Prepositions after "scarce"

scarce in, for, at, on or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases scarce in is used

Details were scarce in the Sept.

Common sense has become scarce in Ghana.

Anything whole, is never scarce in nature.

Dogrib elders report that caribou were abundant in 1940, then scarce in the mid-1950s.

Because oil will be so scarce in the future that only the very rich can afford to fly.

The Greek word could also refer to building with stone (wood was scarce in the region).

As large fish became increasingly scarce in the 1980s, some vessels targeted young fish by adopting small-mesh nets.

In the midst of that weariness, I suggest a remedy that is plentiful in Waco, even while it is scarce in Washington.

On top of all this, land is scarce in Kerala and acquisition of land for setting up industries is a sensitive issue.

Crude oil will become scarce in the foreseeable future, so that easy-to-produce biofuel comes at just the right time.

In 10% of cases scarce for is used

Money are scarce for your average Malaysians.

The pack has found food scarce for some time now.

Occurrence data are rather scarce for walnut allergy.

Economic releases during the next week are scarce for both Australia and New Zealand.

Communication between the NHL and union was scarce for about two weeks before Wednesday.

I ask you! I got the Sunday World newspaper; papers have been scarce for the past few days.

But for those who know me, it will explain why I've been scarce for the past few days, and will be for the days ahead.

At this time work was becoming scarcer for the coasting fleet, and the schooner was occasionally laid up without work.

Apart from the press release, details are scarce for now - New Scientist ' s repeated requests for interview went unanswered.

It is sad that work here in the Philippines has been so scarce for him, thus a need to take the overseas opportunity to work abroad.

In 7% of cases scarce at is used

Oxygen is scarce at these heights.

Food and water were both incredibly scarce at times.

Water is scarce at Komolo and is recycled in closed circuit.

Details are scarce at the moment as, typical to BMW LCi terminology, changes are minimal.

Permits for large events can be scarce at the end of February and in mid-October in Beijing.

Funding is scarce at the moment and without the BIG grant this new project wouldn't be happening.

Now that promotions and jobs are scarce at all levels those that walk the same, talk the same, look the same get the job.

Update: Zebunnisa Bangash recently confirmed that there will be more than one song, although details are scarce at the moment.

Mother Lily ’ s father, the Yu patriarch, had taken the boat from China to Manila, because air transport was scarce at the time.

In 6% of cases scarce on is used

Water will be scarce on the next section.

Details are scarce on the accident itself.

Ticket has been hard-found and scarce on general sale.

That was about four mice a day, but the animals had been scarce on her regular routes.

Mobile dune is scarce on Tiree except on west Tiree, the largest dune system in the Inner Hebrides.

Likewise, it seems nowadays that Fianna Fail voters are as scarce on the ground as happy tax payers.

The locals, who had been scarce on his way from the jailhouse to the hotel, were back out on the boardwalks in bunches.

Details are scarce on how Jean Grey would fit into the story, but Wolverine's serious memory issues make the encounter feasible.

Warning! Travelling short: cheap but banned Cheap advance fares are often scarce on more popular routes, especially commuter ones.

I had been warned before leaving Arusha that water was very scarce on the road to Mbugwe, and at this camp the water was already bad.

In 4% of cases scarce of is used

A start-up is very scarce of resources.

May be they are scarce of the 10% chauvinists/racists.

There is no scarce of these type of fools in the world.

It was already dark and we couldn't afford to go anywhere due to scarce of time &; money.

This is the scarcest of the three, but in my experience the maps are always inserted in the text.

Earlier, the fat problem was not only scarce of their sizes but also they were exempt from latest fashion trends.

When I got back to the message board for Q-Link's Trivia Club I posted a note to explain why I'd been so scarce of late.

Tarbell was indeed a terrific reporter, but her byline has been somewhat scarce of late, given she's been dead 70 years.

This dissertation suggests that enterprises should avoid the failure of franchising because of the scarce of operation factors.

