Prepositions after "seem"

"seem like" or "seem to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases seem like is used

Seems like people are prepared.

Anyway you seem like good peoples.

I somehow seemed like a burglar.

What would have seemed like a bad idea is turning to actually be a pretty good idea.

Lack of guns in the Box? for a sequel I was expecting more not, what seems like less.

Coquelin did the exact same thing last time and it seems like he never learn anything.

But Jac makes it seems like Tre is the wicked witch of new jersey who tortures this poor innocent group of friends.

I can't imagine what the rest of the story has in store but it doesn't seem like it will be anything worth watching.

When I registered, about 82 years ago it seemed like, I completely forgot about the morning cold that is November.

The Enterprise surged directly at the alien ship on what seemed like a ramming course, firing phaser after phaser.

In 36% of cases seem to is used

You seem to see this skeptical.

It's how well it seems to work.

Harper seems to have forgotten.

Your Googled definition of NPD seems to me to be the perfect definition of a sociopath.

Secondly, this article seems to be hijacked by a very pro-violence against women lobby.

The body may seem to completely disappear, leaving only pure consciousness in its place.

The way she held Menashi with her suckers seemed to me like the way a long-married couple holds hands at the movies.

We will probably just have to disagree about what seems to be indicated took place by the facts that we are aware of.

Surrounding the disk is a thinly populated rather spherical halo that seems to date to 12 to 13 billion years of age.

It seems to me if this really worked, they would actually give it to you for free instead of you having to pay first.

In 2% of cases seem in is used

China seems in good financial shape.

That seems in the right ballpark to me.

Mikmik #86 seems in my view to have it about correct.

It seems in these hard economic times many people are avoiding the football because of the cost.

Correct acne breakouts avoidance skincare may make sure that acne breakouts won't seem in your encounter.

They are really diversified watches considering the fact that they seem in all exclusive colors and brands.

Check for internal intentions which may seem in conflict with the change desired and heal using Parts Integration etc.

But, for an outfit that hardly seems in immediate jeopardy of going under, the market is sure treating it like a company.

For a long time now, the green movement has been in retreat, and that retreat now seems in danger of turning into a rout.

That contradictory observation, of how they seem in the beginning of a conversation compared to later on, really puzzled me.

In 1% of cases seem at is used

The statements seem at odds with the defense's portrayal of Omar as clueless.

What is the difference? That is far less obvious than it seems at first sight.

Hip-hop musicians Ludacris and Chingy seemed at the opening up of brand new Eras Woodstock, Georgia, main shop.

This may sometimes seem at odds with the more serious events and the suffering of some the characters in the opera.

Her tiny body usually hidden by formal business suits, seemed at home in tonight's low hanging jeans and halter top.

My argument is that we we should be at the level where we can afford higher waged players than it seems at the moment.

Those things that seem at rest to me are not from a universal perspective IE with respect to everything else in the universe.

You just get used to it, so it was never normal or abnormal, although I did notice the light seemed at its best at around 4am.

I am not qualified to speak on this but it seems at some point he would finally realize that he has done it, and gambling is behind him.

The (3 or maybe 4) voices seem at this and similar moments -- if this does not strike you readers of Think Denk as ridiculous -- to love each other.

In 1% of cases seem for is used

Or at least, so it seemed for two periods.

It seems for Arsenal as a whole this season, and not just for Aaron.

J for Jabulani: The official World Cup ball was criticised more than ever and it seemed for a good reason.

It doesn't matter how great your interview was, or how much you clicked with your interviewer, or how perfect the job seems for you.

When she eventually confessed to her debts, it seemed for a while as if the Duke would divorce her, but instead he treated her with great forbearance.

Except for those who have priced themselves out of the market It isn't as easy as it may seem for individual account holders to boycott particular banks.

The long-running rise seemed for most of that time to be a product of hate groups ' very successful exploitation of the issue of non-white immigration.

In 1% of cases seem on is used

Scripture can seem on their side: Scripture tells us to value unity.

Nice it seems on the outside but government leans to the dark side.

There is a Massachusetts Bar Association Ethics Opinion which seems on point.

In the EU, Google seems on edge and is talking with the watchdogs often to avoid a court case.

Its gate faces south, and seems on the point of falling, as the east pier was distorted, the back stones having been removed.

If you're going to be friends -- ever -- the first six months is probably not the time, no matter how amicable it seems on the surface.

Merai, playing his second game, missed out on a maiden first-class fifty, but Juneja seemed on the way to what could be his second century in only his fourth match.

Arsenal had no where to go with this other than to sell, getting 24 million from the only buyer in town seems on the surface, very good business and it frees up the captaincy and the no.

Brown was in the first of what would prove to be 12 golden weeks, in which the new leader confounded his critics, led the polls and seemed on course to win an electoral mandate of his own.

In 1% of cases seem out is used

Nothing seems out of place or wrong, just a normal day.

In this environment, the talk of austerity seems out of place.

They just seem out of place on a body with lines like the 159 and Brera.

A plan of action that might not bring results for decades does not seem out of character.

The snake was out of sight and seemed out of range (1/3 the distance of their coiled body).

Rick King Great photo's of the Dakota Territory, but photo #31 seems out of place in this group.

Still, there are many people, maybe most, in the media and government who are saying to themselves, this really does seem out of control.

Often children who have been abused show some of these behaviours, but many do not display any behaviour which seems out of the ordinary.

The hard green beans seemed out of place, it would probably have been better if they were softer but maybe that's the way Chiu Chow people cook it.

Tipsy seemed out of sorts in Paris and Ferrer may be tired but never seems to be!!! So if Fed beats Tipsy in first match, think he will go on to win the group.

In 1% of cases seem worth is used

And in that small moment, it seems worth it.

Canada to Antarctica? Hardly seems worth the effort.

If that's how they're deciding a 2 page book may not seem worth it.

At that point a move away from Ibrox may seem worth the short-term fallout.

More likely it was my eventual realization that Nonami was driving toward a destination that scarcely seemed worth reaching.

However hubby thought it just tasted like frozen apple powder, and the dessert didn't seem worth the effort put into making it.

Yetis are the really enormous projects that you embark on because they make the yak so small and insignificant that it hardly seems worth thinking about, let alone shaving.

But with those costing around $30k it didn't seem worth it to me, but for someone with a short commute or who just drives around town for the most part it's going to be a helluva buy.

Moreover, the short cut involved some bike paths, which we worried might have poor road surfaces, but there weren't many of these paths, so we decided to risk it - 15 km seemed worth it.

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