Prepositions after "scar"

"scar by" or "scar on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases scar by is used

But with a great dad, they are far less likely to be scarred by it - you have left them in the safest hands.

As for SLC, maybe this is its shot at redemption for 2011; a year scarred by financial mismanagement and the oppression of players.

Even though Cheryl and Joel both hated him, Brendan allowed Walker to stay and they were both clearly scarred by their prison experiences.

The aftermath of England's Under-21 play-off victory was scarred by a mass confrontation, with players from both sides clashing on the pitch.

Many of my generation were scarred by the school librarian who chased us out of the library for talking or mucking up while others were trying to study.

Military for taking out Osama, while right, a resident in Manhattan wears a T-shirt with the words ' Obama got Osama ' Sombre: A New York resident, still scarred by the 9/11 atrocity, waves a U.

In 20% of cases scar on is used

She has thickened and calloused skin on her elbows and scars on her back legs, and even a wart on her face.

Until she is involved in an accident that leaves her with scarring on her face and completely decimates any confidence that she once had.

The nuts of coconuts showing light scarring on the husk are not seriously affected but in heavily scarred nuts there is significant damage to the nuts.

It was about that time that I noticed the suicide scars on her arms, and her whispering to me why she was in prison -- something to do with having another girl's back.

This incident has left me with no hair, deep scars on my left elbow and left leg but it is the scar in my heart -- the loss of a friend and a sister -- which I truly mourn.

In 9% of cases scar from is used

His heart was scarred from the constant abuse, his life cut short and his young family left without a father.

Marine experts noticed that several whale sharks had head scratches and scars from bumping the hulls of feeder boats, as if nudging them to be fed.

She suffered a severe eye infection, possibly a tumour, which left her blind in one eye and her face scarred from the primitive treatment that she had received.

In 7% of cases scar in is used

Further, scarring in the lungs remains after a previous TB disease (even if the patient is completely cured) and therefore it is difficult to distinguish past cured TB from current active disease.

In 5% of cases scar as is used

Skin that has been scarred as a result of LS is likely to develop skin cancer.

In 5% of cases scar for is used

As a Scot, watching an overpaid diva, who has obviously no idea about football miss an open goal, is just too emotionally scarring for me.

In 2% of cases scar because is used

I carry a smallpox scar and was fully vaccinated, so were my kids but they don't have a smallpox scar because of the risks that millions and millions of people took when they were vaccinated.

In 2% of cases scar over is used

I use infrared light to destroy acne which also fades my acne scars over time.

In 2% of cases scar with is used

It is pitch black by 5pm and winter has not yet even solidified over the barren, beige land, scarred with barbed wire and mountains of trash.

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