Prepositions after "scan"

"scan for", "scan in" or "scan through"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases scan for is used

I also have the ability to not scan for new books.

Like any geek, I scan for WiFi in order to get my fix.

The graph is first scanned for all vertices of degree at most two.

It was shot on 35mm, printed and then scanned for the desired effect in Vienna, Austria.

Comments will be posted by a moderator after being scanned for abusive language, relevance, etc.

This must be stamped by a Justice of the Peace and scanned for emailing and forwarded to us via our contact page.

But sitting around waiting several minutes for it to scan for the few books I have on there seems wasteful and a bit frustrating.

For Windows, a simple free tool to regularly scan for out-of-date software that needs updating is Secunia Personal Software Inspector.

You have to scan for pedestrians attempting to cross the pedestrian crossing you are about to approach and your blind spots etc at the same time.

Immediately after seeing the girl's age, a boy will scan for the adjacent seats to find the probability whether the girl is travelling alone or with her folks.

In 13% of cases scan through is used

I love to read, but sitting there watching it slowly scan through id's and then my images folders is.

So master your headlines and make sure the copy you write is written for people who are going to need to scan through it pretty quickly.

Must admit I was surprised, serves me right for scanning through his entire bit! - On Turnout, I agree, I just think people are fatigued of voting every week.

When you are uncertain or confused about what to complete about trend all of the unexpected, lookup a present weblog which uses photos, or scan through a fashion magazine.

Hey that guide is awesome, i must admit i am on my way to having an engineering degree, but if just scanned through most of the above and more or less understand it all.

I scanned through the BBC ' Have Your Say ' weblog and found a very large chunk of the posters had their metaphorical arms folded and were asking the Tories ' to impress them '.

In 12% of cases scan in is used

It's not that *only* the index tree is scanned, it's that it's scanned in the context of the query execution plan.

Their plan is to install this molecular-level scanning in airports and border crossings all across the United States.

A human is less well suited to scan in an error free manner thousands if not millions of such articles, and is subject to the error-prone process of transcribing numerical data from paper.

In 8% of cases scan at is used

The maps were scanned at 300 dpi and saved as uncompressed TIFF fi les.

Once you've gone through security your ticket is scanned at the entry point and can not be re-used.

The Web app contained an electronic ticket to the match, allowing for entry via barcode scanning at the special Telecom gate.

Sorry, but as someone who has 12,000 slides and who-knows-how-many negs lying around, it's a steal compared to getting them drum scanned at the lab.

In 7% of cases scan by is used

The first thing scanned by Welcome Home is your old device's app list.

At least one scanned by the fMRI was completely unable to show awareness.

Imagine if the iPhone had finger print recognition and maybe even layered on top of that is retina scanning by the internal camera.

Stallings designed the web site presentation and adapted the version scanned by Jeff Perrell and PH1 Cheryl Sterk, USNR, of the Center's Information Management Branch.

In 6% of cases scan on is used

X-rays were digital and any paper was scanned on to computers.

Sue guided nurse/midwife, Annet as she scanned one of the many pregnant mothers.

Despite Olympic military security scanning on entry, a long line for the door was processed quickly.

Clam AntiVirus is an open source (GPL) anti-virus toolkit for UNIX, designed especially for e-mail scanning on mail gateways.

There was much excitement on Friday when one of the Mum's who had been to be scanned on the Monday arrived back to deliver her baby in the clinic.

This volume from the Cornell University Library's print collections was scanned on an APT BookScan and converted to JPG 2000 format by Kirtas Technologies.

In 5% of cases scan from is used

These images were scanned from 35mm prints.

A friendly boxing match on board the troopship ' SS Corinthic ' (Moore Collection - scanned from the original negative).

But quite remarkably, a number of images have also been scanned from the original highly inflammable and inherently unstable nitrate negatives.

Obviously a keen photographer, Gunner Claude Moore notes in his diary that he printed and fixed photos one sunny day on the troopship deck (Moore Collection - scanned from the original negative).

In 3% of cases scan with is used

I also scan with Counterspy about once a week.

I run SpySweeper active and scan with it regularly, used to be everyday but maybe about once a week now.

In 3% of cases scan into is used

Dots per inch (dpi ): Measurement of picture clarity for pictures scanned into computers.

Virtually all my prime ministerial papers and those from the subsequent period, some 600,000 pages, have now been scanned into a computer using a special software programme.

In 3% of cases scan across is used

You can add effects such as zooming into a photo or scanning across a scene similar to what you can do in PowerPoint.

So, as the spot is scanned across the screen horizontally, the vertical position of the spot changes in response to the input signal voltage.

In 2% of cases scan like is used

Prose does not scan like poetry.

In 1% of cases scan over is used

In the scanning electron microscope (SEM ), the beam is focussed to a point and scanned over the surface of the sample.

In 1% of cases scan during is used

Close to 100 patients were scanned during the week as Sue Reid, an Australian senographer, spent time training the Suubi medical team on how to use the ultrasound.

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