Prepositions after "rush"

rush to, into, for, through or out?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases rush to is used

Stevens was rushed to hospital.

He was rushed to a local hospital.

He rushed to our table in no time.

He was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital this afternoon and died barely one hour ago.

Smita washed all the utensils fatafat, drove the car herself and rushed to the airport.

However, her cousins and her brother rushed to the site when they heard of the tragedy.

But putting away all his fears, he rushed to the palace dungeons to execute the child who was said to be his slayer.

That we don't rush to our keyboard with a grimace, bashing out the same words we've been typing for the last 20 years.

Upon rushing to the boarding gate, David was surprised to find out that his flight had already departed for Chengdu.

Being so worried, alvira called Amante's phone to check on him but she failed since Amante was rushed to the hospital.

In 13% of cases rush into is used

I do not rush into actual work.

Don't rush into a relationship with a person.

Do NOT go wild and rush into contacting them.

Matthew said something and ran; Tom stared up into the darkness, then rushed into the kitchen.

Come afternoons, the city workers all rush into their cars to get home for their one meal of the day.

What had I done? ' My gut feeling was that I had rushed into something and made a terrible mistake.

Never rush into any program or online course, not even if it says that it will only be available for a limited time.

It? s a pity that some could not wait for such a debate and had to rush into public attacks and simplistic responses.

Survivors often describe the desperate crush as hundreds rush into narrow corridors filled with clouds of toxic smoke.

Verily, if it had not been for the Bodhisatta at that time, all the beasts would have rushed into the sea and perished.

In 7% of cases rush for is used

After that you rush for bath and a hurried breakfast.

The Orange led 31-13 at halftime after rushing for 154 yards in the first 30 minutes.

Vad Lee was the usual bright spot in the 2nd string, rushing for 59 yards on 8 carries.

He saved his best for last, rushing for 1,548 yards and scoring 16 touchdowns in his senior year.

While he did rush for 1,340 yards and 11 TD in 2011, the production really slowed in the second half.

Three running backs in the last three games against Llano have combined to rush for close to 600 yards.

While there was no sign this would send other allies rushing for the exits, leaders could face pressures at home.

Haysi quarterback Zack Owens rushed for three scores and threw two touchdown passes last season against Twin Valley.

Foster certainly looked ready for a full workload while rushing for 155 yards and a touchdown on 30 carries yesterday.

Amitabh - I share your pain and excitement and need to rush for that first look, got a hefty speeding fine fetching my book from the post.

In 5% of cases rush through is used

Rush through the crowd to the next gate-like area.

It felt as if a sudden spark of electricity, inspiration, had just rushed through my body.

It's often tempting for me to rush through a to-do list by doing the bare minimum for each task.

Suddenly, a group of miners rushed through the underbrush and tear gas at a line of police officers.

It was shipped from HOUSTON TX and was dated Oct 30, same day I was rushed through foreclosure hearing.

Cooking pots and bottles rush through tight bends and head directly towards the loop on a spectacular track layout.

The mental state of the callers is kept in mind, and people who receive the calls make sure that they do not rush through them.

Though it may sound very obvious but more often than not, companies usually rush through the screening process without enough evaluation.

When I first began to learn the fiddle I tended to rush through slurs and, god help me, my foot would speed up and slow down and follow the bow.

We don't eat out as frequently as we used to, and if we do, each of us has to take turns to watch the kids, and rush through our meals to get back home.

In 4% of cases rush out is used

Hawkeye had went white and rushed out of the office.

Kaitlyn rushed out of the ring to give Eve a stare down.

She rushes out of the dance quickly with Dready in pursuit.

He was rushed out of the city for immediate execution and stoned to death.

All six people in Coronal Potters office rushed out to the door in Radars office.

My guardians rushed out of the room after me to see their house filled with water.

Stopping for a chat before rushing out the door becomes a practical impossibility.

I told her that it was just money and I will not rush out of her office crying like the others.

A Center Back rushed out of his line to dispossess the ball before the pass was made to Kolarov.

Then suddenly an unexpected breeze rushed out of nowhere which was quite refreshing for both of us.

In 3% of cases rush up is used

The little lad rushed up to her, eyes shining with pride and excitement.

As he rushed up to the crowd of boarders, I, too, moved quickly towards HIM.

She rushes up to the bedroom, opens the dresser drawer and pulls out a starting pistol.

He rushed up-stairs to the library, consulted the American and English authorities and, laboriously, the French and German.

I had returned from India that very morning and, on being told that Godwin had been admitted to hospital, rushed up to Kandy.

To the casual observer, it would appear that he rushed up to the door of the bus, like everybody else, then simply changed his mind and walked away.

We lived at the top of the last house, and the wind rushing up the river shook the house that night, like discharges of cannon, or breakings of a sea.

Of course we treated this with suspicion but when he showed us his leave pass already filled in we rushed up to the barrack room to see where ours were.

Those who spend endless hours on treadmills do not seem to be at an advantage, and in fact might be at greater risk due to their tendency to rush up the mountain.

The book says Bin Laden was shot dead as soon as he looked out of his bedroom as Seals rushed up the stairs, according to the Associated Press news agency, which has seen an advance copy.

In 3% of cases rush at is used

It's easy to rush at trying to implement programmes.

Seeing this, the other Muslims also rushed at him in love.

He and Mcgrath, who was carrying the gun, rushed at the person.

The polytheists rushed at him so wildly as if to crush him under feet.

Tulisa did in fact appeal for votes, but it seemed rushed at the end of her comments, almost apologetic.

Alternatively two whales may rush at an ice floe which is then washed over by a large wave which dislodge the seal or penguin.

But with Canberra rushing at breakneck speed to adopt the panel's advice on reopening offshore processing centres on Nauru and Manus, the priest had a poignant question to ask.

