Prepositions after "secure"

secure in, with, from, for or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases secure in is used

China is secure in this region.

You feel secure in your own skin.

Less is more secure in this case.

Revolution or not, most people re- mained secure in their life, liberty, and property.

Help your cat feel secure in his new home by spreading his scent throughout the house.

It's a great idea to carry your own wood with you and to keep it secure in a dry area.

The pity of it is minorities in this country of immigrants are not secure in how they stand in their native country.

More secure individuals understand that they do not have to be perfect and that they can rely on significant others.

I think when you are presented with the opposing viewpoint you become more secure in your own because they test you.

I think that, if that's how you interpreted the message, then it's a sign you're probably very secure in your eating.

In 8% of cases secure with is used

We both feel secure with each other.

I always feel more secure with it in hand.

Make sure the label is secure with clear tape.

When you look at the other jerseys, they are just as secure with their current owners.

Also make sure to knowwhether your financial information will be secure with the company.

The job market has made a lot of people feel less secure with their positions at their jobs.

People who are secure with who they are and what they look like have no need to try to make someone else feel bad.

Dan's character arc wasn't as well acted, but I think they were going for being secure with her family and herself.

Add-ons Security Suite Feel secure with all-in-one protection that shields you and your family from online threats.

The garment is to decrease the swelling support the skin flaps together, and most patients feel more secure with it.

In 8% of cases secure from is used

Iran is secure from conceivable invasion.

Emails and messages are secure from prying eyes.

Download Snap Secure from the BlackBerry App World.

As such, the prisoners were not secure from the summer heat or the winter rain and cold.

As mentioned earlier in the week, only Jahmene feels like he's secure from danger this week.

You need to ensure that while in transit, this data is secure from interception and corruption.

The normal user has absolute control over the Sugar part but the core system remains secure from malicious activities.

It was also used to give black soldiers the mentality of being secure from all harm when they were fighting in the war.

In 6% of cases secure for is used

Its secure for both employer as well as employee.

You want to guarantee the room is secure for them too.

But the capital area remained secure for the Spaniards.

Cascara might not be secure for you to obtain if you have intestinal concerns like IBS.

Security -- If you move in with a guy, it makes it more secure for him, and predictable.

I'll also go over how to go about making these homes more secure for you and your family.

Consult with your personal doctor when considering allergy prescription drugs to make sure they are secure for you.

As with all his residences, the cottage had been made secure for the prince, complete with bombproof doors and windows.

As with all his residences, the cottage had been made secure for the Prince, complete with bomb-proof doors and windows.

The certainty of knowing that that their mortgage rate is secure for the next 10 years is most appealing to them, he added.

In 5% of cases secure about is used

Don't be insecure about your appearance.

I'd over 40 and pretty secure about my body.

Children also need to feel secure about themselves.

Most parents who are secure about their parenting will understand this and accept it.

Kids will feel more secure about themselves when they see their parents love each other.

With this thought process, the dam should feel pretty secure about its position in life.

In addition, it will also attract foreign investors who feel more secure about developing China's domestic market.

But I'd gradually feeling a little more secure about who I am and enjoying everything that's been happening to me.

It ends with her feeling secure about where she's going so as a reader I feel pretty secure about the situation to.

The reason is, in having or living in the nothingness I feel more secure about who I AM now than I ever have before.

In 4% of cases secure against is used

It's more secure against viruses and spyware.

Did they then feel secure against the Plan of Allah.

All networked machines must be secure against attack.

Thus, the city remained Arab paganism's holy of holies and was secure against attack.

How much to secure against the risk, how much to pay if it happens, how likely is it to happen? I.

After this weight, an infant is usually too heavy to stay secure against mom/dad's body when they lean forward.

The scheme is also secure against a coalition of b corrupt servers for at least d/b measurements by each of them.

India's deep defence of Kanwalpreet Singh, Sandeep Singh and Harpal Singh may not be secure against speedy attacks.

Did the people of the towns then feel secure against the coming of Our Punishment by night while they are asleep? 98.

In 4% of cases secure by is used

You can tell if a site is secure by the URL.

Our homeland will not be secure by these rascals.

Make sure traps are secure by pegged to the ground.

If desired, the rope can be made more secure by means of the overhand knot shown in Fig.

Make sure that you make your insurance profile dealt with at this point plus secure by yourself of.

Well, maybe, just try to make your account more secure by editing your privacy and security setting.

Organizations that incorporate security in the SDLC benefit from products and applications that are secure by design.

