Prepositions after "salvage"

"salvage from" or "salvage in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases salvage from is used

It is the only thing that was salvaged from the dragline.

All the furniture that is now available for sale was salvaged from the Mungret Recycling Centre.

This winter, he hopes to fully restore the vehicle, which was salvaged from an old barn in Ontario several years ago.

Beautiful antique bricks covering the floors, porches, and walkways were salvaged from the demolition of Savannah ' s old DeSoto Hotel.

Though it's possible that all claims of the effects of hormones on cognition will turn out to be bogus, I suspect something will be salvaged from this somewhat contradictory literature.

In 17% of cases salvage in is used

He stated that if the situation could not be salvaged in the last three years,.

So that's the first reason I don't think the question can be salvaged in this way.

In that climate, can the idea of liberal intervention survive? Should it be salvaged in Iraq.

Moreover, Ramadhan now gets his daily bread selling door frames, old CI sheets and cement that he has salvaged in the area.

In 3% of cases salvage before is used

It is our opinion that these figures are low and may not represent the actual situation because appreciable numbers of animals are salvaged before diagnoses are made.

In 3% of cases salvage despite is used

The property development was a high-risk, high-reward venture from which profit was salvaged despite a massive slump.

In 3% of cases salvage for is used

I hate wasting things and whatever I can salvage for a good use, I try to do that.

In 3% of cases salvage within is used

Helmets galore!! I bet if pieces land on the Philippines they would be salvaged within an hour.

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