Prepositions after "selected"

selected for, by, from, in or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases selected for is used

Thirty selected for Home Grant.

Just don't let him get selected for Spain.

Cake is one of five selected for the series.

This approach is uncompromising, partisan in the sense of selected for the purpose.

It is a volunteer positon and not everyone gets selected for this honored position.

If your contribution gets selected for inclusion in the book, we will ask you to sign a simple one page contract.

At the end of the day a sane person still wants to see him play, before he gets selected for the starting line up.

How do you get selected for a TEDx talk? As in life, networking is the best way to make contact with an organizer.

I would guess that all the series were in a spreadsheet and the wrong column got selected for graphing as Crowley.

In 9% of cases selected by is used

Speculations continue as to whether he was pre selected by the americans.

Mitt Romney was selected by the establishment, not elected by the people.

Then on the next page, click on the ' Basic Information ' (normally its selected by default).

The Journalist of this feature his the one of selected by the Excellence in Journalism Awards Tanzania.

This lets viewers know that the program was aired at your request instead of selected by the public access television station.

Through an anachronistic and deeply unfair convention, the president of the World Bank is always an American selected by the US president.

About 21,000, many selected by lottery, have met over the last decade since they began as part of the so-called sunshine policy of rapprochement.

Readers are currently voting for their choices among the 200, with a final list of 100 to be selected by the magazine's editors and revealed on 17 April.

How are they going to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other 82 who can lay claims to have been their selected by their electorate at the May 7th polls.

This chart provides the trader with more detailed information about the different currencies at different time intervals, as per selected by the forex trader.

In 4% of cases selected from is used

It is used to determine whether content items are to selected from a group or from a list.

This property can be omitted, and content items will then be selected from the current section.

If you specify a Begin property of 2 and an End property of 5, for example, then items 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be selected from the specified group.

A suitable solvent is, for example, selected from the group consisting of aliphatic, cycloaliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon, such as an C5-C10-alkane e.

There are numerous of shades of colours to selected from and different grains and textures are accessible, therefore, making constructions unique in their own unique way.

In 3% of cases selected in is used

Because every players must have some pressure to selected in NSW.

There was also an increase in the number of test items selected in error (Table 6).

Table 6 and Figure 3 compare the number of word forms which were selected correctly or selected in error.

In these days, webmasters are pretty selected in relation to word wide web developing together with growth.

Three bidders have been down selected in August 2012 and the invitation to negotiate will be issued shortly.

To pick up tickets at any staffed station in France or have them sent to any French address, leave ' France ' selected in the box at the bottom.

KEZZY Visitor // December 19 2009 at 19:55 Has anyone bothered to read the group page?? Its not a dig at Simon Cowell its about not having a pre selected in the summer song at number 1.

In 3% of cases selected of is used

Guests can appreciate a selected of two peculiar floor plans.

REFERENCES Here is a list of selected of research papers on derechos and the convective systems responsible for their development.

Unlike selected of the other Windows 8 touchscreens I've used, the Yoga's 10-point multi-touch touchscreen is a pleasure to abuse.

He besides collected hundreds of Japanese prints and selected were integrated in the vase with gladioli background of selected of his paintings.

Pointless to say that these are just some of the selected of the thousands of existing applications! Now I have also categorised them so that it would be easier for you to understand: 1.

In 2% of cases selected as is used

Why was orange selected as the main colour? Orange is a bright and warm colour.

The songs are intended to make up an album and a single with ' Devil In Disguise ' selected as the A-side.

It was a wonderful experience and it was an honor to even be nominated let alone selected as a recipient of the award.

In 1% of cases selected off is used

Kavanagh 's, as well as in 330ml bottles in selected off licenses.

Kavanagh? s of Dorset Street, as well as in 330mL bottles in selected off licenses.

In 1% of cases selected rather is used

It's an incestuous world of selected rather than elected political power brokers.

In 1% of cases selected through is used

In making her case Coyle referred briefly to the fact that the Trust's members are ' selected through the normal process for public appointments '.

So when, a woman seems good with your, there's a entire selection of shoes available in order to selected through only to stroll elegantly along with the actual pumps.

At the last BRICS Summit in March 2012 in India, the Heads of State said that the successful candidate for the World Bank position should be ' selected through an open and merit-based process '.

In 1% of cases selected VIA is used

This is derived from the current selected via padstack and pitch.

In 1% of cases selected with is used

The 3 runners up selected with this years fashion Fringe, Fyodor Golan, Heidi Leung and Nabil El-Nayal had their.

The important thing is actually to opt-in having various questionnaire web-sites (which are absolve to join) to raise the odds of becoming selected with the online surveys.

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