Prepositions after "score"

score in, on, for, at or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases score in is used

Next was he can't score IN England.

He has scored in double figures on two occasions.

The 7million man scored in his debut game for the club and was surely lively throughout.

Instead, Virginia High posted a 67-55 victory with four players scoring in double figures.

My favourite Cantona goal is the one he scored in the FA Cup final against Liverpool in 1996.

Then we have drug-war prohibitionists who fueled the greed of the drug cartels looking to score in the American market.

All five of the Rockets starters scored in double figures, including Lin's 13 points with seven rebounds and one steal.

There have been five goals scored in the 85th minute or later in the last five league meetings between Wigan and Reading.

In 13% of cases score on is used

Archer scored on runs of 79 and 74.

Crawford scored on Pedroias groundout.

Ukraine even had two chances to score on breakaways.

Andre Petersson started the season quietly, but scored on the powerplay Saturday night.

Jacoby Ellsbury drew a leadoff walk and scored on Crawford triples off the left-field wall.

Nebraska pulled its starters, and the Gophers scored on MarQueis Gray's 1- and 6-yard runs.

No one else would score on Chubak until there was 5:30 left in the third period of Niagara's game against Army on Nov.

Jorge Flores, who played a key part in the game one win, doubled in a run in the second and later scored on an error.

But then came overtime, where Hyde took the ball when OSU opened the first overtime period and scored on a 2-yard run.

They would score on that drive, and did eventually take the lead late in the game too, before Bryant got his redemption.

In 8% of cases score for is used

Score for all the others: zero.

Tomas Klempa also scored for Fort Worth.

Howard Shores score for the film is utterly amazing.

The right column/blue rows show the maximum points that can be scored for each policy.

India had to restrict South Africa to 121 runs but South Africa has crossed that score for 16.

John, who allowed no goals scored for the first time in the two games played, while scoring twice on the power play.

He had great season last year, but Arsenal had no one else who could score for them so no surprise he was top scorer.

Sheriff Suma and Alhasaan Kamara scored for the hosts, while Fateh Gharbi and Youssef Msakni replied for the visitors.

Messi really plays for the team, Ronaldo is obsessed with scoring for himself, this is sometimes to the detriment of his team.

In 8% of cases score at is used

India are scoring at run-rate of 5.

India have scored at a run-rate of 4.

Laurent Koscielny scored at both ends.

He scored at 1:30 of the second period and 14:32 of the third to give the Chiefs a 2-0 lead.

If you don't score at the grade level you should be at the school will not put you in that grade.

Seven headed goals have been scored at St Mary's this season, only the Hawthorns (8) has seen more.

He also had a knack for scoring at the most important times, as three of his five goals in ' 07-08 were game-winners.

Aylsham started strongly and went ahead after only 5 minutes thanks to some Will B trickery and a cross for Jack to score at the backpost.

I saw him score at Bordeaux in the champions league (diving header) and he looked super but what happened?? football is a funny sport like that.

As Steve said, students were screened at age 13 by the SAT, and there were many more boys than girls who scored at the highest levels on the SAT-M.

In 7% of cases score with is used

Coffs scored with a try to Kama.

He can't score with his weak foot.

Aditya, Yes amazing how many he scored with his right foot lately.

Agbonlahor then score with a deflect strike, his brace life form his.

Erickson scored with 33:06 remaining as Eastview's lead went to 3-0.

Well, she was until a boy who couldn't score with her began to spread lies.

The week before, Louisville scored with 1:35 to play to capture a 27-25 win.

Rooney was a whisker away from scoring with his shot from about 25 yards out.

Christie top scored with 57 runs, with extras at 20 the next major contributor.

The Red Devils have the best conversion rate in the Premier League this season, scoring with 19.

In 6% of cases score by is used

Soundtrack The film's score and soundtrack are scored by debutant M.

I suggest the first goal to be scored by K'ogalo be dedicated to him.

That way it isn't scored by the CBO with the rest of the ObamaCare package.

Scored by Khedira in the scrum but set up by Pepe towering over Adriano on the corner.

The turning point in this game was the Blues first goal which was scored by the fourth line.

The basics In Basketball points are scored by shooting the ball into your opponents ' net (or basket).

However, take out the two series against India where mega-runs were scored by all and his average is only 50 anyway.

I have watched this try scored by Inglis many many times at all speeds from all angles with an impartial point of view.

My answer is it is about scoring by creating chances and defending by winning back the ball as well as reading the game.

AFC Wimbledon - A much needed win and a clean sheet away at York City with their 3 goals all scored by different players.

In 6% of cases score from is used

Should have tried to score from outside the 20 yard line.

A typical fox-in-the-box player who scores from point-blank range.

That header should have gone in, at least Arteta did score from that.

On resumption, Ebanga Bertin scored from a penalty in the 55th but Syria hit back through.

Granted, if Shelvey had scored from his best chance, Liverpool probably would have won the game.

He was so fast he could score from nothing and could shoot the ball better than anyone I've ever seen.

With Prince Fielder batting, Oliver threw a wild pitch that allowed Jackson to score from third and tie the game at 2.

Johnson should have scored from Lampard's corner where his first touch was excellent but then he just snatched at it.

