Prepositions after "self-conscious"

self-conscious about, of, in, on or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases self-conscious about is used

We become self-conscious about it.

But I'd not self-conscious about it.

I feel very self-conscious about it.

The second time round, you're more self-conscious about how you're writing.

Sometimes parental prohibitions make a child self-conscious about impulses.

I have stretch marks on my legs, and I am really self-conscious about them.

I felt incredibly self-conscious about leaving the house, but I was desperate to find out what was wrong.

Here's a video that will forever make you self-conscious about posing for the camera if you aren't already.

I'd not nearly as self-conscious about those parts, and figure they're not nearly as interesting to others.

Patrick had a very limited education, and is said to have been self-conscious about his weak writing skills.

In 11% of cases self-conscious of is used

They seem to be very, very self-conscious of it.

As a teenager, I was self-conscious of my breasts.

I've always been self-conscious of my odd seashell-shaped navel.

When I entered middle school, I was crushingly self-conscious of my otherness.

They are very protective of their young and self-conscious of their roles as parents.

I always felt self-conscious of my body and what I ate, I felt different from the other kids.

It is therefore disconcerting to suddenly step out into public spaces self-conscious of my Mongoloid features.

They made fair-minded Americans self-conscious of every word, and relations between people strained and bitter.

It's elegant and immensely pretty, the kind of ring you could wear out without feeling self-conscious of its size.

The only thing he was self-conscious of, for whatever reason, was the fact that, in his words, he ' had no knuckles '.

In 9% of cases self-conscious in is used

I always felt more self-conscious in pants.

I am painfully self-conscious in the bottle green dress.

No longer do you have to feel self-conscious in your clothes.

I wore a pair from this collection once and I felt a bit self-conscious in them.

The flames died down and I got bored and self-conscious in my pyjamas and my present.

Holding back my smile in my wedding photos because I was self-conscious in front of the camera.

I felt a little self-conscious in other kinds of restaurants, but for some reason sushi just felt natural alone.

These underarm whitening tips can be done at the comfort of your home, so you won't need to be self-conscious in doing this.

Many people will feel nervous and self-conscious in this type of setting, so encourage them to have a little fun with the testing.

Esha Gupta appears awkward and self-conscious in the initial portions, but holds a few sequences graciously in the subsequent hour.

In 2% of cases self-conscious at is used

Because of my speech, I was self-conscious at school, but riding helped my confidence.

He changed it when he was 13, though, and we are all pretty self-conscious at that age.

I was a little self-conscious at times, because I knew the sound quality wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be.

I veil at both the EF and the NO, though it took me a long time to not feel extremely self-conscious at the NO.

I wanted to become an actor when I was young, but fortunately I became too self-conscious at the English public school I went to.

I felt self-conscious at this mark of esteem, and gladly allowed two Yugoslavs and two Czechs, all of whom spoke a smattering of Russian, to share the cabin.

I commented to Linda that it's refreshing to meet an artist who is so enthusiastic and positive about their work and not self-conscious at all about what he is doing.

In 2% of cases self-conscious on is used

He felt self-conscious on the crowded train.

It all starts with becoming self-conscious on one?? s birthday.

Failure to lose those pounds can leave you feeling self-conscious on your summer break.

Rave on a beach or rave in a cave? Rave in a cave because it'd be dark and more intimate, I'd get self-conscious on a beach unless it was really busy.

The Loisels might not have chosen this option since Madame Loisel doesn't want to feel ashamed or more self-conscious on the fact that she couldn't afford the necklace and lost it.

In 2% of cases self-conscious with is used

I felt self-conscious with the checkbook shoved in my jacket pocket.

Most ladies, in truth, despite the dimensions they wear, feel a little bit self-conscious with regards to their bodies.

It was a gathering that saw me shifting from foot to foot, my used, heavy winter coat in one arm, feeling self-conscious with my cheap, salon-school haircut.

Benefits of the game for Psychology students This game is a classic ice breaker and should leave students feeling less self-conscious with each other (and you).

In 1% of cases self-conscious around is used

A person maybe very self-conscious around somebody else.

Although most South Asians speak English, their fluency is questionable and their accents make them feel self-conscious around native born Canadians.

In 1% of cases self-conscious as is used

I got seriously bored and felt self-conscious as a grown adult watching this.

And the Duchess of Cambridge was reportedly self-conscious as a teen because she suffered from eczema.

In 1% of cases self-conscious because is used

Some of you may even want to invite people but feel too self-conscious because of how you sound.

It is very important to talk to your partner and to not feel self-conscious because of the operation.

But I do gymnastics in a class, is that a reason too? Please help, I am a young girl who is self-conscious because of ugly stretch marks shown on my inner thighs.

In 1% of cases self-conscious by is used

Don't make him feel self-conscious by gawking at him.

In 1% of cases self-conscious for is used

We all felt self-conscious for him.

I could have pressed for a more expressive answer, but I didn't want him to feel self-conscious for having a healthy interest.

And hence, we often have my seafoods taken away so that we can eat in the comforts of my home where we will not have to be self-conscious for discriminating stares.

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