Prepositions after "sad"

"sad for" or "sad about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases sad for is used

It makes me sad for the future.

I was a little sad for a while.

I'd sad for the future of music.

I feel sad for the many people who would have benefited from this extra grant of monies.

I feel very sad for the woman and do not condone dis-respect for anyone, for any reason.

Sad for the Republican party that a moderate like you no longer feels at home with them.

Al-Hilli be meeting someone with his family along? Nevertheless, I feel very sad for the family and everyone close to.

I feel sad for the co-owners of the store, who Wade is ultimately affecting with a loss of business that is his fault.

It really is kind of sad for the poor fools on the periphery in England who are so brainwashed and so poorly educated.

It is sadder for those who are today routinely identified as liberals -- the term ' liberal ' used here as loosely.

In 23% of cases sad about is used

I find I am quite sad about it.

No point in being sad about it.

Really feel quite sad about it.

My first reactions are that I'd more sad about the loss of Kirby-Jones than I am Ross.

I am very sad about the babies who died, but they were all too young to be vaccinated.

I'd so sad about the state of affairs in Jamaica and there seems to be no end in sight.

Anyway, Jack and I think you are fantastic, and he sends his love also, though he is a little sad about the budgies.

I always think that's interesting and that makes me sad about the human condition; like, how important money can be.

This person wrote she was so sad about the ending scene because the epilogue that was in the script did not come out.

I guess they want to brain wash children into feeling sad about the cuddly, nice polar bears not having any ice left.

In 9% of cases sad at is used

Very good (and sad at the end).

I must be sad at heart for that.

He seemed genuinely sad at this.

It makes Observator sumptuous and beautiful in its sound, but bleak and sad at its heart.

Reading your blog makes me feel so sad at all the missed opportunities I have had in life.

We are intrigued by a new country and also sad at leaving a much loved country of Ecuador.

Claudine was, however, profoundly sad at the death of her twin Claudette, killed by a V-1 flying bomb in World War Two.

Alternatively, I can ' t help feeling a little sad at the sight of wilted daisies, it means that summer is almost over.

I feel she must feel very lonely and sad at times but I am unable to reach her as she lacks insight into her behaviour.

Muslims become sad at the end of this holy month as in this month we the Muslim get more chance to get closure to Allah.

In 7% of cases sad in is used

It's sad in a way, bitter sweet.

They were also very sad in some.

Florence is very sad in big hole.

Even the BJP, which is an ally of the SAD in the government, said it was not a wise move.

There was a splendid earthy quality about her laugh, but her face was very sad in repose.

Slighter round the hips, sadder in the middle of the month, but more, somehow, myself.

I really felt sad in those tiny moments where she left ' Flo ' and later ' James ' because they were really kind people.

The SAD increased its seats in rural and semi-urban areas and maintained its position in urban areas as compared to 2007.

That day, tears flowed freely during a day that will always be remembered as one of the saddest in the Nairobi Nursery.

The atmosphere is very weird -- kind of like cynical and sad in a way -- and that's kind of representative of the full game.

In 5% of cases sad to is used

I am sad to see a few of my fav.

Its truly sad to see the videos.

It was sad to the verge of tears.

CaptD Sad, very sad to not put children's long term health ahead of Utility Gang profits.

I feel so sad to read some posts above from women who compare themselves to other people.

I was a little sad to me to see that the old special infected are still around in this one.

You said most of what I felt like saying except; what is sad to me is how most people can't see a compassionate solution.

She stated that the whole place felt sad to the point where Sandy herself struggled with tremendous feeling of depression.

The sticky notes in mom's books always look so sad to me, even though they are the happy colours of a really bright circus.

Transform The Winter Blues- 15 Ways To Go From SAD To GLAD So true, we can choose to look at events in any which way we like.

In 3% of cases sad of is used

Unfortunate sad of affairs indeed.

That makes me the saddest of all.

Most sad of all, it's not Half Life 3.

And saddest of all, was the resigned acceptance I heard from some other garden owners.

Changes in political relations with other countries deprived Novi Sad of many competencies.

A stranger you are in a world that is lifeless, But do not be sad of this honourable status.

What's saddest of all is that all you people coming out against Islam in general don't even know anything about it.

I walked with my two young daughters hand in hand, the most difficult, most painful and saddest of walks in my life.

The saddest of all is when other mothers, women who have kids with them, give the dirty looks or say the rude comments.

Self Satisfied - this group is the saddest of all, they know everything and can do everything and have seen everything.

In 2% of cases sad on is used

I was really sad on the inside.

I felt sad on hearing this news.

Really sad on sooooo many levels.

The reason I notice this is because of the solar power as it is pretty sad on these days.

I just finish watching the season 3 and i just feel so sad on how tragic the way Dean died.

Now they don't even bother to try and hide their affairs! this is so sad on so many levels.

Also there have been instances when we are left to feel sad on the loss of good audio or video files due to many reasons.

Fast Unsecured Loans - Readily Earn Money in Fast Way Paucity of finance receives you sad on most occasions in your own life.

I think its sad on both accounts but the thing to understand is that you can't let someone else's ignorance affect your esteem.

A bunch of years ago I was a summer camp counselor and, of course, all of my kids would get really sad on the last day of camp.

