Prepositions after "see"

see in, as, on, from or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases see in is used

I see in Ella a bit of a Leona.

Just as is seen in chaos theory.

The memorial can be seen in the.

All patients were seen in the post operative clinic atleast once before final discharge.

Supporters, including the President, see in her a fighter for the rights of the landless.

Here's one critical nugget, though: they're different to the changes you see in primates.

With that said, if there was one movie that actually would be very interesting to see in 3D, it would be Jurassic Park.

Do you propose to show it at the caravan shows, it will be interesting to see in the flesh? Good luck with you venture.

The minister of works said that the level of water seen in the past two weeks has not been seen in the last 100 years.

Rashmi, who was earlier seen in the show as Tapasya, had quit the project as she was to get married to Nandish Sandhu.

In 14% of cases see as is used

Bush, is seen as the frontrunner.

You will be seen as a stronger person.

For some, this is seen as an advantage.

Social liberals want pluralism and class mobility so they're naturally seen as a threat.

This may be seen as an application of the second part of the rule in Hadley v Baxendale.

Religion isseen as promoting social solidarity as it strengthens the unity of the group.

The only game that can be see as a bad game was the one against Liverpool but in general the whole team had a bad game.

What I see as the more serious problem, is that we're still arguing over parts of what the Contributor Terms should do.

Anti-Gaddafi sentiment was strongest in the east of the country, and Benghazi came to be seen as the rebel stronghold.

Even Tony Blair, widely seen as a strongly pro-EU Prime Minister, failed to take his country into the single currency.

In 10% of cases see on is used

A poster you see on the subway.

Need I say more? Saw on FaceBook.

And you'll see on this thumb, the.

He asked the Gods to bring the head of the first creature they would see on their travel.

Did you see on BBC2 last night the programme about the cell? What pretentious production.

The most intelligent thing you will see on The Only Way Is Essex is the opening sequence.

The assault, seen on shocking surveillance footage, occurred inside the store on 63rd Road in Rego Park around 5:45 p.

Edgar says well you see on any old railway line - as long as it's really old I can wander free yet still feel confined.

Vice President John Mahama was recently seen on television acknowledging the role he (Rawlings) has played in politics.

The lockstation can be seen on the left, with the road crossing the dam in the centre, and the large weir on the right.

In 7% of cases see from is used

I could see from his voice he meant it.

The front lawn seen from another angle.

Which you can see from the 1987 election.

As you'll see from the diagram above, everything running on the ARM is now open source.

You can see from the streaks in the image the angle of the strike is fairly consistent.

It's funny because that was one of the weaker games I've seen from Morgan, personally.

Crucially, it shows the revolution as having had a before when all we have seen from the news reports was the after.

The statue sits on a small island in New York Harbor, and can be seen from many vantage points around New York City.

A blind blonde could see from 20 football fields away that bravo was going to edit it down and go with public opinion.

I used to do a lot of flying there and it always struck me, the views and symmetry that could be seen from that view.

In 6% of cases see by is used

It should be seen by many people.

It was seen by 19million viewers.

The live list, seen by Siliconrepublic.

Time spent practicing is seen by many as being selfish or idle, but it's actually vital.

Yet they are not usually recognized as part of the local community nor seen by tourists.

It is seen by many to be a cornerstone of society, the glue which binds us all together.

The disingenuousness of the claim is seen by John's spontaneous suggestion that evolutionary theory will be falsified.

Today, there are remnants of this as seen by the many surviving species of vegetation which are still on the property.

For more information and contact details, I have a taken a picture of their poster which can be seen by clicking here.

In 4% of cases see at is used

What you see at FW is what you get.

An example may be seen at the left.

She saw at one point his eyes shift.

These luminous beetles are not the only nocturnal things that can be seen at the moment.

Besides, the 845 almost looks classic compared to some of the stuff I see at Edwin Watts.

Also shown here is an old dragline seen at the mine site, which has since been scrapped.

These were the original forerunner of all the ' moving-head ' colour changing lights you now see at concerts and on XF.

Stones similar to that at Mullimast are to be seen at Kilgowan, Furnace, and Punch's Town, all in the vicinity of Naas.

The pond that can be seen at the entrance of the temple, believed to be also originated in the early days of the temple.

Graphs of NOAA and other credible data, all fully sourced so they can be verified, can be seen at http: **35;8979;TOOLONG.

In 4% of cases see for is used

See for yourself here: httpv: //www.

What do they make? See for yourself.

See for examples we will add references.

I know waay to many people who criticize Kenya but rarely go back to see for themselves.

Come and see for yourself what makes Golden Homes the best home builders in New Zealand.

And on one or two like myself, a hat that we liked would probably be seen for some time.

Let her be exposed to the arts, sciences, maths in a very fun way so you can see for yourself what is she talented in.

Once in a while, though, he would hesitate as someone he hadn't seen for some time looked hopeful of being recognized.