In 3% of cases rush towards is used

I rushed towards the child took and him in my arms.

The Imam spots Ahmad's father rushing towards the body.

As the bus pulls in to pick up passengers, the crowd of people waiting will rush towards the door.

The Prophet has encouraged us to rush towards Hajj and not delay it when it becomes compulsory on us.

While rushing towards the workplace during morning hours, I was listening to a phone-in radio program hosted by a certain Maulana on the topic of Zakat.

And then death prepares to strike from all angles!!! Ahmad stares to the ground and continues to cross the road, Shaytan senses the presence of death and rushes towards his enemy, Ahmad.

Religion, when it is practiced as the whole vocation of one's life? spirituality as it is to be understood correctly? is the whole of us rushing towards the whole reality of the universe.

In 2% of cases rush from is used

He rushed from village to village.

Students have to rush from class to class, and freshman have the stress of getting lost.

Sticking to the edges of areas and rushing from cover to cover are both good ways to make it a bit easier.

So Jared and I can rush from the plane right to the Magical Express shuttle bus and we'll be whisked away to our hotel.

Instead, we rush from activity to activity, hardly taking time to breathe much less think about our relationship with God.

In 2% of cases rush in is used

Harvey could have been rushed in his development like Mejia to appease the fans.

Of course, too many pizzas are made of poor industrial ingredients, rushed in a sodden cardboard box to your door.

The Colts had the worst rushing defense in the NFL statistically, allowing at least 100 yards rushing in every game.

A majority of these men were veteran miners -- men who had gone to earlier rushes in California, Nevada, Colorado, or British Columbia.

He also became the fifth player and first freshman in FBS history to pass for at least 3,000 yards with at least 1,000 yards rushing in a season.

The Raiders ' first-team defense got off to an encouraging start in the 3-0 loss to Dallas on Monday, allowing only three yards rushing in two series.

In 1% of cases rush of is used

When you go to change a tubeless tire, you need a constant rush of air to push the tire bead up on the rim to establish an air seal, and the intermittent huff and puff of hand pump may not cut it.

In 1% of cases rush with is used

However, he ranks 24th in the NFL in rushing with 324 yards on Jay Cutler Jersey 103 carries (3.

My heart was rushing with the possibility of not only saving money but also being in Africa and at the same time have the opportunity to cheat.

Tailback Kenjon Barner is fourth nationally in rushing with 136 yards per game, even though he has sat out the second half of many games, and freshman Marcus Mariota leads FBS players with a 176.

In 1% of cases rush upon is used

With one accord the crowd rushed upon him, seized, and but for the interference of the centurion, would have torn him to pieces.

In 1% of cases rush toward is used

His delegation was visiting the region of Dhusamareb when a suicide bomber rushed toward them, killing seven, including two MPs.

Our impending separation rushed toward us, but spinning in the black air, unable to see, we had no idea when the moment of impact would actually arrive.

In 1% of cases rush over is used

Soon the wind was rushing over them and Sarita's long hair streamed up, over her head.

The pumps were kept working as long as possible, but these were of little avail against the hundreds of gallons of water which came rushing over the banks of the river shortly after 7.

In 1% of cases rush on is used

I take a stroll instead of rushing on the subway, I treat myself to afternoons sitting under an umbrella with a glass of wine and a new book, watching passerbys and being overly gracious to waiters.

In 1% of cases rush off is used

Glad we went back on the whole as we got some great stuff and were able to wrap it all up a little better as we rushed off the time before.

I think my own lack of output over the next couple of years, had more to do with moving house again, having another child and generally being rushed off my feet.

In 1% of cases rush about is used

Or at least a lot of turmoil ensues, as people rush about working out what to do and who should do it.

I am certainly clearer about my position in my research home, my pointless rushing about has been tamed and I am far more thoughtful and less disruptive sitting in my supervisor's office.

In 1% of cases rush like is used

All these RTs are done after our long days of work << many even skip dinner and rush like mad to be in time, taking naps as much as possible during waiting time.

Sunday, 14 February 2010 Rushing like mad at work to get work finished before the Chinese New Year holiday, Brenda's birthday on Thursday, a poorly Buster at home, ooh and I got nabbed by the fuzz.

In 1% of cases rush down is used

Now people were supposed to rush down them to safety.

Then rush down the hill until you see the group at the truck on the right.

Rush down the mountain and back to the homestay with a bucket of hotwater awaiting us.

DeMaio said the video shows the group rushing down Broad Street, punching and kicking people along the way.

In 1% of cases rush by is used

Meantime, it was beautiful to feel the fresh air rushing by and take in the scenery.

It happens regardless of whether we take a deep breathe and soak in every second or allow it to rush by us in a whirlwind of dust leaving us haggard in it's wake.

The General should have heeded the fable of the puppy on the railroad track who having just crossed the tracks felt the train rushing by nip off a small piece of his tail.

Adoption process is being rushed by councils, say judges Children face split from other family members as fears expressed about Michael Gove's ' unrealistic ' plans see story below.

I woke up on the morning of my 42nd birthday and had one of those ohmygod! moments - time was rushing by and letting crud from the past continue to muck things up was just plain dumb.

In 1% of cases rush around is used

This year as you are rushing around doing your Christmas shopping, throw a few extra items in your trolly to give to someone in need.

In the United States scientists claim to have come up with a lie detector that uses a super-sensitive thermal imaging camera to spot minute heat rushes around the eyes.

In 1% of cases rush after is used

Turn 4 starts with the giant rushing after the funny little man who dropped stuff.

The danger comes when customers lose their confidence? that? s where they all rush after their deposits and withdraw them at once.

In 1% of cases rush across is used

When the bridge was built, they rushed across it and fought a mighty battle.

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