Prepositions after "seize"

seize by, on, upon, in or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases seize by is used

It is fair to say that the r &f; are not seized by that argument.

Nemo makes no short-term predictions, except when seized by caprice.

Undeclared and unlicenced firearms will be seized by the authorities.

A truckload of charcoal seized by MKNP forest rangers is allegedly owned by a policeman.

The the praeses, seized by a furious anger, ordered him to offer sacrifice against his will.

We must be seized by the recognition that civilisation, as we know it, would die if electricity supply should cease.

The dynasty lasted through to the 20th century and is the very same one that was seized by the Dutch colonialism around 1846.

The body was hurled down the steps of the temple to the court where it was seized by the priest or by the warrior who captured the victim.

Thom than he was seized by ten or twelve officers of the * Inquisition *, who placed him in a small armed frigate, which at once set sail for Goa.

In 21% of cases seize on is used

But today's Republicans seized on the chance to put a gun to the head of the US economy.

Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury seized on the Coalition's ambivalence towards the Ord investment.

Critics will seize on her call as an admission of government failure to stem a rising tide of social disorder.

Democrats, including President Obama, seized on one study that put that cost at $2,000 per middle class household.

The Taliban, however, seized on Obama's win to lash out against US military policy in Afghanistan, and Iran's reaction was tepid.

Politicians were quick to seize on broadcasting their support for the law demonstrating themselves as friends of the veteran groups.

Vaughan and his co-host Lisa Snowdon seized on the story as a chance to discuss their favourite topic -- the battle of the sexes (yawn).

SPOTLIGHT reporter Christopher Bollyn was seized on private property by Swedish police, driven six miles into the wilderness and dumped.

It is up to global thinkers to seize on the ideas of the specialists and figure out when and where to fold them into the bigger discourse.

This talk will illustrate the way that Alan Turing seized on a great range of mathematical ideas and turned them into world-changing discoveries.

In 16% of cases seize upon is used

We seize upon every failure we made as parents as the cause.

But once again, this true fact hasn't really been seized upon.

This fact was seized upon by the fella who conducted the funeral.

And he intends to do his level best to seize upon the opportunity now in front of him.

Kitchens are as quick to seize upon these things and gossip about them as drawing rooms are.

A terrible lust of money, of booty, might seize upon him as he realised his security from detection.

They are so good at tackling that any extra split second you take to make sure of your footing will be seized upon.

Distributors, middlemen and wholesalers seized upon that immediately and started ratcheting up premiums on these coins.

The newspapers, committed to one political leader or the other, seized upon falsehoods to protect their respective favorites.

Scientific racists will no doubt seize upon this paper, as they did upon Michael 's, as evidence for the biological reality of race.

In 12% of cases seize in is used

Recently, a cache of arms was seized in Punjab.

Two other Yemenis seized in these raids are amongst the 28 prisoners initially cleared for release under President Bush.

The Orne River bridges had been seized in late at night on the 5th of June by a glider-borne reinforced company commanded by Maj.

These four men were also seized in December 2001, on or around the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and should be released immediately.

The Beeld newspaper reported on Monday that the five paintings seized included an Irma Stern, worth R9 million, and a Gerard Sekoto, worth R7 million.

The cocaine seized in the Belgian port city of Antwerp had a street value of 500 million euros ($650 million ), one of the biggest hauls ever made in Europe.

The move was the most dramatic yet by any of the nations that has citizens among more than 20 hostages who have been seized in the last week and not released.

A contemporary account of the kidnaping was reported in David Zenian,? Four Russian Diplomats are Seized in Beirut,? UPI, International Herald Tribune (1 October 1985).

Last fall my older son had his second seizure while we were at his preschool's Fall Festival celebration, he just laid down, put his head in my lap and started seizing in my arms.

Circuit Court (the Court of Appeals ), and, in addition, Mansour Ali and Saleh al-Thabbi were seized in house raids in Pakistan on February 7, 2002, along with the four other men identified above.

In 8% of cases seize from is used

Ultimately, more than 20,000 kilograms of cocaine were seized from these airplanes.

My girlfriend runs the Isle of Wight Zoo and has a lovely jaguar called Chiquita that was seized from a Dublin drug dealer in 1996.

They forcefully photographed him, then two Provost Officers escorted him to the dormitory, seized from his possession the college uniforms and training materials.

The police had sought five days ' remand saying other co-accused are yet to be arrested and these four accused are to be confronted with the articles seized from the farmhouse.

In 7% of cases seize with is used

I was immediately seized with enthusiasm.

I was seized with an ecstasy beyond description.

States have been seized with a mortal illness - blood poisoning.

A day later, a second container from Kenya was seized with ivory valued at $1.

He stood, seized with a divine panic, dismayed, aghast, half unmanned before his foe.

The legal experts were seized with cases of Hindu men using Islam as a licence to marry a second time without dissolving their existing marriage.

They include seven American contractors and two American soldiers seized with them off an American military fuel convoy, as well as three Japanese, the three Italians seized with Mr.

In 3% of cases seize at is used

This original fan assembly seized at 37,000 Km.

Generic medicines could potentially be seized at customs and treated as ' counterfeit '.

Part 1 I work in Australia and earn AUD Part 2 (the clever bit) I do my online shopping in Tesco! Don't buy bananas then, they'll get seized at customs.

In 1% of cases seize as is used

Bring in more than one, and they will all be seized as a trademark violation.

In 1% of cases seize during is used

The total amount of gold seized during the raids from all the companies is approximately 142.

One female Kuwaiti politician even recommends that Russian women seized during the Chechnya jihad be sold as sex-slaves on Muslim markets.

In 1% of cases seize without is used

Owner has property seized without being arrested and seizure is lawful.

Whose property may be seized without due process of law under the Trading With the Enemy Act? The enemy's.

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