Prepositions after "satisfying"

"satisfying for" or "satisfying to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases satisfying for is used

They weren't satisfying for me.

It is very satisfying for everybody.

Nevertheless it is satisfying for me.

They also has a soft mouth feel that is satisfying for our dogs and super durable.

It is very satisfying for all the team here when we read comments like yours as it.

Mentoring that consists of random discussions is not very satisfying for either side.

This makes it harder, but also more satisfying for me to continue and also makes the game feel more reactionary.

They're cut into big chunks, which retains a nice amount of juice, and makes it pretty satisfying for carnivores.

Continue to enjoy living in your ' Dream World ', which is definitely satisfying for a craved and vindictive mind.

But, I would argue that experience allow someone to express himself in a way that might more satisfying for himself.

In 23% of cases satisfying to is used

That's not very satisfying to me.

It's simply not satisfying to me.

Very satisfying to a still and aware mind.

While the coverage seemed a little cutesy, it was deeply satisfying to our civic ego.

I have worked in a number of roles over my career, which have been so satisfying to me.

But by far the most important thing is to secure a life which is satisfying to instinct.

I don't know if it would be just as satisfying to tour with a band like that, because you don't get to improvise.

For sex to be truly satisfying to both partners, each has to risk being totally open and vulnerable to the other.

An outlet is needed more fully satisfying to its inmost desires than is afforded by any labour of self-abnegation.

However wide of the mark my conjec- tures may have fallen, they were as satisfying to me as facts would have been.

In 13% of cases satisfying about is used

But, nothing jubilant or satisfying about it.

Something so satisfying about crossing off items on a list.

There is something very satisfying about hand-made chocolate.

There's something very satisfying about putting a new bottle on top of this thing.

There's just something (grossly) satisfying about seeing all that crap come out, though.

There is something quite satisfying about being a little bit more reckless and even fighting.

There is something more satisfying about the notion of a post workout replenishment with the chocolate milque.

There is something immensely satisfying about the fact that Manchester's best restaurant is in North Manchester.

There was something very satisfying about seeing to your loved one's funeral instead of being a passive observer.

There is something satisfying about swapping bad money (debt based paper) for real money (silver and gold) each week.

In 13% of cases satisfying in is used

To me that's equally satisfying in a different way.

It's a lot of work but also very satisfying in the end.

Infuriating and immensely satisfying in equal measures.

The third appears the best on paper, but is the least satisfying in terms of story.

So, it's still a lot harder on your own - but actually more satisfying in the sequel than B2.

My overall experience with CIHI has been extremely satisfying in the Co-op position at Ottawa.

Maybe I'd in the minority, but 12-0 sans a BCS bowl game is just as satisfying in this context as any postseason.

Also, everything fun or satisfying in my life has kind of been put on hold pending my graduation from nursing school.

The book is satisfying in that if offers resolution to some questions but leaves the door open for natural follow-ups.

Nevertheless, we found the Moverio's overall picture and sound quality good and more than satisfying in most situations.

In 6% of cases satisfying of is used

Perhaps the most remarkable and most satisfying of S.

This conclusion is one of the more satisfying of? the end?

Two glasses of wine is much more satisfying of an evening than two bottles of beer.

And most satisfying of all -- our lights do nt go off as routine in big cities, said Ali.

FACULTY OF MEDICINE The Medical remains one of the most satisfying of all professions and we.

All to the satisfying of the flesh rather than to fulfil the purpose for which God gave them.

Did I love Kezia more than God? Had I put her above Him? She was the most satisfying of children.

The concept of Arctura is the arc, the most emotionally satisfying of the many shapes in our world.

But God will neither sever the means from the blessing, nor join the blessing with the satisfying of man's lusts.

She belongs to the blue-bereted military police which she hates, and is the least satisfying of all possible assignments.

In 5% of cases satisfying as is used

Another satisfying as well as thought provoking film.

In a way, it is satisfying as a Tamil to learn that Mr.

It's good but not as wholly satisfying as the real thing.

It is important to find a job that is intrinsically satisfying as well as rewarding.

Such a person might find scientific research more satisfying as a career than teaching science in a classroom.

The story itself is a strange collection of unlikely coincidences, and so not very satisfying as an adventure.

The wins by McDonald and Beggs were particularly satisfying as the former was the 24th qualifier and Beggs 19th.

It is clear that taking on apprentices can be personally satisfying as well as financially rewarding for your business.

It's far more satisfying as a customer to voice my frustrations in print than to shout them at your unending hold music.

I have to say though, I would love to get in there amongst it -- there is really nothing so satisfying as a good clear out.

In 4% of cases satisfying on is used

A fine this account to be more satisfying on that front.

That creates them combine in a way that is satisfying on the eyesight.

In every in stan ce, the wines were richer and more satisfying on the second day.

A colourful and healthy start to a meal, or quite satisfying on its own with bread.

