Prepositions after "scathing"

"scathing about", "scathing in" or "scathing of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases scathing about is used

People were scathing about the UPDF.

Many were scathing about the Tigers.

Hogg was scathing about his opponent's plan.

Even so, sports writers and TV critics have been scathing about this latest venture.

Bert Bruggink, member of the Managing Board, was scathing about his view of cycling.

He is as scathing about Microsoft, who he works for, as he is about Google and Apple.

Paul Bell, Siptu's national health division organiser, is scathing about the HSE and the department's approach.

Sean O'Faolain was particularly scathing about it, characterising much of the myth making as really myth faking.

And he is scathing about their underestimation of the change that China's rise represents for the whole of Europe.

She'd had her fill of fame, and remains scathing about celebrity culture that has mushroomed in the decades since.

In 28% of cases scathing of is used

He is scathing of that approach.

Bruce was again scathing of the police.

They were scathing of the performance of the IPCC.

Am I scathing of the lefts inablility to recognise things have to be paid for absolutely.

But he was much more scathing of his fellow civilian politicians for tolerating extremism.

Just as scathing of people's intelligence are advocates of compulsory saving for retirement.

He was scathing of news at the time that different companies were threatening to move their tax residence from the UK.

Plenty of other obits of Hitchens were just as scathing of his political inconsistency and support of the War on Terror.

Their last match saw a heavy 5-1 defeat to strugglers Newton Aycliffe and manager Paul Johnson was scathing of his side.

I am equally scathing of those who do not recognise that Beveridges Idea was not a bad thing .

In 20% of cases scathing in is used

Dewey is perhaps most scathing in his criticism of Plato.

She was particularly scathing in her attack on Mukherjee.

The lady whose tale this is, when informed of this, was somewhat scathing in her reply.

He scrutinized our work and was generous with his praise and scathing in his criticism.

But since resigning last autumn, he's been scathing in his assessment of Kremlin policy.

When necessary I can be scathing in my written word and can eviscerate, skin and quarter a troll in under 14 seconds.

Those moments of genius were enough to create a cult following among some yet others were scathing in their criticism.

The official Australian history, written after the war, is scathing in places about the performance of some British soldiers.

The Malaysian media was scathing in its reaction to their national team's heaviest ever home loss against their Causeway rivals.

In 3% of cases scathing on is used

Scalia was particularly scathing on this issue.

The website zknives is particularly scathing on Furi.

At the RTE convention, Saharia came down scathing on his junior colleagues.

The FSA report into the collapse of RBS is scathing on the role of the bank's advisers.

It's scathing on several sides, and while not an overtly impressive movie, it does points.

When they started being equally scathing on both the Congress and the BJP, there was no reason to support them.

For the past 2 years Gillard has been scathing on her attack of the virtues of the Pacific solution and in particular Nauru.

The audit report has is also scathing on Air India Express, saying that there is a shortage of technical staff - especially pilots in the company.

The COI into MV Rabaul Queen was equally as scathing on Peter Sharp, the owner and operator of the ship, as it was on the National Maritime Safety Authority.

Jesus was scathing on those who wanted to maintain the status-quo for their own advantage, meaning that the downtrodden were kept in their place -- a system of injustice.

In 2% of cases scathing towards is used

The latter part of the book is particularly scathing towards Mr.

Hubbard, incidentally, in the past has been extremely scathing towards Christianity.

I've just read her article and the comments (below the article) are just as scathing towards her.

Bloomberg prides himself on the high levels of staff retention and is scathing towards anyone who has the temerity to leave (Goldman 1993).

In 1% of cases scathing as is used

But, he was scathing as to the quality, enthusiasm or motives of any assigned lawyer.

Scathing as the criticisms are, he has remained unperturbed and has continued to dazzle the public with his feats.

In 1% of cases scathing at is used

It is a fact that Irish humor can be hilarious, morbid and scathing at the same time these are just a few examples.

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