towards everyone else on the planet except near genetic relatives.

In 1% of cases selfish without is used

And yet people tend to be very selfish without realizing how it affects them.

It is very sad when adults do not think before taking an action and be so selfish without thinking about others.

Finally we move onto inFAMOUS, one of those rare games where things you can do genuinely have the capacity to be downright evil and selfish without it being forced upon you.

Animals are way different to humans, animals are loyal to each other and they all look out for each other, humans do everything they can to be selfish without being classed as particularly selfish.

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