In 2% of cases sad with is used

I am so sad with this decision.

I feel sad with what is going on.

It will be very sad with her gone.

I du n no if I'd happy they did explain his disappearance or if I'd sad with him dying.

He would teach them to learn from their mistakes rather than to be sad with the failure.

But I felt very happy to see her smiling, not like in the beginning, sad with a long face.

I'd also sad with the results but if we don't know how to tolerate we can't do anything in our personal life as well.

I'd the kind of guy who gets sad with the corner restaurant goes out of business because they made pretty average food.

I'd trying to decide whether to be sad with touches of whimsy, or worried sick with the reassuring fallback of fatalism.

The kids are great, really, and this year had a tinge of sad with so many of them heading off in all different directions.

In 1% of cases sad after is used

Roosters may not be sad after sex, but after a night.

Brad, you were not only sad after the election, you were surprised.

Singh said the Chief Minister was very sad after the shocking incident.

Its sad after 20 years when new evidence come up and the person ends up being innocent.

Things are changing for the good Hello there, i became very sad after reading this story.

He had written how his affiliate came returning sad after seeing off Lata at Kolkata terminal.

And just like you may be sad after seeing a picture of a tragic scene this does not mean you are clinically depressed.

The girls gets angry, she tries to explain, resigns and walks away sad after telling them she was proud to be one of them.

British Meddling How sad after suffering so much at the hands of the British, that Palestinians residing in exile in the U.

Usman i am feeling v sad after reading ur letter but i can suggest u one website where u can get help inshaAllah and that is ' www.

In 1% of cases sad as is used

Govind It is sad as well as scary.

That said, we are sad as the school is.

Thurston Howell: Sounds sad as a weeping willow.

You will sometimes feel depleted or sad as a result of a session, or in between sessions.

They replied that they were sad as the preceptor had died without answering their question.

I only pray that I have a baby soon as this is really making me very sad as the days pass by.

It's all very sad as the generation of 50s Irish are buried, new arrivals in Digbeth repeat the cycle followed by my parents.

Also it took a ton of courage to not do the surgery at first as i felt completely defeated and pressured and sad as the leading u.

I didn't feel in any way sad As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever felt so mad All of a sudden with him I'd lost my patience So.

The center of the city is handsome and seemingly prosperous but the harbor area is quite sad as the once mighty shipyards barely operate.

In 1% of cases sad because is used

We are sad because of wrong priorities.

So be not sad because of what they used to do.

Sade is also very sad because of he moms death.

Are you sad because of the election? It is because you have a small view of the world.

She is pretty now but she was pretty before also, if a bit sad because of being bullied a lot.

What more can I say? We are sad because of the way it happened, there is not a reason to be happy.

It is sad because of the religious/racial aspect to this case that most comments do not focus on the points you make.

I am sad because of what happened over the last few years and like you, I can't help wondering what my true path was / is.

They are one happy and sad family -- happy together with their little semblance of a family, sad because of the loved ones they lost.

She was not just weeping, not just sad because of what was going to happen to her baby but she was scared of what would happen to her.

In 1% of cases sad by is used

We are all ertexmely sad by this.

I'd so sad by this it brings me tears.

Don't Be Sad by Aidh Ibn Abdullah al-Qarni.

Made sadder by recognizing my own unspoken feelings directed toward our once great nation.

Such a loss is made even sadder by the discovery that it seems to have been so unnecessary.

I am a little sad by the fact that Ryan is growing up not surrounded by his Po Po &; Kong Kong.

His sudden cutting off is rendered more sad by the fact that he was to have been married in the course of two or three months.

Sergio is brooding on the rooftop and we see a flashback of the little boy Sergio, who is a bit on the plump side feeling very sad by the pool.

Our slavish preference for imported over homegrown values and standards is made even sadder by the fact that we can never attain and actualize it.

It was found that people experienced about four fewer mental health complaints such as feeling tense or sad by telling three fewer lies in a 10-week period.

In 1% of cases sad from is used

Really sad from my perspective.

It's just sad from a moral point of view.

My mother was very sad from the early morning.

Said its no life and looked away sad from the camera.

YES SIREEE! Even vegetarians feel sad from time-to-time.

Or even be glad Just to be sad From: http: **35;2792;TOOLONG.

Who knows why?: (It is very sad from them and from the Boston Opera House too.

I am not angry, frustrated, furious but disappointed and have gone sad from within.

Posted by: km April 18, 2012, 1:39 am 1:39 am This is really sad from the right wing.

In 1% of cases sad over is used

I would say kinda sad over all.

Sad over their loss of Pakistan.

I think its okay to be sad over it.

For example, Tony is genuinely sad over the death of the stripper Tracee; nobody else cared.

We talk about old friends we shared, feel sad over their disasters, happy at their recoveries.

We may feel sad over an argument with a friend, a breakup, or a best friend moving out of town.

In order that you may not be sad over matters that you fail to get, nor rejoice because of that which has been given to you.

Though i am sad over the death of the four students, but i am not impressed with the reason the police gave for their presence in Aluu.

So when Islanders legend Denis Potvin said he was sad over the team moving, you can be sure he simply had not been paying all that much attention.

Tobi's father, who is said to be a pastor, was reported to be sad over the incident and had been pleading with the Ajayi's family to forgive his son's act.

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