Prepositions after "satisfactory"

"satisfactory to" or "satisfactory for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases satisfactory to is used

That is satisfactory to England.

It is satisfactory to me, and to all hon.

Your work has been very satisfactory to me.

Nor is the Reds ' position in the table at all satisfactory to their supporters.

You try to color everything to make it satisfactory to the sickness of our mind.

The next morning he came up with a greatly changed way of reading, which was much more satisfactory to my mind.

His performances for the Reds this season had ranged from satisfactory to exciting and to extremely lacklustre.

Such a low basic income might be satisfactory to footloose beach bums, who might be happy camping on the beach.

Payment of Excess Premiums may be subject to submission of evidence of insurability satisfactory to the Company.

In 20% of cases satisfactory for is used

This is satisfactory for Hartford.

This will be highly satisfactory for you.

This was considered satisfactory for our purposes.

On an average 100mm rainfall per month to be satisfactory for growth of banana.

However the method is sufficiently satisfactory for almost all practical purposes.

There is not much lag when playing which makes it satisfactory for console gaming.

I've tried several different headlamps, but so far none have proved satisfactory for the kind of riding I do.

If a particular path prove no longer satisfactory for somebody'd personal growth, then is the time to change.

It also requires us to review whether the care arrangements for the children are satisfactory for each parent.

There is a time limit on this goodwill as only an Ashes victory in England will be satisfactory for Australia.

In 13% of cases satisfactory in is used

This is more satisfactory in many ways.

Technique was satisfactory in 67% cases.

The law will not be satisfactory in this regard.

But the PS3's Blu-ray Disc movie player proved highly satisfactory in other ways.

Does Gleick argue that the process adopted was satisfactory in both cases? I'd guess not.

It wasn't the best but I found it satisfactory in a way I didn't find the Star Wars prequels.

These will outline what are the minimal demands that each feels would be satisfactory in resolving the matter.

Thus the area representation was altogether satisfactory in providing an inherently quantifiable measure of time.

The term race is ill defined in social context even if an ambiguous defintion is satisfactory in scientific study.

The ending was satisfactory in the way that Miri had to go to prison and do something as punishment for what she did.

In 3% of cases satisfactory by is used

The IQ looks wonderful, and current EVF/SLT tech is found satisfactory by many opinions expressed.

It took some time before stations deemed satisfactory by members of the travelling public were built.

Those terms and conditions have subsequently been found to be satisfactory by the NZ actors cast in roles.

Though scuff marks are routine upon some other mobiles, they're not satisfactory by using an iphone 3gs screen.

This explanation was not viewed as satisfactory by many and thus, the Public Consultations and Services Advisory Board was formed.

The final report therefore contains only those on which -- all executives have replied, but their replies are not found satisfactory by the CAG.

Who makes the final decision? Once all the tests have been completed and found satisfactory by the transplant team, a date is set for the operation.

However, to be measured up against some of Asia's top golf courses and achieve one of your ' not too shabby ' ratings, then that is quite satisfactory by us.

The TRS chief pressed for the announcement of a road map for the formation of Telangana during the meeting, described as cordial and satisfactory by TRS sources.

The most well-liked instrument important for little firm are involved in Microsoft, this makes even potent and enhanced program that's satisfactory by all platforms.

In 3% of cases satisfactory with is used

It works well but still isn't satisfactory with something over it.

For GOHAI scores, reproducibility was satisfactory with ICC values of 0.

In their last Ofsted they were deemed as satisfactory with elements of good.

For OHIP-14 scores, reproducibility was also satisfactory with ICC values of 0.

President Hu was satisfactory with the achievements that the company had made, and.

Test-retest reliability in both groups was satisfactory with all ICC values above 0.

Agricultural performance, cocoa in particular, was satisfactory with good rainfall and continued high prices.

Based on the findings of the evaluation, the overall rating of the project was moderately satisfactory with a score of 4.

It must be satisfactory with regard to literary presentation and suitable for publication in a recognized journal or in book form.

Test-retest reliability was satisfactory with intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) which exceeded the recommended standard of 0.

In 2% of cases satisfactory as is used

It must be satisfactory as regards literary presentation.

This is not at all satisfactory as an approach to deficit reduction.

The type That will Get Young girls Tough Happily Satisfactory As a way.

Kuku says that the state of medicare in Nigeria is not satisfactory as a result of the dearth of medical facilities.

