Prepositions after "sacrifice"

"sacrifice for" or "sacrifice to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases sacrifice for is used

It requires sacrifice for no reason.

We have to sacrifice for the sake of the prayers.

Or more specifically, one is to sacrifice for other people.

His broken tusk exemplifies the nobility to sacrifice for the cause of a great deed.

In our specific case, we are all sacrificed for the enlargement of the national reserves.

Other traditions speak of holding a wake for the corn god whose life is sacrificed for the sake of the harvest.

For these people, they have never considered praying and sacrificing for the sake of doing good as time wasted.

A He sacrificed for us as his values were at loggerheads with what was beginning to happen to his beloved country.

Hear for yourself why generations of men, women, and children have lived for, sacrificed for, and died for that freedom.

In 21% of cases sacrifice to is used

Brahmin's killed thousand of animals to sacrifice to gods.

Therefore they cry, ' Let us go and offer sacrifice to our God.

That one's interests are to be sacrificed to some other standard.

Whoever sacrifices to any god other than the LORD must be destroyed.

There is no sacrifice to those who love, in what is borne for the one we love.

I have obeyed your commands in so far as it befits a soldier to do so, but no-one persuades me of this, to offer sacrifice to demons.

Not surprisingly, at Fox News, as at many other News Corporation outlets, editorial independence is sacrificed to iron-fisted centralised control.

While waiting for rain, sacrifice to spirits and ancestors is more likely to help you fill your store house than technical anticipation in the field.

In Igbo traditional society, shrines are erected to provide a place of worship, consultations, offerings and sacrifices to ancestors, deities and divinities.

Or they are such de-humanised religio-political nutjobs that they think the ordinary Gazan Palestinian can be sacrificed to their Islamo-fascist, anti-Zionist ideology.

In 13% of cases sacrifice in is used

All have sacrificed in one way or another.

Just wonder how many lives will be sacrificed in the meantime.

You can read about those laws and sacrifices in the Old Testament.

As many as 100 llamas were sacrificed in a single ceremony on the first day of every month.

Each year 2 and a half million folks in the world are sacrificed in the interests of smoking.

It is a toxic process, and the people will understand that they have been sacrificed in the name of profit and progress.

As a side point, there are reference to some Christian groups who required a slaughterer to sacrifice in the name of God.

In the transport industry, the old regional railways lines were closed and their historic routes sacrificed in the name of economy and efficiency.

You need tons of patience, holding of your tongue &; most importantly knowing that the woman has to make the most sacrifice in this area compared to the man.

But the Government of India does not have a figure for the number of people that have been displaced by dams or sacrificed in other ways at the altars of ' National Progress '.

In 10% of cases sacrifice on is used

Javed Leghari is a poor sacrificial goat, who is ready to be sacrificed on the altar of war.

Jesus was sacrificed on the very spot Isaac was bound to the altar and the place was called The-Lord-Will-Provide.

Solicitors, amicable agreement, sacrifice on my own part to keep the peace and for the children to see little affect, offer of mediator.

Traditionally, families buy a kurban, which could be a sheep, bull, goat or camel, which they sacrifice on the first or second day of the feast.

I winced because Lauren gave up the activities she preferred to do -- because I expected her husband to simply accept that sacrifice on her part with nothing given in return, no reciprocation.

In 4% of cases sacrifice at is used

Ahiravana, another son of Ravana, who was in the Patal Loka took away Rama and Lakshmana through his Maya to be sacrificed at the altar of Devi.

The Pioneer AKA Emily Burke, of Irish Ancestry: About: The only girl in a family of ten, this tomboy learned the meaning of hard work and sacrifice at a very young age.

Assange should realise that in Ecuador, he'll be very much a pawn of the Correa regime, to be sacrificed at will if they decide they can secure some advantages from the US or something.

In 3% of cases sacrifice by is used

At some point in his soliloquy, Eagleton ' argues ' that Jesus was murdered and not sacrificed by God.

In the unlikely event that immigration reform is actually tackled by Congress in the near future, guess which group will be first to be sacrificed by the Democrats? Yup, you guessed it.

In 1% of cases sacrifice as is used

We represent: Sacrifice as a cost; and Risk, in so far as it is being reduced, as a benefit.

In 1% of cases sacrifice due is used

A woman's life has been sacrificed due to the unwillingness of Labour, Fine Gael, Fianna Fil and the Greens to legislate in line with the Supreme Court ruling on the X Case in 1992.

In 1% of cases sacrifice from is used

Gaines broken the video game by working that have 160 take advantage of metres resulting in nil TDs, Becoming aircraft sacrificed from the 49ers, 37-27.

In 1% of cases sacrifice instead is used

I'll be happy if Hoolahan get a half, but won't be surprised if Long is sacrificed instead of Cox.

In 1% of cases sacrifice of is used

Day after day the cannibal man makes take to the slaughter houses so that they are sacrificed of a cruel way, soon to consume his meat, naturally flavorfully prepared.

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