Prepositions after "selective"

"selective in" or "selective about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases selective in is used

Ric is very selective in his outrage.

We have been very selective in our mix.

They were selective in what they would learn.

The Royal Canadian Navy was more selective in its recruitment policy than the Army.

We have to be selective in who we let in, since we can only afford to let in a few.

And I tell you, they, especially Boko Haram, are not selective in those they attack.

David Farrar was very selective in not linking to r0b's and Mike's posts in his post about this site this morning.

CEO Sheldon Adelson and his underlings need to be a bit more selective in terms of which high rollers they coddle.

It is beyond satire that the links above purporting to reveal the bias of the BBC are so selective in their facts.

And here we will see how our government's skills as negotiators are once again very selective in their deployment.

In 34% of cases selective about is used

So I'd very selective about what I buy.

We're very selective about who we employ.

Be selective about where your energy goes.

The exchange will be selective about which stocks it chooses in the first phase.

In that sense, it will keep its edge by being selective about its target market.

We are selective about who we work for, ethics and values being a key determinant.

It will not expose proxies that have some other goal or those that are selective about which sites they cache.

I have, I think, become a lot more selective about the targets of this nuclear option in the critical armoury.

When I take notes by hand, I'd much more selective about what I write, and can recall it much more easily later.

But apart from his busy Facebook page, he is quite selective about the people he chooses to add to his networks.

In 10% of cases selective with is used

Be selective with outsider developers.

They are selective with their officers.

Be just as selective with opportunities.

When a historian decides to be selective with facts, he must be unmasked for who he is.

Along with a more pure diet I am going to be more selective with the people in my life.

Now I'd just taking in the advice and being selective with what advice I've been given.

J-doramas are hit-or-miss with me for the last decade or so, and I'd quite selective with what I watch nowadays.

Tutors/supervisors should therefore guide students in defining tasks and in being selective with regards to content.

And even then they are very selective with quotes from Jesus, because the old God often comes through in his teachings.

These days, since it's very easy to get unusual sounds, you have to be a bit more selective with what you actually use.

In 5% of cases selective of is used

I'd selective of the war movies.

How very selective of you, Clara.

We're very selective of the content.

The speaker should be selective of which scripts facilitate the objective of his speech.

If this happens, then you need to be selective of who you bring on board as team member.

The more people contributing the better, you need to be selective of what you post though.

When we grow up, we become very (very) selective of who we associate ourselves with and we start to weigh them down.

It is important to very careful and selective of the treatment and medication as to not affect the baby in the pregnancy.

The volume of human rights abuses means students need to be selective of the material they want to use in the above table.

I feel that most employers are very overly selective of their candidates for employment and in some cases, discriminatory.

In 4% of cases selective on is used

The West is very selective on who gets REAL HELP.

He was also very selective on who he took on as clients.

I also enjoy all Ugandan dishes; I'd not selective on foods.

They proved themselves to be selective on when they choose to defend a subject matter.

If you are not pretty then you might have to be more selective on the guys you choose.

Their online shop is amazing and I love how they are selective on which brands they carry.

It just seems like most media are too selective on who gets a pass for being crass, crude, immoral, and immature.

The Britain women are known to be very selective on what they eat and drink, they also do many exercises to stay fit.

Be selective on what you think about, and then make all of your existence Brian Urlacher Jersey as pleased as you can.

I read her entry dedicated to you before yours and knew she was extremely selective on writing the truth just to flame you.

In 2% of cases selective as is used

It can not be selective as to which parts of that attachment it will.

As a famous person you need to be selective as to the kind of parties that you attend.

My point was that I find your sources quite selective as to only support your argument.

Alternatively, users must be selective as to the sites they trust, and the sources of URL links.

In short, if we are to improve the quality of our thinking, we must be very selective as to where we get our information.

Australia retains the right to be selective as to the countries with which it is prepared to conclude safeguards arrangements.

Furthermore, the processes that form specific materials are often conveniently selective as to what elements they incorporate during their formation.

Over the weekend, with the clear and hot weather, although they were many fish moving up river, they were being more selective as to what flies they chose.

It should be remembered that LegalRSS Mobile is not a replacement for your website, so you need to be selective as to the content you put on the mobile site.

Also, the ability to be selective as regards the type of strategy in a given context allows learners to make conscious decisions about their learning process.

In 2% of cases selective for is used

He hasn't learned to be more selective for taking on player(s).

A monoclonal antibody selective for CCR3 inhibits eosinophilia.

Maconkey agar is selective for the growth of gram-negative bacteria.

It has been pointed out that different protein assays are selective for different features of protein structure.

And research indicates that Report on Form 10 K yield a new generation of drugs that are more effective and selective for cancer cells.

Scientists have tried many ways to make cancer drugs selective for cancer cells, but as far as I know they have never been 100% successful.

Candesartan is an angiotensin II receptor antagonist, selective for AT 1 receptors, with tight binding to and slow dissociation from the receptor.

We were very, very selective for the first group because it was going to be a pilot and we wanted the strongest possible group (that is why it is small).

Recent developments in this field have led to the COX-2 specific NSAIDs that do not inhibit all prostaglandin synthesis, but are selective for the type that is involved in pain transmission.

If you apply the principle that the starting point and size of the change matters for one but not the other, you are being selective for the purposes of your argument, making you a hypocrite.

In 1% of cases selective by is used

Universities are also selective by nature.

NewJDF is made selective by specifying a NewJDFQuParams Element.

It can be made selective by specifying the optional Attributes in the ResourceCmdParams Element.

Often results that determine league-table placing are a self-fulfilling prophesy; for example, if the school is selective by ability, it will fly high in academic league tables.

In 1% of cases selective to is used

The ousting of dictators is selective to the point of idiocy.

Conservatives ' interest in democracy seems very selective to me.

You'll save your time for family and friends but be selective to things that may not be of any value.

Indwelling will again be selective to certain believers, rather than universal to all believers as it is today.

Kemmerer and Tranel, 2000 ), whereas others have reported patients with deficits selective to one of the senses of such ambiguous words (e.

From this figure we can conclude that the ORN distribution continuously covers a wide range of RR, from very selective to very unspecific ORN.

She therefore called for a shift -- from possessing to exercising power; from selective to multiple locations and bases; from state power to personal power.

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