A dissertation submitted for the Master's Degree must be satisfactory as regards the format and literary presentation.

Of these three, I love Allingham most, because she wrote best and is most surprising and satisfactory as a tale-teller.

In earlier articles, we demonstrated why this is not really satisfactory as a formal model of classes and classification.

Our record in female literacy is far from satisfactory as the last Census recording only 54% female literacy in the country.

Referee's quality in Pro D2 (2nd Div) is far from satisfactory as a whole (no offense to the few actually doing a good job).

In 2% of cases satisfactory at is used

It wouldn't be satisfactory at all.

The bank's reserve coverage of impaired loans is satisfactory at 80.

My personal experiance with social services and my GP, is not satisfactory at all.

However, the turnout rate was more satisfactory at the Upazilla level than in the larger cities.

This might be perfectly satisfactory at the time, but was not sufficient as against the prisoner.

He tells Marlow to let Kurtz know that everything is satisfactory at the Outer Station when he meets him.

Nolans sentences are not satisfactory at all IMO, something that I, if I were a woman, would take issue with.

The response rate was very satisfactory at 48%, as was the high level of agreement with the Principles which emerged.

It will be excessively satisfactory at the end of some two years to find all materials made the most they were capable of.

But we went through a period of time where we were avoiding sex because it was alot of work and may not be satisfactory at the end of it.

In 2% of cases satisfactory from is used

The location varies a little among door manufacturers, but each is perfectly satisfactory from a functional standpoint.

I venture to offer an explanation of this apparent anomaly, which seems perfectly satisfactory from a scientific point of view.

After an agreed period, normally one year, an officer, if s/he has proven to be satisfactory from the point of view of work, conduct, health, sick leave etc.

When this procedure is finished and I am sure that the outcome will be not satisfactory from my point of view, I can then go to the Financial Ombudsman with my complaint.

Performance and Optimization Thanks to today's fast processors, Squeak's performance was satisfactory from the moment the translator produced its first C translation of the virtual machine.

In 2% of cases satisfactory on is used

And even better than satisfactory on many, many occasions.

Condition was satisfactory on follow up in out patient department.

The images could be a lot less satisfactory on such a larger device.

Nothing can be more satisfactory on a hot, dusty day than a crisp, juicy slice of watermelon! source: www.

Vattel, who, though not very full to this point, is more explicit and more satisfactory on it than any other.

Although chromium plating does not tarnish, it is not considered to be satisfactory on steel for exterior use.

This is a good indication that the experience with Windows Store apps will not be satisfactory on these drivers and parts.

Therefore, the price agreed upon of $11500 was satisfactory on our part hence a win for us since it was within our zone of possible agreement.

I think Ivy Bridge's graphics are much improved, and satisfactory on my Macbook Air, but I think Retina is asking too much of Ivy Bridge graphics.

The AEC Scorecard has demonstrated its importance as an instrument to support the implementation of the AEC Blueprint; however, it is not entirely satisfactory on its own.

In 1% of cases satisfactory because is used

The finance ministry official said the balance of payment situation was satisfactory because of contractionary monetary policy under the EFC.

The certainty of fixed claims provides little protection, and indeed may become a liability, if the terms are not satisfactory because of imperfect contracting.

However, there is no definition of sociology entirely satisfactory because of the diversity of perspectives that would classify sociology suitable to be a type science or not.

In 1% of cases satisfactory despite is used

Bangladesh?? s economic performance has continued to remain satisfactory despite the global financial crisis and, projections regarding the economy are distinctly upbeat.

In 1% of cases satisfactory due is used

Oil-rich Kelantan, too, was rated satisfactory due to the increase in its consolidated fund by RM86.

These attempts, though laudable, are not satisfactory due to devised rules she followed to also preclude criticism.

In 1% of cases satisfactory of is used

Dre Solo HD headphones with controltalk(white), you could be rather satisfactory of it.

I had come to the end of my tether; I could make nothing satisfactory of Induction, at this time.

Since the 2006 baseline assessment of Year 6 primary students, there has been an 11% increase in satisfactory of higher literacy achievement, and a 5% increase for numeracy achievement.

In 1% of cases satisfactory within is used

We consider this to be satisfactory within the context of our study.

Hence, your bad credit variables are satisfactory within these loans.

An update: my issues with Massage Envy were resolved to my satisfactory within one day of the posting.

The short answer is that they're satisfactory within the custom interface, and not so great in the normal Vista environment.

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