Hospitals care for our sick is only human, and to provide employment for thousands in an economy scarce of industry to begin with feeds the economy.

In 4% of cases scarce due is used

Infrastructure remains scarce due to a rugged terrain.

Water is scarce due to deteriorated culverts and polluted wells.

In the 1930's jobs became scarce due to the worldwide depression.

Consequently, the oil supply in Canada becomes more scarce due to large amounts of exports.

It was nothing more than a waste of good air (which was scarce due to the pollution of the time).

Elephants need S P A C E and space is a commodity that is fast becoming scarce due to human expansion.

Hence, the talent pool is scarce due to a mismatch in what we are looking for and the characteristics of graduates out there.

Although the region once supported a diverse range of large mammal species, these are now relatively scarce due to subsistence hunting.

As climate change affects the region, however, flowering plants once plentiful in the region are becoming scarce due to biodiversity loss.

Each day he sends his children off to school and then goes and looks for labouring work -- now scarce due to the economic impact of the floods.

In 3% of cases scarce after is used

Everything was scarce after the war.

Appropriate food was often scarce after the war.

He found that members were scarce after shifting question hour to the evening session.

But doctors and hospital space were scarce after the war and wait times for surgery were long.

Everything from fuel suppliers to restoration and repair contractors to debris removal, you need to have that in place because resources get very scarce after the impact.

When you go to the doctor in a town where medical services are still scarce after destruction and you tell your story, the new guy will tell you exactly what you want to hear.

In 3% of cases scarce during is used

But the generators require fuel, which can be scarce during a blackout.

Opportunities will be scarcer during recessions and when new technologies have not yet emerged.

Also, fresh water will become scarce during the dry season as the drought period will be lengthened.

Yellow cabs are usually plentiful in Midtown, but can become scarce during rush hours or in bad weather.

They found rotten bananas helped but were scarce during the war, but there was a mercy plane used to get these bananas.

Jasmine Flowers are available thoughout the year, but very profuse during the rainy season and scarce during the winter.

Yet advertising dollars are scarce during this recession, with car companies going into bankruptcy and retailers struggling.

I suspect now that only Bakeries could get sufficient flour becuse flour was imported and boats from Canada were scarce during the War.

But even though army pay was low - just 13 dollars a month - steady jobs were scarce during the economic slump that followed the Civil War.

In 2% of cases scarce by is used

Euros are scarce and getting scarcer by the day.

There was a catwalk and limited lighting installed since money was scarce by this time.

Nevertheless we all reside in a time exactly where resources are becoming scarcer by way of each and every and every day.

I tried to make myself scarce by sitting in the garden away from him but he just came and found me and started shouting in my face.

Colin insisted we arrive in early June as he was worried the start of the ski season would mean rentals would be scarce by the end of the month.

This is an opportunity made more and more scarce by deforestation in the region and the fact that, well, the Corpse flower is a bit of a recluse.

There's only so many times you get asked to do the Electric Slide or YMCA before you make yourself scarce by going outside, just to keep your sanity.

In 2% of cases scarce as is used

Now scarce as an unused stamp, cancelled.

Tickets are more scarce as the Games wind down.

Jobs are scarce as a professor Abernathy complement to a 1L.

Air support was also scarce as the Royal Air Force (RAF) was preoccupied elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

Grocery stores are hectic this time of year and many seasonal favourites grow scarce as the holidays arrive.

Work was scarce as a result of a financial downturn and he had to spend time as a labourer on the New York streets.

So what's in stall for attendees? We're not entirely sure as details are scarce as to what exactly is on the agenda.

The real purpose was to clear squatter areas for redevelopment since land in the urban area was scarce as a consequence of rent control.

In the first instance, jobs became scarce as the labour market became saturated in some fields (in Kano such as social sciences and administration).

With golfers trying to get close in two and often times missing the green to the right, birdies were scarce as an up and down was next to impossible to the right to left pitched green.