It's important to remember that a one bowl meal can be very satisfying on it's own.

Neither would a nice little side salad, but it is completely satisfying on it's own.

The book is satisfying on all accounts - an awesome adventure, a spiritual quest, a tale of a holy grail actually found.

The world seems to be satisfying on account of a peculiar characteristic of it being a reflection or a shadow of an original.

Although this can take a lot of work in the preparation, it is so satisfying on your wedding day to see things you have made and your guest's reactions.

In 2% of cases satisfying at is used

Sure, winning is satisfying at the level of Esteem.

This was a much harder fight, and makes it all the more satisfying at the end.

Delicious and satisfying at any time, especially in the cooler months of the year.

I could only get 2-3 sex sessions in the entire month and those 2-3 session were also not satisfying at all.

The practice has to be satisfying at a deeper level than ego or intellect or you won't want to stay with it.

But there is another way of self-control which is more glorious, more thrilling, and more satisfying at the same time.

That was a sign the film would favour action over plot and character, but the film is not satisfying at that level either.

I've found the process of writing the notes extremely demanding (about 2 hours work a week) and satisfying at the same time.

I find my role as Office Manager in Cork busy, challenging, sometimes frustrating but extremely satisfying at the same time.

While it's immensely satisfying at times, the split second decision making you're asked to do will usually end in frustration.

In 2% of cases satisfying from is used

It is truly a wonderful hypothesis and most satisfying from beginning to end.

And OTAs have been quite busy making the customer experience more satisfying from beginning to end.

That's why I personally have never found the budget to be really satisfying from an economic perspective.

The length is not enough the act of sex should be satisfying from the point of view of both girl and boy.

Equally satisfying from all angles, (not an easy trick) Then I see this fine old sculpture, (below) in an alcove, outside an old chapel hospital.

This looks very satisfying from our Falkland point of view and now Argentine flagged ships are scared to go into any port, any where in the world.

Things turned out not very satisfying from both parties, and it appears that we have wasted our precious time which can be used for many other things.

Negotiations are fun, there is something quite satisfying from getting a good ' bargain ' even though you probably have still been ripped off, if only a little.

It's so great to watch something that's satisfying from beginning to end, that carries thematic resonance through everything, and stays comedic with a healthy dose of heart to the last drop.

In 2% of cases satisfying with is used

Nice post and I am totally satisfying with your post.

Some are ergonomically satisfying with squishy finger rests.

The flower decorators will be satisfying with their sense of.

Continental breakfast was healthy and satisfying with excellent plunger coffee.

It was a lot more satisfying with regard to both plot and character development than most of season two.

There's something satisfying with all the stirring and the act of adding a pinch of this and a pinch of that to taste.

This is immediately satisfying with its glossy mid palate, lovely oak treatment, fine tannins and a persistent slightly warm finish.

Qualification of govt employee not based on experience in work and satisfying superiors with good work but knowing higher officials and satisfying with money!! 5.

In 1% of cases satisfying after is used

Decent just didn't feel satisfying after his class.

Being promoted at their expense was very satisfying after all that happened.

Benny Beating the Aussies will never be as satisfying after reading these comments.

For us, it's very satisfying after all the long hours and dedication to the projects.

Banging on the knocker of the intergalactic antenna is even more satisfying after dark.

Actually, if they find the equipment is not satisfying after the purchase, a loss for them can not be avoided.

I find this especially satisfying after my personal experience with another university lab a few short years ago.

WR: What is your favorite food/menu that you find most satisfying after hard workouts or races? RDC: Having grown up in an Italian home nothing beats a great big plate of pasta.

In 1% of cases satisfying by is used

But what is necessary is always satisfying by its very nature.

If that's not possible, try to make your job more satisfying by addressing the problems directly.

The daydream is made more satisfying by the knowledge that there is a chance, even if a slim one, that they will actually win the prize.

Of course, continuous business would only be sustained, if the product would be judged satisfying by our avatar when taken into consideration.

Have it homemade, I find it good enough to be enjoyed as an ordinary sweet treat and a bit more satisfying by way of using organic ingredients.

While some individuals willingly adopt new life styles, many believe that their lives can only be satisfying by maintaining their traditional ways.

But you can make these amazing getaways yet more satisfying by landing yourself a perfect cruise package that costs considerably less than it ordinarily would.

Fast forward thirty-two years and major communications companies are still promising to make our lives more satisfying by bringing people closer together via the magic of technology.

In 1% of cases satisfying without is used

I believed that you can have a life fully satisfying without it.

All these incredible meals will not be as satisfying without the company.

The malt cookies, also made with beijiao bananas, are satisfying without being cloyingly sweet.

A veggie taco that uses avocado instead of regular ground beef is tastier, much healthier, and satisfying without the meat being missed.

The ego has no concept of right or wrong; something is good simply if it achieves its end of satisfying without causing harm to itself or to the id.

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