The next day we saw for the first time old, bleached buffalo skulls, which became more numerous the farther we progressed.

See for yourself that your prayers are answered by going with your friend to Church and even inviting your friend to yours.

In 3% of cases see with is used

Usually seen with the Backburner.

Attempt to be seen with important people.

Again, maybe not ascan be seen with Chelsea.

What we're seeing with the Petraeus sexcapades is a classic magician's misdirection.

When at last I put the glass to him, I saw with amazement that his eyes were full of tears.

That's what I actually saw with my own eyes and my late mother saw and my late brother saw.

It was cool to see with someone if they have not seen it, but it rarely has any re-watchability favors in my opinion.

And because he saw love and saw with love and was sawn by love - he saw the bitter edge of grief in every poignant turn.

That style is not something new, it's something I've seen with my own eyes that Ron Hardy did, and a couple of other DJs.

We went to the same school and although i did nt want to be seen with him, i got over it and started talking to him freely.

In 3% of cases see through is used

We see through the sound bites.

JB was so see through w/ his questions.

So simple, your child will see through it.

Sometimes people flatter hoping I wouldn? t see through it? and that makes me laugh.

None articulated convincingly -- or was around long enough to see through -- how the C.

May we see these objectors as heros as much as those that fought, lest we forget some of us saw through the propaganda.

It's definitely more affordable now and you can see through the ideas to the end without taking out a loan on your life.

These were places that we had only known as fuzzy pinpricks of light seen through telescopes from Earth before Voyager.

Anything a parent believes will eventually rub off on the children and this can be clearly seen through race and religion.

In 2% of cases see of is used

That was the last I saw of him.

This is all we see of these two.

Cleverly, this is all we see of that movie.

I liked what I saw of Obama, but I do need to find out more about his policies and ideas.

Write what you see of these seven golden candlesticks at the beginning, write to this Church and tell them.

His strength left him, and the last his mates saw of him he lay gasping in the snow and yearning toward them.

In every picture I've seen of him, this dude can not dress, and this is the best looking outfit of all as a comparison.

Street Journal gathered that he was taken away in his green Toyota Corolla and that was the last the neighbours saw of him.

What we see of our living room decorations are merely reflections of natural light or artificial lights of the living room.

The eco-tourism scheme is the first that the island has seen of its kind and was launched this month in the island's south.

In 2% of cases see to is used

Any official enquiry will see to it that.

From what I've seen to date, I'd impressed.

The people will, I am confident, see to this.

Not only was my husband seeing to my neighbour, he was also doing it with the cleaner.

This image will be used as the favicon you see to the left of the URL in the address bar.

He was seeing to it that events occurred in such a way to accomplish His good purposes.

In the outside HuaXing master is a surprised, together brush have eyes to see to the white easy on the treasure armour.

They ate before the drivers ate, and no man sought his sleeping-robe till he had seen to the feet of the dogs he drove.

She saw to it that all dynasties sponsored or abetted by her predecessor were uprooted and dismantled never to rise again.

If schools are going to offer up a lunch program then it is our job to see to it that they are offered the same in school.

In 1% of cases see during is used

His first cheek is seen during his audition with Swan.

The are following fashion, much as we saw during the dot.

One could see during eclipses that the Earth was not flat.

There was none of the defensiveness that you frequently see during pitches at US conferences.

Syllabear is unaware of my abilities to see during the night, however, as I have always kept it secret.

Plenty of variety as noisy firecrackers, light producing firecrackers, smoke bomb etc are been seen during Deepawali.

He's suffered a serious injury which will probably plague him for the remainder of his career, as we saw during his brief comeback.

The right honourable Baronet opposite is a powerful minister, a more powerful minister than any that we have seen during many years.

A look at how the Euro was born C onsumer kits of euro coins are seen during a funds transfer operation in Marseille, December 6, 2001.

In 1% of cases see beyond is used

He can't see beyond the quarterly report.

They can not see beyond the thin layer of ice.

Its no wonder Singaporeans are a bunch of people who can never see beyond their carrots.

As an artist it is important to see beyond the object to the space around and behind it.

You have to see beyond your liking them and think of how things can be done better for their own sake.

Timing would be possible to determine with greater accuracy by refinement in ability to see beyond the Earth's crust.

The Earth is at 1 AU, and the two Voyager spacecraft are seen beyond 100 AU (the Cassini spacecraft at Saturn is also shown).

Unlike the Netanyahu acolytes who seem incapable of seeing beyond the next election, Eiland has a vision for long-term peace.

And yet change does happen, because some people see beyond the initial inconvenience and choose to make the future they want to.

In 1% of cases see off is used

Timed right, this will also see off Baloney and Rylan.

Gillard will become emboldened at having seen off her nemesis.

The Addicks should have enough to see off the visitors at The Valley.

