Prepositions after "seek"

"seek for" or "seek after"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases seek for is used

As humans, we seek for certainty.

Currently seeking for IT placement.

Then he passed away, and lo, he was no more; I sought for him, but he could not be found.

Sometime folks find problems in seeking for a reliable vendor to get tea on-railway line.

Those films of Marilou Diaz-Abaya gave me enough hunger to seek for more, starting with Moral.

Another important reason that drives people to constantly seek for designer watches is that the name behind the watch.

PriyoShopping is right now seeking for some good investors or a bunch of investors who can make the dream come true.

There are detailed rollout maps that clearly show where its going to be and tenders are being sought for more technology.

Seek for a table on the 2nd floor so you get a great view of the open kitchen as well as the passer-bys on the street below.

In 22% of cases seek after is used

However, he remains a talent sought after by.

A commonly sought after wrap is a stretchy wrap.

Which is why he was a much sought after labourer.

This model was so special that today it has become highly sought after by collectors.

He misses his children, but he prays for their souls, that they will seek after the truth of Jesus.

He was sought after for interviews and frequently published opinion pieces in Italian newspapers.

This bean is eagerly sought after, and within months of harvest it is usually nowhere to be found in the markets.

NET Visual Studio sought after to join a well known Financial / Insurance company based in Dublin 2 in the heart of the city.

A final, alternative way to achieve this highly sought after weathered look is to treat your decking with liming wax, but this is.

But be not surprised that I did not at first sight see everything that it was necessary to do to procure me the happiness I seek after.

In 10% of cases seek in is used

But what I seek, is what God Himself seeks in others.

No-one else was being sought in relation to the deaths.

She is all I have imagined - all I have sought in women.

We believe the reason for this must be sought in the social complexities which exist in a community.

Support for the asserted reference must, therefore, be sought in the testimony of respondent's witnesses.

The respondent then has the opportunity to respond if they do not agree with the orders sought in the application.

The cure for the eviction of Jews from Germany is not to be sought in the eviction of the Arabs from their homeland.

Contemplation, rumination and musing may steer one in that direction, but if an end is sought in these, no end will be found.

Below is a portion from a verse taken from Surah Al-Nisaa, in which Allah discusses the kind of women Muslim men should seek in marriage.

Just as equal rights for women were demanded in terms of education, employment and the law, so also equal rights were sought in the Church.

In 10% of cases seek by is used

Wetangula had made a ministerial response sought by Hon.

In contrast, the liberation sought by the people is sincere without any hidden motive.

His insights were sought by a range of corporations seeking to boost sales and profits.

The only exception should be when client information is sought by a regulator or the government.

For instance, Ameena's stories do not ask why such an isolationist position is sought by Muslims.

Arms are also sought by refugees planning to return to Burundi to seek revenge against the Tutsis.

You would then have to rely on internal measurements of ROI and more feedback sought by the company.

Would have been very easy to provide the information sought by the journal and breach the ethics approval.

The Court suggested that the error could have vitiated the agreement, but it was not the remedy sought by the parties.

In 9% of cases seek to is used

Longer-term, the measure seeks to.

I have sought to enervate her mind.

Mother seeks to trademark dead son's name.

It encourages businesses to seek to low road instead of the high road to economic success.

I note many are seeking to frame this debate as an issue of rights and or discrimination.

On their facebook page **26;3736;TOOLONG they already have 8906 fans; the page seeks to compile your iBelieve messages.

Of course just as then, mankind seeks to corrupt the faith again, through Protestantism and Secularism which is its birth child.

Mr Bishop took the point, when Miss Page sought to rely on this, that the allegation had never been put to any Review Team member.

Countless services are looking for various types of content without getting seeking to compliance guidelines to get these businesses.

In 4% of cases seek from is used

Advice should be sought from an experienced building professional.

Here I have a few points of clarification to seek from the Minister.

Speier puts politicians directly between patients and the care they are seeking from doctors.

The lawyers of the plaintiff know to well that injunctions are mostly sought from the lower courts.

Accustom yourself to suffer in that manner, and seek from Him the strength to endure as much, and as long, as He judges necessary for you.

The next day, Sunday, November 11, clarification was sought from the Jathedar in Amritsar by the committee members of the Gurdwaras of Southall.

During the preparations for this event pictures and articles, along with any memorabilia were sought from members of the Club to be put on display.

