Prepositions after "secular"

secular in, as, to, with or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases secular in is used

I am liberal minded and secular in belief.

They are social democratic and secular in their orientation.

The state needs to remain neutral and secular in its policies.

It is a historical fact that islam is not capable of being secular in any true sense.

Bro, I do not think that Imran Khan is secular in any way but he isnt islamist either.

All four generations of Nehrus in public life remained secular in outlook and conduct.

Many of them became secular in their outlook and some developed principled positions supporting liberal, open societies.

Since Ayutha Pooja is just respecting the tools we use in day to day work, it can also be treated secular in my opinion.

In 9% of cases secular as is used

Sri Lanka will never become secular as the buddhists will not consent.

I agree with your metaphysical categorization of the secular as ' ' this worldly ' '.

THE RIGHT TO HAVE BASIC EDUCATION: It is the right of a child to receive basic secular as well as religious education.

The madrasas could enjoy an advantage vis--vis secular schools if they offered quality instruction in secular as well as religious subjects.

The way we celebrate Christmas today -- secular as well as religious celebrations -- and how these have adjusted to today's more diverse society.

Avoidance will be for the sake of politeness, and for the purpose of promoting a pseudo pan-religious alliance against the secular as the common threat.

So, we see that Muslims in both camps (secular as well as conservative) feel satisfied with their respective positions? but for totally different reasons.

It is going on to this day amongst a plethora of national and international organisations both religious and secular as well as being perpetrated by individuals.

In 7% of cases secular to is used

Here, accordingly, we ascend from the secular to the eternal.

Humble and down to earth, he was secular to the core of his heart.

Both are secular to the core but wearing religious cloak to fool the masses.

A non-Congress, non-BJP front that is secular to the core may of course sound like a refreshing idea.

This divide was a fact greater than the gentlemanly conduct of a seasoned lawyer and politician who was secular to the core.

Especially when it comes to items that are secular to others and not necesarily the person who is reimpodying it in fashion.

But it also indicates the movement from a secular to a consumer society, where flesh is equated with other perishable commodities.

Maher Zain's popularity cuts through the various layers of Muslim Malaysian society from the not secular to the devoutly religious.

Secondly, the real truth probably is that Modi is a Hindu Jinnah: secular to the core, but not above using the communal card for the sake of political power.

In 6% of cases secular with is used

The West became secular with the advent of the French Revolution.

It went into church and the organ was added, mixing the secular with gospel.

Obama was in that promoting the Jihad, the replacement of secular with Sharia.

The same year, he transitioned from gospel to secular with his ' I'd aware ' album.

What secular with a ' k ' implies, alludes to or *represents* beyond that is beyond me.

Record his/her progress both Islamic as well as secular with audio to text over years to come.

All the modern education system the world over is secular with a little peppering of religious/spiritual fanfare.

Religious ritual connects the secular with the sacred, the everyday with the eternal, the ordinary with the supernatural.

No surprise, then, that Berlinerblau begins How to Be Secular with gloom and doom and never entirely works his way free of it.

In 5% of cases secular of is used

You are enjoying life in secular of secular place called New York.

The most secular of Muslim countries does not offer the basic protections that we take for granted.

Even the most secular of Jews, who observe no other part of Judaism, almost always observe these laws.

Lacy Creighton, Professor of World Christianity called it a CHRISTIAN SOCIALISM in a secular of Tanzania.

Despite the secular of contemporary higher education, religious colleges are still components of many universities.

Blasphemy has not only lost its meaning, it has been reduced to a means for the secular of controlling Faith through religion.

Everyone of your article is an expression of frustration you are going through, just like many other secular of this country who are.

As to your specific questions: You are in a very small minority among even the most secular of historians to suggest that Jesus did not exist.

How would it affect the family? It would tear them apart, no? Even in America, in the most secular of families, cheating is a reprehensible thing.

In 4% of cases secular by is used

Still, he is called Secular by Congressi people.

A Bangladeshi Muslim freedom fighter could be liberal, westernised, and secular by choice.

Our state is secular by declaration, but secularism here has not yet been established everywhere in true sense.

To be secular by definition means the state of being separate from religion hence making a homage with atheism.

Jinnah may have been a gold standard for secularism in Pakistan, but his politics can not be termed as secular by any stretch of imagination.

The malicious efforts to declare him secular by the current Govt through searching Quaid's speech records from India has very recently got failed.

In 3% of cases secular for is used

I'd too secular for the GOP, and too results-oriented for the Democrats.

Secular for this day to day dwelling and religious for his smooth life on earth and hereafter.

This legislation made education free, compulsory and secular for all primary pupils in New Zealand.

Most Israelis are secular for your information and there is a lot more to the Mid East conflict than the Bible.

He would have preferred, no doubt, that his parents had just given him a bris, but they were too secular for that.

If religiously affiliated charities are secular for the purposes of padding the donations given by religious folks they're secular when it comes to following the laws other charities have to follow.

In 3% of cases secular versus is used

This article is, then, not about secular versus religious feminism.

It's ideological, because it's all about dualisms such as the secular versus the Christian.

In sum, the secular versus theocracy debate is full of semantics and polemics and will take us nowhere.

These binaries of secular versus religious created a zero-sum game in which the more the secular order lost legitimacy, the more religious narratives gained popularity.

Based on Roy's perspective, it can be argued that the secular versus Islamist divide, used by Europeans to understand the Middle East for the past 30 years, has been largely discredited.

In 2% of cases secular at is used

Thus a party, maybe communal or secular at various times.

Still as Yanpol says it is perfectly normal for a country to be Muslim and secular at the same time.

But then why would anybody want to listen to you? You can be religious and secular at the same time.

Poet Jasim Uddin was both religious and secular at the same time, he added (Daily Sun, April 21, 2011).

Statists are *always* secular at heart, since they fight individual potential, in defence of the State.

In 2% of cases secular rather is used

Surfing the Apocalypse -- Recurring Themes Big Wednesday is a secular rather than religious myth.

They were secular rather than religious, and employed Christian and Jewish doctors as well as Muslim ones.

The challenge is sometimes to find music that is secular rather than sacred; choral composers have sometimes written their best works with a spiritual or religious theme.

In 2% of cases secular vs is used

This Secular Vs communal tric wont work this time.

This then leads to a whole discussion on secular vs Sacred.

It is one variant of the unending secular vs the religious debate.

Now it has been turned into secular vs religion and the people will be divided.

In 1% of cases secular within is used

Taking the path through the secular within magic also enables During to outline a very different cultural power found within magic.

In 1% of cases secular among is used

He said that Hinduism had always been a guiding force for all religions of the world and added that Indian culture was most tolerant and secular among all others.

In 1% of cases secular under is used

Libya was secular under Gadaffi.

Syria is fairly secular under Assad.

Egypt was fairly secular under mubarrak.

In 1% of cases secular on is used

Secular on the Book, else a Pure Hindu Regime with sick religious tendencies which is causing More divide than unity in its society.

People are not as stupid as you thing, this is a reaction to the idea of a religious authority trumping a secular on and it would not matter if it was Muslim Catholic or Hindu.

In 1% of cases secular like is used

Re: Secular like Bangladesh? As MQM wants.

He could cares less whether they were Shomer Shabbat or secular like himself.

All these groups are having a real warm welcome and the biggest problem for secular like you.

In 1% of cases secular from is used

Any attempt to separate the secular from the religious (read: Islam) is doomed to fail.

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