We have to do better, not least to see off the siren-like arguments of the Nigel Lawsons.

Aditya Mehta of India also reached the first round proper after seeing off Zhu Yinghui 6-5.

He had written how his affiliate came returning sad after seeing off Lata at Kolkata terminal.

Or for splashing about on an epic scale, watch for the Humpbacks, even more recently additions to the list of whales seen off Sri Lanka.

If they can cut out the mistakes, they should have enough to see off Reading, despite the Royals ' deserved point against Newcastle United.

Marouane Fellaini (Everton) The big Belgian was once again a class apart as a goal and cheeky assist helped the Toffees see off Sunderland.

Higgins outlasted Anthony Hamilton 4-3 in the semi-finals with Trump seeing off Ding Junhui in the quickfire best-of-seven frames format.

In 1% of cases see before is used

The outcome of that is what you see before you.

It was hard to reconcile a learned academic with the man I saw before me.

Sure, it's a kind of storyline we've all seen before but do I care? Nope.

I think the best goal I have seen before that is Wayne Rooney ' s (against Manchester City).

It's wonderful how rereading sheds a different light to things we've never seen before sometimes.

I saw before my eyes on that little screen the magic made possible when kids have a chance to play.

The first truly global legal providers emerge on a scale not seen before (10,000+ employees, lawyers and non-lawyers).

We offer reviews to the latest consumer gadgets, clothing trends, gift ideas, and never seen before technology on the net.

Isn't that something - - here we've just seen something neither of us has ever seen before and we're arguing about how many we saw.

All the false charges and the punishments that he was given will boomerang on the rulers soon -- this we will get to see before long.

In 1% of cases see over is used

As to longevity, we shall see over the coming years.

The cyclone was last seen over the eastern Great Lakes on October 6.

You're just advocating more of what we've seen over the last 20 years.

We'll have to see over the next week or so if that forces his numbers down a bit.

The Plough (Big Dipper, Ursa Major) can be seen over Newgrange in the third image.

Now, in London, with no IRA, we have more helicopters than I ever saw over the Ulster skies.

Check out 69 of the most inappropriate (and very NSFW) Halloween costumes we've seen over the years.

These movements will present a much more volatile picture of the presidential election than we've seen over the last several weeks.

ET Now: How do you characterise this correction that we are seeing over the last few sessions? After going past 5400, we are now at sub 5250.

We peaked in, standing on tiptoes to see over the high fence and there they were! Little critters crawling to the point where we shown the light.

In 1% of cases see around is used

Sethji is a strong comment on the rot we see around us.

Collectively, we find it hard to believe what we see around us.

That is, what we see around us and do everyday are all products of our dreams.

And of course there's the sperm bike you see around Copenhagen every now and again.

About a dozen sturdy young hippies of American and European origin were seen around the campus befriending student groups.

The Cloghoge and Inchavore Rivers are rich in invertebrates and breeding Dippers and Grey Wagtails can be seen around the river.

It has literally speaking gone from being nature (that which we are born out of) into being the environment (that which we see around us).

We can become aware to the point of depression at the amount of evil that we see around us and yet there is a gradual forward movement at all levels.

The Yard revealed the couple were the only people who had been seen around the time of his death at the property in Alderney Street not to be accounted for.

Occasionally, the law enforcers under the Assembly are seen around town trying to enforce this law but their limited resources have not allowed them to be most effective.

In 1% of cases see under is used

See under heading ' Reasonable ' notice.

However there are certain modifications for seeing under water.

Only the puppet is seen under UV light and puppeteer remains hidden.

For more information about ' reasonable notice ', see under heading ' Reasonable ' notice.

Uranus can be seen under perfect conditions if you have good vision, but not too commonly.

Second, financial markets have become huge relative to anything seen under the gold standard.

A U turn now would plunge the stock markets, lead us to another recession and a return to the massive lending we saw under Brown.

This applies from the day the employee starts work (see under heading Time off work) the right to paid time off for ante natal care.

This applies from the day the employee starts work (see under heading Health and safety) the right under Health and Safety law to weekly and daily rest breaks.

In 1% of cases see about is used

We will see about the usages of kuzhith.

The Chief would see about it next morning.

As he reluctantly admits to the reader, he should see about owning a house.

Once you receive the QWR response, check back in here and we'll see about reviewing your docs.

So please check back in with me and we'll see about getting you to first base with a good attorney.

Ken Brown said it would be best to go to the mail office so I shall see about it tomorrow if I get time.

Once you find the piece of land that you want to advertise on you can then go and talk to the landowner and see about prices.

It's also an good insight into how the momentum of a game (and thus, the number of articles we see about it) can drive some of us mad.

This is where I get lost when christian louboutin shoes all I can see about my business is how close we are to our monthly sales goals.

I am not going to repeat all the arguments we have seen about the issue of self defence, both on this blog and in our comments section.

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