Prepositions after "satisfy"

satisfy with, by, in, about or after?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 81% of cases satisfy with is used

Men never satisfy with one woman.

We can be satisfied with close.

We are not satisfied with one car.

Respondents who stayed on MVC, were not at all satisfied with the relief services.

It wasn't a pretty close-up, but I was rather satisfied with the big-picture result.

We are no longer satisfied with a piece of legislation worded to suit the government.

They would do it now, but the bandwidth isn't good enough for the doctors to be satisfied with their diagnoses.

Ankur IMHO No one can fall in love if he/she is even partially satisfied with what he/she has or who he/she is.

It will, however, leave you satisfied with its attempt to conclude the events that started with Altair's story.

In 5% of cases satisfy by is used

If Islamabad is satisfied by such a result, it should think again.

Curiosity beyond those can easily be satisfied by browsing Wookiepedia.

All the basic human needs would be satisfied by such a planned world economy.

Future growth in demand for fish will have to be satisfied by aquaculture - itself a practice fraught with environmental dangers.

They need to catch the sense of pleasure that the consumer has in imagining herself satisfied by purchasing and using the product.

Organisations can no longer be satisfied by 3% conversion rates from acquisition activity; nor should they settle for one off transactions.

I understand that everyone has opinions, but if you're really looking for facts, you're not going to be very satisfied by reading someone's blog.

According to Islam, all and each one of us, men and women should only have one reason for doing whatever we do, and that reason is satisfied by God.

This means that countries are spared the possible outbursts of frustration caused by larger populations unable to be satisfied by scarce local opportunities.

His holy character was involved, but in Christ (a fulfillment of the mercy seat) God's avenging holiness was fully satisfied by the shedding of blood on the cross.

In 3% of cases satisfy in is used

People were satisfied in the Camp after what they had been through.

Both persons are satisfied in the unified Dhamma practice and in the fruits mutually desired.

When you rest in Him, and you rest in that silence and that stillness is when you will be truly satisfied in Christ.

The condition that the constants b j are nonnegative is serious although it is satisfied in many practical applications.

It should be noted that this editorial does not set out all the elements which need to be satisfied in order to amount to a successful claim.

Why and for what? A similar amount is spent on commercial advertising, sowing consumerist longings that can not be satisfied in the minds of billions of people.

Where is the relevance to music I hear you ask? Well -- why would I be satisfied in buying a CD when as soon as I put it through my stereo, my ears hear the harsh fizz of digital distortion.

In 1% of cases satisfy about is used

The process was quick because the buyer was satisfied about what he was acquiring.

In 1% of cases satisfy after is used

Some people are satisfied after a few hours of social time, and want to do something else after.

In 1% of cases satisfy at is used

I quite often get sets at target on sale, they aren't all right but I find enough to keep my penchant for matching sets satisfied at a good price.

Despite this, the vast majority of respondents were satisfied at work with nine out of 10 being either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their jobs.

Correcting the penoscrotal transposition Left orchioexy was needed as the left testis was caught in the fibrosis Buccal mucosa graft But we were satisfied at the end of it all.

In 1% of cases satisfy before is used

Two conditions must be satisfied before the court can make a serious crime prevention order.

Article 149(1) contains six conditions precedent which have to be satisfied before such laws can be passed.

Two conditions must be satisfied before international economic exchanges can become beneficial for all involved.

Character of the offender General condition of Liability: The following conditions must be satisfied before liability can arise.

Thus as per the above definition of works contract for the purpose of service tax two conditions must be satisfied before a contract may be called a works contract.

In 1% of cases satisfy for is used

A new elimination period may need to be satisfied for your facility care benefits to become payable.

In 1% of cases satisfy from is used

In our network considerations, the end customer demand is always satisfied from a retail location.

In 1% of cases satisfy on is used

They provide high-quality services and assure you that you will be satisfied on the work.

I also tend to offer thoughts on how the moderation went, though I am rarely satisfied on that score.

Additionally the courts are empowered to order the confiscation of such where they are satisfied on the balance of probabilities of the alleged link with drug trafficking.

In 1% of cases satisfy to is used

My basic needs are basically satisfied to an extent, and I have no further demands on that front.

In terms of the quality and superior design that make more and more customers are satisfied to Coach Outlet Store.

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