Prepositions after "scatter"

scatter in, across, around, throughout or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 15% of cases scatter in is used

The remaining patches are scattered in hill and montane areas around the peninsula.

Three or four boys scatter in search of buckets; a fifth runs off to call the fire brigade.

Presently, this community is scattered in Hawal, Eidgah and Gulshan Colony of Makhdoom Sahib area.

They contain valuable product or service information and are scattered in places with high foot traffic.

Cremated remains may be scattered in a favourite place although you should have the landowner's permission.

Scattering in a Garden of Remembrance is often annonymous and rarely gives opportunity for direct commemoration.

Currently, your data might be scattered in different places, in computers and in your iPhone, iPad or Android phone.

But the electromagnetic field is not evenly scattered in it and it is difficult to test the temperature on line precisely.

Book of Remembrance - This is often chosen as a memorial when the remains have been scattered in the Garden of Remembrance.

There was a long counter with stools to the left, and many booths and wrot-iron tables scattered in the middle and to the right.

In 14% of cases scatter across is used

Look for them scattered across the top of the HR diagram.

Bars, resto-bars, night clubs are scattered across the city.

As it stands, those activities are now scattered across Twitter, Nings, and wikis.

Today there are about 5,000 followers, called Muslims, scattered across the island.

But these aspects of his thought are scattered across a number of his books and articles.

During the transitional era, JCC activities were scattered across a variety of locations.

Blue light is what we see when the light from the sun is scattered across our daytime sky.

Scattered across the bar was a few of his best men, fighters whose skills almost rivaled his own.

There are condos scattered across NoVa that predate metro and TOD - many of them absurdly located.

They grew very rapidly after 1750; by 1800 there were as many as 200, scattered across the country.

In 13% of cases scatter around is used

There's an extensive array of excellent accommodation scattered around the city.

The are a number of bars scattered around the hotel to cater for different tastes.

You're lying on a bed, and the guys are scattered around the room in little groups.

Priests are not only murdered, their bodies are cut into pieces and scattered around their churches.

He also added there was no sign of the car there and the stuff he had bought was scattered around him.

In the early days polling places were not scattered around our neighborhoods, instead voting would take place in the county seat.

Defeated, Holden started breaking down the drill while Asa grabbed the few loose tools that were still scattered around the site.

The former officials, most of them retired and scattered around the country, largely disavow any responsibility for what happened.

In 13% of cases scatter throughout is used

One-game penalties have been scattered throughout his tenure.

Pigment is prominent and scattered throughout the parasite cytoplasm.

Markets are scattered throughout Vienna but most popular is the Naschmarkt.

Interesting ruins of this forgotten period lie scattered throughout Jaintiapur.

Heat exchangers are found widely scattered throughout the food process industry.

The soy flavour and the egg pieces scattered throughout the noodles were essentially no different.

There was no Jewish nation in the political sense; only Jewish communities scattered throughout the world.

Chromatin irregularly arranged and brown or black pigment granules scattered throughout cytoplasm, or in a loose central mass.

Based on existing studies, there are at least six different groups scattered throughout the island, all speaking related languages.

In 8% of cases scatter on is used

You throw all the discs into the air and let them scatter on the ground.

Cooking equipment, boxes, buckets, and bananas are scattered on the ground.

There are few more scattered on some islands, but they will be way over your budget.

There's also a lot of videos scattered on Youtube about Islam criticizing Christianity.

His ashes should be scattered on a peaceful hillside out in the Vietnamese countryside.

Oh well, it was good exercise and they had interesting little DNA facts scattered on the staircases.

But when he returned to the station, he was told by a woman who cleaned that she had found his things scattered on the floor.

If you have a light room, light scatter on the screen can make buying an expensive TV seem silly if you can only watch it with curtains drawn or at night.

And this little fellow is easy to spot -- he played shy for a while, but the lure of the seeds someone had scattered on top of the stump was too strong.

I sat surrounded by at least one hundred metal jar lids scattered on the floor and the dishes that had been piling up in the kitchen since seven in the morning.

In 6% of cases scatter over is used

His ashes were scattered over San Francisco Bay.

Instead, they build individual homesteads scattered over their hilly terrain.

The Mafia Archipelago is scattered over the Indian Ocean 21 km off the Rufiji River Delta in central Tanzania.

He succeeded, however, in killing twenty-three, but they were scattered over a distance of three miles, while mine lay close together.

The current scheme of the Code contains provisions relating to sexual offences and assaults scattered over Sections 354, 375-377 and 509.

In 4% of cases scatter about is used

Isolated beaches scattered about offer a few watery pleasures.

Several monuments to the ghetto and uprising are scattered about the area.

Small, with an amiable local culture and luxurious villas scattered about.

Over 5,000 years ago, our ancestors came to this spot to carefully select water-rolled granite cobbles which can still be found scattered about this remarkable rock beach in large numbers.

In 4% of cases scatter with is used

This year's long table will be set amid the pretty flats, which are scattered with haystacks.

Branches rattled together in the icy wind, and the black sky was scattered with brilliant stars.

Many of his followers would have become scattered with some migrating with Jesus himself out of Judea.

The Department for Education's website has a map scattered with dots, denoting free schools due to open next September.

Fire had gutted the main dining room and the lakeside terrace was scattered with bullet casings and overturned garden furniture.

This design is named for the green valley of Rackwick in North Hoy with its beach scattered with giant boulders pounded by the full force of the Atlantic.

In 4% of cases scatter by is used

Seven weeks ago that congregation was scattered by government officials.

In Compton effect, an instant X-ray is scattered by a free electron just like in a collision between two rigid spheres.

By measuring the numbers of particles which scatter by different amounts we can work out much about the structure of the target.

This arrangement prevents the light traversing the lens from being scattered by the proximal nucleus and axon, and thus provides a sharper image.

Shows how the lighting can screw you up, because of those shadows being much darker because there isn't that light (scattered by) the atmosphere filling in.

Now those who had been scattered by the persecution in connection with Stephen travelled as far as Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch, telling the message only to Jews.

In 3% of cases scatter to is used

But deep down, my heart has been broken into a million pieces and scattered to the wind.

The inhabitants of these 19 villages have been scattered to 175 separate rehabilitation sites.

As you commence, then, and before you scatter to the winds, I urge you to do whatever you do for no reason other than you love it and believe in its importance.

In 3% of cases scatter through is used

There are hundreds of sample clues (often very celver ones) scattered through the text.

What Does It Look Like? Diabase is dark green to black, sometimes with some white crystals scattered through it.

In 2% of cases scatter from is used

Swarms of insects, schools of fish and flocks of birds regroup into golden spirals after scattering from a disturbance.

In 1% of cases scatter of is used

Standard Deviation A unit which is used to measure the spread or scatter of measures around the mean of those measures.

In 1% of cases scatter like is used

Their inmates were driven out at the point of the sword; they were scattered like sheep over the land.

In 1% of cases scatter into is used

Excitation Several ideas have been suggested for the excitation mechanism: i) A few massive planetesimals might have been scattered into the Kuiper Belt in the early days by Neptune.

In 1% of cases scatter between is used

Currently we use a hodge podge system where stuff is scattered between pickups and I want to consolidate on one 3/4 ton.

In 1% of cases scatter among is used

At the time of the destruction of Jerusalem they were scattered among the nations.

In 1% of cases scatter along is used

Rubbish and broken furniture are scattered along a narrow London lane off Fleet Street and a determined traffic warden gives a ticket to a disconcerted German lorry driver.

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