Prepositions after "satisfied"

satisfied with, of, by, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases satisfied with is used

I'd satisfied with the results.

I am satisfied with it gives me.

I am satisfied with the product.

So I was satisfied with the ending, though Yi Gak got the short end of the stick.

We are feeling satisfied with the script and know that it will make a great film.

They are too satisfied with the dominated male class politicians and bureaucrats.

Maybe you wish to add muscle or get thin for no other reason than a desire to be more satisfied with your body.

CASA finally seems satisfied with the seriousness Tiger has taken to its approach and the measures implemented.

Fewer people are satisfied with this outlook now, compared with higher levels of satisfaction witnessed in 2009.

I personally use a Google Mail account for this and I'd satisfied with it because it doesn't block the messages.

In 4% of cases satisfied by is used

I do nt feel satisfied by my work.

Satisfied by what he sees in front of him.

Krsna is sometimes satisfied by fighting also.

It's simple, sounds good, but I was never quite satisfied by that type of valuation.

Customers need to feel satisfied by your services and most of all your customer care.

She has the right to get her wants satisfied by the husbands in case they are essential.

The imperial bureaucracy was quite satisfied by the traditional techniques which satisfied its traditional needs.

Make all the customers feel happy and satisfied by serving the meals they want to eat within the given time limit.

Thus also the desire for knowledge is not satisfied by the acquisition of wisdom but is stimulated that much more.

Our UK visitors left satisfied by their game viewing, albeit with a backdrop of Nairobi's skyscrapers on the horizon.

In 4% of cases satisfied in is used

Yes, I will be satisfied in Him first.

Hakstol seemed satisfied in the result.

I am quite satisfied in all other respects.

You have to put everything away neatly, and you have to feel satisfied in doing so.

God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in Him in the midst of loss.

Because we are infatuated and satisfied in life, we get caught in the prison of life.

I am satisfied in Jesus, in my relationship with God, and with the manner in which I have fellowship with others.

Thirdly, employee passion is vital for individuals to feel satisfied in their role and loyal to the organization.

The knot that ties these together is the truth that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.

The CoMission emphasizes lowering the divorce rate and making couples more satisfied in their marriages, for example.

In 4% of cases satisfied of is used

Oh, I'd not satisfied of anything.

I am really satisfied of your reply.

Emma was soon perfectly satisfied of Mr.

Francescangeli, Italy Sirs, I must say I'd totally satisfied of Mail Manager behavior.

We only release the results to you when we are completely satisfied of their accuracy.

First, he had already enough and may be well satisfied of what his life had offered him.

Go for a suspension of the rules! You will find we can swing a two-thirds vote -- I am perfectly satisfied of it.

Allworthy declared himself satisfied of his guilt, and that he was too bad a man to receive any encouragement from him.

If you want more pictures or even additional portfolio views, we will comply until you are satisfied of their presentability.

In 1% of cases satisfied about is used

We are very satisfied about that as well.

As this made the customers more satisfied about your service.

I am satisfied about the work I have done as well as the income I have had.

Anyway, I am not as satisfied about this version as I was with the Japanese version.

I must say even though the Sharks lost 2 finals I was very satisfied about the year as a whole.

I am very satisfied about my participation in the project and it justified my previous expectations.

Big enterprise and local govt are feeling the pinch within their bank account plus they are not too satisfied about it.

And those who are not satisfied about their current situations are the college students with higher level of education.

This is a part of our work I feel quite satisfied about, that? s how we alter our programmes according to the situation.

Still, delegates left Geneva quite satisfied about the steps taken towards the protection of flagship and other species.

In 1% of cases satisfied after is used

She's like so satisfied after screwing up the icecream.

Protein also leaves your feeling more satisfied after a meal.

With enough leptin, you will feel full and satisfied after a meal.

Having had a good evening meal, we felt very satisfied after settling into our cabin.

You'll feel satisfied after breakfast and stay full for longer from the nutritious grains.

Yeah, they were selling me, but I've never come away more satisfied after spending $$$$ on clothing.