Recent surveys have studies this new crop of Modern Female Investors and tried to look into as to what women are looking in and seeking from their personal finance.

What with apologies sought from AA; and Rob Ford on a ferris wheel; and insulting #2JB? s cat, in another thread--where will it all end? You are of course correct, Nick.

In 3% of cases seek at is used

Proof of certification can be sought at the website www.

He added that treatment expenses increase depending on the type of rooms and degree of comfort one sought at the hospital.

Obviously, though, no political solutions should be sought at the cost of Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Deborah Long Deborah Long started using prescription opioids after an on-the-job injury, and ended up drug seeking at local emergency rooms.

Happiness is what all of us seek at the end of the day as I keep saying, it's just that our ways of finding purpose in life to be happy are different.

Happiness is what we all seek at the end of the day -- anything that gives us contentment, satisfaction, peace, happiness, and yes a little money too.

Seeking at just one particular wager is not the way we evaluate good results or revenue when we're severe about creating money betting on horse races.

As long as the right treatment is sought at an early stage, there is no reason why someone with diabetes can not have a full and varied lifestyle with virtually no restrictions.

My 80 year old parents and 50 year old sister have a great time with him on a Saturday morning too, playing hide and seek at home, going to the park or the beach and like you said, just playing.

In 3% of cases seek with is used

Sometimes he wants a bit of attention so he'll play hide and seek with you.

Do they seek with them honor through power? But indeed, honor belongs to Allah entirely *.

God only asks one thing of leaders, that we seek with all our heart to know and do His will.

However, STV understands the idea will be considered as a compromise is sought with top flight sides.

Mist playing hide and seek with the mountains, the sound of river nearby and the most beautiful weather.

Richard Brisius: That's one thing to know when you talk about what a company seeks with its sponsorship.

All available parking space in our immediate neighborhood was sought with determination by members of Congress whose offices were across the street.

Forget trying to detect the browser, they will lie to you and you lock yourself into an ever-changing game of hide and seek with new browsers coming out all the time.

Christ's words are now more than ever a law: ' Seek, and ye shall find! ' Whoever does not seek with true eagerness of his spirit shall not and will not receive anything either.

In 1% of cases seek as is used

Poor Nydia! I seek as much as possible to repair to her the cruelties of Nature and Fate, in asking permission to place her with thee.

Ninja Man turned himself in to the police shortly after the incident, upon hearing that he was being sought as a person of interest in the case.

In 1% of cases seek among is used

Is it honor they seek among them? Nay, - all honor is with Allah.

We are attempting to create a state of seeking among the people of the planet who desire to seek.

Those who seek among modern data for proof of the veracity of the Holy Scriptures will find a magnificent illustration of the verses of the Qur'an dealing with the Pharaoh's body by visiting the.

In 1% of cases seek against is used

Prison sentences of 6 months to 5 years are being sought against us.

On the other side, there are benevolent spirits, called kading and pinad-ing, whose protection is sought against ills and misfortunes.

In 1% of cases seek about is used

Amante wanted to ask the help of the police again for them to seek about Mara's whereabouts.

In many cases patients do not appear to be aware of the extent of information sought about their health by the insurance companies.

In 1% of cases seek of is used

And others, tempting him, sought of him a sign from heaven.

In the end this sought of cultural dress would have been imposed by some religious leader who had a bee in his bonnet.

He pointed out seeking of the PM's intervention on implementation of recommendations put forward earlier to the government from a seminar on ' port problem '.

In 1% of cases seek on is used

No payments can be sought on Sundays or public holidays.

This leads to more pages to be read when scanning or seeking on a range.

The Prime Minister's agreement must be sought on all matters to do with the establishment of a Ministerial Inquiry.

Veterinary advice should be sought on this and other possible trace element or mineral deficiencies peculiar to any grazing area.

In 1% of cases seek out is used

The God-fearing Muslim woman restrains her tongue and does not seek out people? s faults or slander their honour, and she hates to see such talk spread in the Muslim community.

In 1% of cases seek through is used

They try to seek through the haystacks for them to sneak into the train.

Other biographical material must be sought through such sources as newspaper obituaries, and the occasional local history.

In 1% of cases seek within is used

The optimal balance has to be sought within each of us.

When the pleasure that we seek within ourselves is poured upon an object, it looks beautiful.

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