Statistics show that the best way to score from corners is by inswingers but a lot of traditional managers go for the outswingers.

Kotoko immediately made amends and less than a minute after Ashgold's equalier, Seidy Bancey scored from an in swinger pass to increase the tally.

In 6% of cases score against is used

A couple of years later, I scored against Chelsea.

First was that he can't score against English teams.

I have no idea how they scored against ' Bama and I watched that game.

We look lethal when going forward and are capable of scoring against every team it seems.

But now we have a pissed off manager, and other players who happen to love scoring against City.

He scored against the Premier League champions at the weekend and now has an England goal on his debut.

However now look at the facts, prior to this game, no team had scored against the US, Canada scored three times.

May 8: Scored against Stoke to make it a Premier League record eight straight away league games in which he had a goal.

Indeed, his best performance at White Hart Lane has been in Swansea colours, when he scored against the Lilywhites in April.

Not necessarily - the OP has chosen four countries including Aus, so it is how many he has scored against three teams of the OP's choosing.

In 2% of cases score after is used

Yesterday's game kicked off in an explosive pattern but it was Simba who enjoyed the better part early on when they scored after paltry three minutes.

Eventually, the home side build up a head of steam and the pressure told as they broke through to score after a 1v1 situation was created in the 26th minute.

In 2% of cases score over is used

Take a pinch of snuff, Doctor, and acknowledge that I have scored over you in your example.

Bell scored over 100 goals for City, which Is a phenomenal achievement, seen as though he was a midfielder.

If that decision stands, he faces a suspension, fine and would lose the win he scored over Lorenzo Larkin at the Jan.

He scored over 1,400 points at Lee yet was surprised by the lack of collegiate offers he received following high school.

Where it scores over skype, google talk and such chat resources is that only radio amateurs can use it; a dedicated amateur service.

While it is not known what the plans of Apple and Amazon are, Google has scored over them by announcing that it is offering the scan-and-match service free for its consumers.

This was one way in which little Lucy always scored over her glamorous original; his wife had often tried to top his jokes, and she'd never been a funny woman, it had never worked.

In 2% of cases score to is used

When he started working in that beach front hotel he just wanted a cool job making fun drinks watching long sunsets scored to Aja by Steely Dan.

The monodrama A Score to Settle opens in a darkened room (Seully Hall, unfortunately, did not provide the intimate nightclub atmosphere this piece needs).

The Welshman left his opponent trailing in his wake before crossing for Defoe to score to Handanovi? ' s left to complete an amazing night for Defoe, Villas-Boas and Spurs.

Their last match against Schalke 04 sums up the entire season in my view: we start off convincingly against tough opponents, keeping a clean sheet and scoring to good goals.

While A Score to Settle is still a work in progress, the members of the team appreciate Costanzi's multiple (manifold) gifts, and they are very much on the right artfully entertaining track.

In 2% of cases score above is used

Partners who scored above the median on 9 or more of the 20 competencies delivered $1.

Morrisons, Aldi, Greggs and Lidl were all scored above the likes of Harrods and Fortnum &; Mason.

Even though they have both scored above the NBS it is recommended that a more accurate assessment of both the buildings is conducted against the Building Act and regulations once the.

In 1% of cases score before is used

The Reign shortened the four minutes by scoring before the first penalty ended.

It was difficult when they scored before and we had to come back and try to equalise.

In 1% of cases score between is used

That is scored between zero and 100, the best.

If you scored between 7 - 12 your level of English is elementary.

If you scored between 22 - 31 your level of English is intermediate.

If you scored between 13 - 21 your level of English is pre-intermediate.

If you scored between 31 - 45 your level of English is upper-intermediate If you scored between.

In 1% of cases score during is used

True freshman Josh Scott led the team in scoring during his debut in last Friday's 74-59 win over Wofford.

The 20-year-old Spirit assistant captain led the entire league in scoring during October with 21 points in 10 games played.

In 1% of cases score as is used

You scored as: atheism You are.

For example, a computer scored as a 2.

Walcott Can Strike Theo Walcott did show he can score as a centre forward and his finish was cool.

It skips the public option, which has, as of today, scored as a real loser for the economy when it comes to cutting costs, as Obama had promised.

And it was Hazelden, playing in an unaccustomed forward role, who had a chance to score as a cross from the left by Oakes found him unchallenged in the box but his header just went over the bar.

In 1% of cases score like is used

But I never saw anybody - nobody - score like Morenz on a furious charge down center.

If Chelsea were to continue scoring like this or even drop a level, they would end up with a similar, if not higher, number come end of the season.

Arsene thinks the goal would help him adapt well to the style of football in England In similar situations he nearly scored like that against Olympiacos on Wednesday night.

In 1% of cases score off is used

But we gave it to them once, they scored off it a yellow card.

Up the other end, Mertesacker almost scored off of an audacious turn and shot at the edge of the West Ham area.

In 1% of cases score through is used

That didn't happen and it was from Srna in plenty of space that Shakhtar scored through the impressive Willian.

The road ' s guide keeps growing slowly amongst accessories aficionados, and seeks because Loewe seems to have have scored through itself an additional highprofile supporter -- Pippa Middleton.

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