I've been sewing bit by bit everyday, can die! *facepalm* Very satisfied after looking at the completed bouquet.

If you do nt have any one of pc house (Pc master, Pc technologies, thats all of pc house) you will do nt get any satisfied after sale service.

We are personally very satisfied after starting the school because it makes us feel that we are giving something back to the country and its people.

Consequently, it can take quite some time before we feel satisfied after eating proteins, fat and complex carbohydrates, making it easy to overeat on these foods.

In 1% of cases satisfied at is used

I felt so satisfied at the end, I had to go back for more.

I was left wanting more but felt satisfied at the same time.

In their opinion, people get satisfied at some certain age of life.

She was exhausted, hot -- sweaty even, but satisfied at the rich return of her fantasy.

I could not feel satisfied at having merely got through my work, but was constrained to pray.

Quite a few Suzuki motor scooter owners are very satisfied at the durability of their scooters.

If you don't feel satisfied at the end of a meal, try adding more leafy green vegetables or rounding off the meal with fresh fruit.

You feel satisfied at the end of the day that you have done something great, that you have served humanity, you helped somebody out.

Satisfied at the thought of ending the vermin's 3-in-a-row hopes, gutted we didn't finish them off and beat them to take the three points.

Never have we been so happy to get a morning wake up call, never have we been so satisfied at being a few steps removed from the outside world.

In 1% of cases satisfied for is used

I've become satisfied for all my countries.

She becomes very happy and satisfied for many years.

Else, he is already very satisfied for what God has given him.

If ordinary food is given to brahmanas at a funeral, the ancestors remain satisfied for a month.

Following those simple rules allows you to get satisfied for longer with relatively small portions.

Between the free beverages, sandwiches and the nibbles, I was pretty satisfied for the whole flight.

When my contractions started, I made sure to eat something filling that would keep me satisfied for the coming hours.

The humor employed by Friends not only didn't appeal to me, but it failed to keep me satisfied for more than a few seasons.

Now that I feel satisfied for a long period of time it gives me time to prepare a nutritious meal that I can sit down and enjoy.

Probably the wrong word there, I just think it makes sense to me that a guy in his position may be too satisfied for anyone's good.

In 1% of cases satisfied from is used

Having a hard time feeling satisfied from eating mostly veggies.

If you never got hungry, you could never feel satisfied from eating.

Wilson gave his evidence and I am satisfied from all the evidence that Mr.

Satisfaction is biggest thing so you must satisfied from the side which you are going to take.

Most customers get satisfied from Phen375 especially who get failed in diet plan or weight loss exercises.

Pakistan gave a positive sign after the success full of Punjab youth Festival to other country's who could satisfied from pak.

I already feel satisfied from the peronal devolopment, accomplishment (small tasks mastered in website or research) and control.

Especially the overweight and obese who often have metabolisms that make it difficult for them to feel satisfied from meals or stay full between meals.

We were more than satisfied from the day before so we woke up the next morning scouted a few zones on the ranch that Markus pointed out the day before.

A superb hat trick by Emile Sinclair was the bedrock to a 3-1 at Hull, but Steve Bruce will have been far from satisfied from a defensive point of view.

In 1% of cases satisfied on is used

I have been very happy and satisfied on both counts.

The fourth-year manager was, however, a little more satisfied on Saturday.

I love how this drama is soooooo very different and i'd satisfied on how it goes.

You will grow tired of that specific flavour more quickly and end up feeling satisfied on fewer calories.

Satisfied on all counts and mindful of the effects of an insider story, I agreed to speak out again this week.

It may sound backwards, being glad to be eating less, but feeling satisfied on average portions feels really good.

Why are you not happy and satisfied on getting your beloved muslim Pakistan? It is only a shame it took so long to hang this murderer.

Satisfied on this point, my next urgent concern was to get hold of the cause of my misfortune and beat hell out of him for his carelessness.

Upgrade to the max! Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Curious Gorge Heroic p/s: I am not so satisfied on the result, when I have time I will replace the new one.

This slows down the motion of the food into the lower portion of the stomach, permitting the patient to feel full and satisfied on a smaller percentage of food.

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