In 2% of cases scarce to is used

Water is scarce to non-existent in the plateau areas.

As a result, the 1964 five-cent coin is very scarce today.

So far it seems only the scarce to rare pieces that have been forged.

Therefore all the silvers coin issued between 1872 and 1883 are rated scarce to very rare today.

As details on Football Manager 2013 are scarce to date, we can only really discuss what we want to see.

Moving from a background where resources are relatively scarce to a life of prosperity takes God's intervention.

Food rotted and between the bombing and the bank closures (latter for fear of looting) replacements were scarce to unbuyable.

As a result the old larger-sized ten-cent coins minted in 1980 (mintage 24 million) were never publicly released and is therefore quite scarce today.

If they were adept at making stuff you couldn't make, their stuff was valuable (because it was scarce to your tribe ), but if you obliterated them, you also lost the source of that stuff.

In 2% of cases scarce with is used

They will become more scarce with time and will eventually run out.

Wild dogs have been a little scarce with just 3 sightings this month.

Most people can not imagine a future where food will become scarce with fossil fuels disappearing.

Reports on Daniel Lohill seemed a little scarce with only this one article on his court appearance.

Atlanta drafted him in the third round, but playing time would be scarce with Michael Vick under center.

Effortless hard cash in hand was scarce within the before times however the position has modified lots now.

They do nt just flash marriage but are usually on the look out for good charater (which is very scarce with ladies lately).

They both accuse Julia Gillard and the government of lying while being scarce with the truth themselves, or as one could say lying themselves.

Chief King of Breifne of lasting sway Is O'Ruairc, to whom the tributes of Connacht is due, The sub-kings, of that region are not scarce With their chiefs around them.

In 1% of cases scarce before is used

When the jackal heard this, he got frightened and thought to himself, ' Unless I can make myself scarce before whoever is making this noise sees me, I am done for.

Information on the exercise was scarce before, during and after the event; even the full roster of participating nations was not disclosed by the Norwegian military.

While archeological evidence suggests that the now common morepork was scarce before the time of human occupation in Aotearoa, elsewhere in its natural distribution range it is not faring so well.

In 1% of cases scarce because is used

AMY GOODMAN: -- when food becomes scarce because of climate change.

And water started becoming scarce because of inefficient use, wastage and climate change.

In 1% of cases scarce from is used

All natural resources are scarce from water to arable land; from fisheries to forests.

It is stated that his active subordinate had to make himself scarce from the fair of Cahir some days ago, apprehending an arrest.

This is why Obama is making money scarce from the common person, flushing money out of the system through failed economic suicide of Solyndra and other Green energy frauds.

In 1% of cases scarce around is used

If I'd scarce around here, you'll know why.

In 1% of cases scarce about is used

In the 70 's, information was scarce about what your heroes were playing on the road.

The affects of Irene are hard for us to forget and at times, water and batteries were scarce about town.

In 1% of cases scarce outside is used

Camping is however scarce outside the parks.

General - Money ATMs are very scarce outside Sana'a.

Dominant-power systems are scarce outside of these three regions.

Before you set out make sure you have plenty of fuel, as gas stations can be scarce outside of the cities.

True 1080p content is scarce outside of Blu-ray, some video-on-demand sources, and the latest video games, however, and none of the major networks has announced 1080p broadcasts.

In 1% of cases scarce over is used

Small trees are scarce over large areas -- suggesting limited regeneration.

But I now have time, something which has been very scarce over the past 6 months.

Hi Ashlae, welcome! Sorry my gardening posts will be a bit scarce over the next little while.

Some props will also become scarce over time; keeping typewriters functioning is getting challenging.

In 1% of cases scarce within is used

Provisions were becoming rather scarce within the Muslim army.

Effortless hard cash in hand was scarce within the before times however the position has modified lots now.

In 1% of cases scarce worth is used

You can make the scarce worth buying.

My shattered bark is scarce worth docking any more.

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