Prepositions after "sceptical"

"sceptical about" or "sceptical of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases sceptical about is used

I am sceptical about the claim too.

He was sceptical about the GSM project.

I am not sceptical about climate change.

However I do always feel sceptical about the PR aspect of these kinds of things.

The moral is that one should not be sceptical about the prophecies within dreams.

I read reviews on the hotel before i went and was a bit sceptical about the hotel.

Nearly all of us were novices, and a few admitted to being sceptical about the likelihood of seeing any whales.

I was sceptical about the pledge but we agreed collectively to do it and I take my share of the responsibility.

This is what happens when we fail to be as sceptical about the ideas we like as we are about the ideas we don't.

In 37% of cases sceptical of is used

Be sceptical of the opinionated.

Fortune was sceptical of the claim.

We are not sceptical of the climate.

Seems over-sensitive to me and makes me very sceptical of the subsequent complaints.

Zero in on his statements and we become more sceptical of the claims and the results.

Fans were at first sceptical of a potential signing they hadn't seen a great deal of.

Like me, Mr Jeffrey is somewhat sceptical of the Office for National Statistics ' first estimates of UK GDP data.

She was sceptical of what Geoff talked about -- the cool car aspect and his stories of how much fun a car can be.

Lebovich, however, is sceptical of the prospects of international intervention taking place, let alone succeeding.

In 2% of cases sceptical as is used

Politically I am sceptical as to the virtue of their beingold.

I am also open minded, but as a historian, I have to be sceptical as well as open minded.

Having tried many other treatments before I was sceptical as the previous treatment did not work.

There are also those who are sceptical as to whether all of this will lead anywhere very different.

With just two buttons and a small black screen, I was sceptical as to whether this could really work.

Some may be sceptical as to whether facial recognition technologies present any material threat to liberty.

He was, however, sceptical as to whether the Obama ' fairly tale ', as he called it, would become a reality.

Bert: those who are actually sceptical as to whether the Earth is warming will probably be convinced by the BEST study.

However, lots of scientists are sceptical as to whether these substances can be made into a workable anti-ageing cream.

Equally the Taliban may be sceptical as to who the informers really are and see it as a CIA plot to eliminate their own.

In 1% of cases sceptical at is used

Many of us were deeply sceptical at the time.

I'd still a little sceptical at such glowing claims and anecdotes - the price doesn't help either.

This is Haiku Deck's calling card, although it's more than understandable if you feel sceptical at this point.

At first, I was sceptical at the fact that I would have an actual job due to the fact that I had never ventured into the work field.

I was, perhaps, a tad sceptical at the time, but others offered similar stories of stoats haunting the shore for prey or fresh carrion.

Miss Forbes was sceptical at the time and became increasingly disappointed after months passed and she didn't get any reply from the Academy.

That being said, a lot of people are still sceptical at being sold yet another lame duck in place of the golden goose they were originally promised.

Angi, David and Jamie, Canada, December 2006 We have never used a trip planning service like yours before and were a little sceptical at the outset.

Given that I had spent thirty-odd years succeeding in a career which frequently involved responding to sudden crises, you could colour me sceptical at that point.

However the second chapter did something amazing, initially I was sceptical at the characters around me and of their plans, however over time I warmed to them and started to relax.

In 1% of cases sceptical in is used

Its time you stop being sceptical in everything esp.

Grayling might be sceptical in terms of traditional crime (e.

I too was sceptical in the beginning so I've added more information so you see this really works.

As a result, menopausal women are extremely sceptical in initiating and continuing hormone therapy.

Yet there are good reasons to be sceptical in this regard, and this is something to which we will return below.

I am less bold and more sceptical in that respect than some other authors who have recently attempted to demonstrate such links.

Isn't the entire point of being sceptical in the scientific sense to question these things? To not question is to not be sceptical.

While many have been sceptical in recent weeks, a move to Mercedes always seemed like a worthwhile choice for Hamilton -- if a little risky.

If I were the Tories I'd now be much more sceptical in my approach as the Lib Dems have shown themselves either to be duplicitous or incompetent.

It has always reached out to the wider world and delivered an education that is open, explorative, flexible, questioning, and sceptical in the best sense.

In 1% of cases sceptical on is used

I remain sceptical on this point.

He sounded slightly sceptical on both points.

Many are understandably sceptical on this point.

But I'd a bit sceptical on the ' politicians controlling the markets right now ' statement.

Not sure how the other factors you mention make you sceptical on increasing life expectancy.

The vessel in which it had been prepared had prejudiced me, and rendered me very sceptical on that score.

Still fans remained sceptical on the basis of the welter of stuff they'd read that they perceived to be negative towards Tottenham.

Obviously Marin was sceptical on my own particular abilities for identifying either of these species so I showed him the images I had snapped.

She writes: The talks on the latter have been ongoing for weeks but perhaps understandably the troika appear to be sceptical on the ability of Greece to embrace reform.

In what can only be a seen as a feeble attempt to save face, VS clarified that he would continue to be sceptical on the Koodankulam project and nuclear energy in general.

In 1% of cases sceptical to is used

I was also sceptical to the so called arab spring.

Visiting journalists were sceptical to the point of being cynical.

In the middle are the remaining 94% called The Rest of Us -- who are anything from sceptical to bored.

Maybe their calls aren't better - I'd sceptical to that statement, but have no chance of disproving it either.

But sceptical to the last of blind dogma, he knew better than to tamper with liberalism's greatest achievement.

In 1% of cases sceptical with is used

Personally, I am very sceptical with regards to the delayed death and fail to see of what use it is in combat.

Yes, many people who have read the glowing reviews of the homemade enzyme cleaner were sceptical with it at first.

Having tried a number of other marketing campaigns, I must say I was a little sceptical with the Google Campaign I was about to run with Mr Search.

Sam: I was a bit sceptical with having Big Sam at first, he has such a bad reputation for his style of football and when he first joined I really did not know what to expect.

I was distinctly reminded of a novel that was released some time ago by the name of? A Child Named It? (although I am rather sceptical with regard to the authenticity of this? true story?).

Time will tell, with the public enduring colder temperature trends and becoming more sceptical with the church of climatology, will soon find that their opinions have already been dismissed.

The message, even from educated young Tanzanians, who may stand to benefit from high salaries and good jobs, is therefore understandably sceptical with regards to the benefits for local communities.

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