And be they suspended? Yet, my Lord, with this too, that he refers it to, and hopes to make it secure by a Parliament.

If the peace presently to be made is to endure, it must be a peace made secure by the organized major force of mankind.

Chip technology, already in wide use around the world, makes a secure payment system even more secure by reducing fraud.

In 3% of cases secure at is used

This will help them feel more secure at night.

All payment details are secure at all times 3.

I must confess, I felt quite secure at all times.

Parking is secure at the Vlei car park and near the garage at M5/5th Ave intersection.

CWIA will use its best endeavours to ensure that such data is kept secure at all times.

In the meantime, what does it mean to be secure at your organisation? Does your entire.

As a Canadian I feel very secure at home in Toronto, ON and always felt other places were never as secure as Canada.

Feeling themselves more secure at home, French kings turned their attention to foreign conquest and external enemies.

Ryan Bertrand, in for Cole, had a horrid time, while Chelsea never looked secure at the back without their controversial captain.

There is no where secure at the port to leave a car so our tour operator last year left his at a church about 2 km before the port.

In 3% of cases secure of is used

Now I am secure of you for ever.

Be secure of who you really are.

Arguably, it's the least secure of the three variants.

When assessing the viability of a career, a palace isn't the most secure of workplaces.

Being an entrepreneur, as scary as it can be at times, is as secure of a job as you can get.

He was secure with the new girl, secure of her feeling for him BOFORE he filed fo the divorce.

If I married my husband for any form of security it is for the love that I am certainly secure of that he has for me.

You're CONFIDENT and secure of your value, and because of this you can show more of your true self to women without fear.

You need to be much careful and much secure of your bike for the coming 3 months than people who don't live close to ocean.

Payments are made for your comfort directly to your LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney account, 100% Secure of your Deposit(s).

In 2% of cases secure as is used

No-one objected, and everyone felt more secure as a result.

When you have a dysfunctional government, we are not secure as a people.

A new Libyan regime will be less legitimate and less secure as a result.

That I may be 55 but that my next 15 years are pretty secure as to ambit and ambition.

Each one has to deal with the darker facet of your life and nobody is secure as a result.

Responsible doctors recommend a secure as well as healthy weight reduction of around 1-2 lbs.

State what measures you take to ensure that all transactions are secure as well as how well you handle customers data.

The encryption used to lock your data is twice as secure as the encryption used when making online purchases on the Internet.

Changes are necessary if we want our systems to be robust as well as efficient and our lives to be secure as well as affluent.

In their groups they shared their experience with others, and undoubtedly felt stronger and more secure as a result of doing so.

In 2% of cases secure on is used

As you know, nothing is secure on the Internet.

Hamlet therefore now feels secure on this point.

The island was declared secure on 9 October 1943.

That way, all of your data always remains secure on your servers -- wherever they are.

You have to spend more time with goats and know that they are secure on your property.

For some reason we felt more secure on French soil than we had on board the ocean liner.

The deal looked secure on paper, but when I met the bagel maker himself, I had an intuition that something was ' off '.

So Firefox is another, alternative, free, browser that is less of a target for attackers and will keep you more secure on the internet.

There are many internet websites that take part themselves having secure on the net Jewellery shopping just like the links regarding London.

You might remember that, several years ago, you gifted me a very nice gold-coloured Citizen wristwatch with a metal band to keep it secure on my wrist.

In 1% of cases secure within is used

It felt very secure within the gated community.

They believe Scotland is more secure within the UK.

Be your dog's strong leader so he can feel secure within himself.

It requires effort, of course, but feeling more secure within yourself is worth it.

They know we love each other and they feel secure within our stable marriage and family.

I think we've got the network in fair shape here and you should be secure within reason.

Seeking to be an age group Frank Gore Jersey you are not just reveals you are not secure within your pores and skin.

Germany can get by with a much smaller military because Germany's energy sources are secure within their own borders.

He needs to define his masculinity and feel secure within his own self, before he can deal with the nature of a woman.

Such an awareness is essential for a child to feel secure within its environment and to build on existing experiences.

In 1% of cases secure under is used

Hard to make sure that your waste is secure under every probability.

But doubtless they, like their chief, felt secure under the protection of their Divine Master.

And yet ironically, the government schools will be the most secure under the new dispensation envisaged in the RTE Act.

Moreover, families of the military personnel and specially their ladies feel more secure under the regime of their own sex.

Fact is, while HoMin continue working hard but rather secure under SM, JYJ has been forced to seek alternatives because of the restrictions.

