Prepositions after "select"

"select for", "select from" or "select by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases select for is used

They are not selected for their ethical qualties.

He was selected for the tour of Pakistan next year.

The short movie was selected for many film festivals.

The persons selected for these positions MUST therefore pass the test of integrity.

It is also the organisation that has the final say over who is selected for Team GB.

Your story may be selected for the ' Be a part of the solution ' awareness campaign.

This group was selected for several reasons: As existing subscribers, they already have an affinity for the Star.

Sirius management probably had none of these events in mind when the date was selected for this quarter's release.

The four were selected for this year's team and are racing to get the funds to make the long trip across the pond.

How is one selected for admission to the Faculty of Law? Once shortlisted based on academic merit as listed in Qs.

In 21% of cases select by is used

Winners were selected by RPM readers until 1975.

It is selective liberalisation, selected by the powerful.

The jurors are selected by secret ballot in open court: s 48 Jury Act.

The Somali members shall be selected by the Somali signatories on the basis of the 4.

The team is normally selected by inviting the best riders in the 250 and 125 classes.

Each Prophet was wisely selected by Allah in order to be the best person for the job.

I was selected by a diving coach, who was picking us for different aquatic sports based on our physical (attributes).

No Looking Back was selected by the National Library Board of Singapore as part of the annual Read! Singapore campaign.

I make sure I don't have anything extra selected by just dragging out seeing if something moves that I wasn't planning.

In 20% of cases select from is used

Then the kids can select from those.

Select from the index above the family you wish to view.

Accordingly, you can select from a wide range of styles.

The launch will be accompanied by an exhibition of pictures selected from the book.

Select from hundreds of jazzy fonts or keep it business-like with professional layouts.

However, it was quite a task selecting from his collection of more than 30,000 pictures.

Exchangeable shells not only make it possible to select from a range of colors, but also to add wireless charging.

Not only the line for women they offer but men also have their own Louis Vuitton range of products to select from.

It is inconsistent with the way God works to argue that precisely 1000 people would be selected from each tribe.

Such members will be selected from amongst alternate members of the TRP and, where necessary, former TRP members.

In 8% of cases select as is used

In time, Abu Bakr was selected as the first caliph or leader of Islam.

He wasn't even selected as the conservative mayoral candidate until Sept 2007.

I am pleased to announce that Janice MacDonald was randomly selected as the winner.

In Nigeria, only the city of Lagos has been selected as the place they would visit while.

Selected as a featured site on StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web.

Early on, the date selected as the last day for tabernacles was October 20 th in the year 2011.

Being selected as a runners up in Avirate Real Women Contest Bangalore, I was invited to an event of fun filled gala.

She says several factors contributed to Auckland Eye being selected as the international training centre for this surgery.

In South Africa, selected as the best mining participant among the Energy Efficiency Accord signatories at the ETA awards.

In 6% of cases select in is used

Never got selected in school cricket team.

Then only you will selected in a interview.

Listed below are some of the top players since 1990 selected in the second round.

Don't be scared to make him one of the first blueliners selected in your fantasy draft.

He was selected in the mens eight to race at the World Rowing Under 23 Championships in Lithuania.

Making sure the adjusted layer is selected in your layers palette press cmd-E to merge the with the layer below.

Imran Khan didn't even play first class cricket in Pakistan at the time, yet was still selected in the international squad.

The ' English problem ' is that we do nt have a lot of English players that are good enough to be selected in the Premiership.

The Center for West European Studies was again selected in 2010 as a National Resource Center for a sixth grant cycle (2010-2014).

Though the seasonal flowers will get preference, trees have to be selected in a way that the town does not look dull in other seasons.

In 4% of cases select on is used

That day, I was selected on the Meath Juvenile Team.

See how annoying selecting on a touch only device is, well I love my trackpad.

Winner will be selected on November 29th and notified via blog post announcement and email.

Articles are selected on the basis of ingenuity, presentation and SOUNDNESS OF RESEARCH as well as readability.

Winners will be selected on both the local and national levels in five major categories, the voting for which begins right now.

Step 6 With the cell selected on the worksheet where you just pasted the formula, then hit the Delete key to delete the formula.

Also if the Black Stars are selected on merit they should also reflect the composition of the country so there is no tribal bias.

Sites were selected on the grounds of previous ECF history, accessibility, existing facilities and cooperation at the localities.

For example, US Mobile in 2004 to promote the m-zone, planning a lot of Roadshow, locations are selected on the University campus.

In 2% of cases select to is used

He is one of the top 10 power forwards in the game and has been selected to 2 all-star games.

For two seasons, she officiated at the high school level and was selected to umpire at the OFSAA championships.

General degree students who at the end of 300 level are selected to the fourth year of the programme leading to the B.

A multi-talented athlete, she has previously been selected to train to represent Australia internationally in gymnastics.

Excel creates the consolidation table by applying the summary function that you select to the source area values that you specify.

And after recognition as a second-team all-Canadian in both 2009 and 2010, she was selected to the first team for the first time in her career in 2012.

In just her second season umpiring at the university level, Pelletier was selected to work at the OUA championships and has been chosen every year since.

While communism made some very limited headway in Britain? there were 5 communist MPs selected to the House of Commons between 1924 and 1945? fascism made none.

In 1% of cases select according is used

They are to be selected according to their usefulness in contributing to.

The shape and color of the slippers can vary and be selected according to the clients ' needs.

Finally the best alternative should be selected according to aggregation of all criteria on the alternatives provided.

In 1% of cases select after is used

Select After and then set the total number of slides.

On the Effect tab, under Stop playing, select After ** slides and then input 999.

In 1% of cases select among is used

I am so excited to be selected among such an amazingly talented group of photographers.

Couple of years later he'd be selected among a tiny bit of marshals inside the continuously growing Napoleonic Empire.

In 1% of cases select at is used

The projects were selected at the district-level CSCs.

It didn't focus sufficiently on majority of pupils that didn't get selected at 11.

However, 116 of our Members were selected at different times in their careers to represent other places as well.

The boat was finally selected at the ISAF mid-year conderence in early May and will be used for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

It's important to have finishes and fixtures selected at this time, since this is what will be considered in the final pricing from the contractor.

For every 10 bet placed up until November 18 one entry will be received for the draw with the winner randomly selected at the end of the qualifying period.

Once the course units are selected, the students shall register for each course unit thus selected at the beginning of the semester and he/she can offer only these course units to earn credit.

In 1% of cases select into is used

The subjects were randomly selected into two groups where one group served as controls.

You will find many variables to select into consideration even though carrying out investigation prior to buying tea on the web.

All students selected into the BVSc program should read the Practical Work Guidelines Booklet for the BVSc in its entirety as only small excerpts from the booklet are provided here.

In 1% of cases select out is used

Beyond that, the men chosen to be the first astronauts were selected out of a pool of Navy test pilots.

I was so proud that he was selected out of so many who tried out after months and months of practicing.

Not only by the fact I was nominated and selected out of 14 nominees, but also by the fact that she pulled this off.

In 1% of cases select under is used

The arbitrator selected under the Rules must be a lawyer.

The article is taken from today's Daily Mail and is about three Doctors who were in league with Savile (one of whom allegedly selected under age girls for him to rape).

In 1% of cases select with is used

I was fortunate to be on a very short list of riders to be selected with Kevin Windham and James Stewart.

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