These failures are despite the terminals being certified secure under the Visa approval scheme, and in the case of the Ingenico, the Common Criteria system.

The people are so secure under the sultan's reign that no one fears his agents, and they rely on him neither to inflict injustice nor to have designs on anyone's property.

Com creamb clobber with our animal group of experts in the track out tiring a meshing and stuffing garment on the trustful public to green goods and testament strip on the secure under.

The point here, of course, for UK lawyers is that this could be a barrier to using Google Docs because if the server is in the US the data will not be considered secure under EU regulations.

In 1% of cases secure to is used

That doesn't sound too secure to me.

Games on daily1game are really safe &; secure to Play on Computer.

Chip &; Pin may not be perfect but it seems many orders of magnitude more secure to me.

With each upgrade your website becomes more secure to online threats like viruses and malware.

Roof racks seem more secure to me - PITA to put on and take off, but just seem more secure than boot racks.

Dome snaps are made of plastic and keep the mask strapping or harness secure to the mask itself and the back plate.

Some cyclists feel more secure to the right of the stripe, because they believe it keeps the cars out of their space.

Fonseka is in under the government custody but he is getting treatment from a private hospital and Fonseka feels that is more secure to him.

So yes that seat looks pretty secure to me for one more season at least more so since the Ferrari car is now pretty decent &; can score some good points *Fun Fact* Massa is pretty decent at Spa.

In 1% of cases secure during is used

Feeling secure during sex has a lot to do with trust.

I felt secure during the day, but all houses have alarms and secured gates at night.

Check how your vehicle will be strapped and towed so that your vehicle is secure during transit.

For finer wares, more kaolin was required; this allowed the shape to remain secure during firing.

While they would be secure during Hezekiah? s lifetime, his descendants would one day face defeat and exile (2 Kings 20:16-18).

Make sure your house and garden are secure during the fireworks as fear may make the dog act out of character and he may try to escape.

Despite appearing far more secure during the stroke filled phase of his innings, Tendulkar made 4 clear errors during those 67 balls from the start of the 4th days play.

In 1% of cases secure before is used

Ensure that locking ladder hooks are secure before climbing.

Perhaps you are not quite as secure before the digicam as you ought to be.

Make sure the sight is secure before giving out any important information.

Reassembled or unfolded hoists need checking to ensure they are secure before use.

He took another shot and made sure the line was secure before swinging across this time.

Recommend Pakistan needs to make itself very secure before actually investing in tourism.

Please ensure that your browser is indicating that the page is secure before submitting your credit card details.

You need to do some due diligence and make sure the apps you choose are secure before installing them on a tablet.

Ensure valves are properly closed and stoppers and lids are secure before loading gases and liquids in or on the vehicle.

Fire engines are slowly working their way towards the building, but it looks as if police are having to ensure the street is secure before the fire brigade can get in close.

In 1% of cases secure because is used

We know where we are and feel secure because of that.

The middle class is much more secure because of Obamacare.

Linux by design is more secure because of following reasons: 1) Open source.

The existence of Assam is secure because of the tribal people to protect their home State.

That's because organisations assume they are secure because of their proximity to the Internet.

But is this not an indication of a lack of faith? For you believe that you are secure because of your husband or child and not because of God.

Outlying, remote areas are less secure because of high levels of criminal activity and the lack of adequate training, supervision, and salary for security forces.

Eliminating the feelings out of your individual finance cost management would have been a work in improvement, and you ought to always stay on secure because of its coming back.

Whatever the politics, today's decision was a victory for people all over this country whose lives are more secure because of this law and the Supreme Court's decision to uphold it.

Whatever the politics, today's decision was a victory for people all over this country whose lives will be more secure because of this law and the Supreme Court's decision to uphold it.

In 1% of cases secure after is used

So maybe not so secure after all.

Probably pretty secure after that.

Not sure if my life will be secure after this book is released.

The Helmand province where British troops are stationed is still not secure after all these years.

Having Nelsen back will allow Herbert to feel more secure after the All Whites bombed out of the Oceania Nations Cup tournament.

Traditional IPSec VPN: The intranet is secure after the remote access network is constructed, but client software must be installed.

She brought him to the house as a ' security adviser ' who could give advice on how to make the house more secure after the local officers investigating the break-in had left.

At that point, since Dale's lock is still firmly in place, it's completely ok for me to remove my own lock, since I know the combination and the package will remain secure after my lock is gone.

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