Prepositions after "run"

run by, for, out, on or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 11% of cases run by is used

Fake accounts run by computers.

Our government is run by outlaws.

I wish congress was run by these people.

They will lose their ability to dictate how the EU is run by withholding their checkbook.

DC is being run by the nearly dead and we wonder why they hold fast to the same old thing.

First, Westlake went 10 plays capped by an 8-yard scoring run by Chavez to go ahead 17-13.

The school which boasts of 316 students and 16 teachers is run by the Grail Sisters under the Catholic Diocese of Same.

The NCHRH will simply be an arm of the health department which is run by bureaucrats and will have no doctors on board.

White Mountain was run by Jack Byrne, a member of Warren Buffett's inner circle, and they had spoken to Gotham Capital.

Social enterprise A social enterprise is a business operation commonly run by a charity or not-for-profit organization.

In 10% of cases run for is used

Hillary will run for POTUS in 2016.

Run for elected office in Colorado.

DUDUS needed to run for office then.

Everybody has a weak point when running for too long and mine was at my both ankles.

LINES, if you're wondering, is an unofficial podcast that I run for Taylor's University.

They will run for the hills -- especially in NC, where the judges are onto their scheme.

The police and paramilitary had surrounded the stone throwing youth from every side and they started to run for safety.

Anyone who demonstrates such a serious lack of judgement has no place running for the bus, much less elected office.

Clearly, none of them are running for China -- president of China -- because this amount of demagoguery is shameful.

Alex Chavez ran for 105 yards and two scores, while Jordan Severt threw an 18-yard score to Patrick Elliott for Westlake.

In 9% of cases run out is used

So we'd always run out of stuff.

The company had run out of cash.

Others eventually run out of it.

A failed message could mean that a phone has been disconnected or has run out of credit.

You must do this without crashing, being shot out of the sky or running out of fuel.

If you do think about your breath, it's probably only when you're running out of it.

I was unable to get this as the only functioning orthopaedic centre located in northern Uganda had run out of funding.

Unfortunately Joseph was the last person scheduled to appear on the show, they ran out of time before he could appear.

Then, during the race, my tyres kept dropping off; we pitted earlier than was optimal, and ran out of tyres at the end.

The probably occurred when the factory run out of Pink or a particular work station was given a box of the wrong colour.

In 9% of cases run on is used

Run on black coffee and leftovers.

NET can only run on Windows platform.

Remember the car that runs on water.

Wikipedia runs on MediaWiki software, which is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.

What do you think? You can only test your app using the emulator running on your mac.

It all boils down to irrespective of whether your car runs on speed density or huge air.

Looking at Nokia 808 PureView features, Nokia 808 PureView runs on Nokia Belle operating system, and is fitted with 1.

What's more, we all hop into our little gas guzzlers to make the weekly / bi-weekly / monthly grocery runs on our own.

Windows RT Windows RT, the cut-down version of Windows 8 that runs on ARM rather than x86, is another matter entirely.

This is because these chainsaws are often run on electric, and can be extremely dangerous equipment if not used properly.

In 8% of cases run into is used

Rifkah runs into the train cart.

Have run into same issues at fairs.

What happens when you run into your.

One day he happens to run into his now-married former girlfriend from his student days.

A quick note on the Obama campaign, it was never running into the sand in September.

But no sooner had he jumped onto de bank of de river than-whisk! Up he ran into de tree.

Leaving her waterpot behind, she ran into the city, convincing the men of Sychar that the Messiah was in their midst.

With a population that ran into millions, it could be argued that they represented a very small minority of the city.

I guess I run into these men continually cause I have a bad relationship with my father/bad childhood -- usual story.

I have run into a couple of bad videos but they are flaky on other machines as well so I'd not too concerned about it.

In 8% of cases run in is used

Outdoor sessions also run in summer.

Should run in O(n*n) time and memory.

They have you running in circles.

The Launch Featured different laptops running in Windows 8 from Microsoft's partners.

Also, since JavaScript Runs in a browser, you don't need to download software to use it.

Once out of what's left of the aircraft, run in the same direction the plane was landing.

Gloves and a hat are a must for me now but I still run in capri tights with a tech shirt and maybe a light windbreaker.

The test is also relatively complicated to run in the laboratory, is prone to cross contamination and can be expensive.

The first edition, published in 1996 sold out its entire print run in a matter of months with sales all over the world.

Tidy Towns groups are scored on sustainable development projects so it may be something to run in conjunction with them.

In 6% of cases run through is used

He will run through linebackers.

Got to run through this (small) crater.

But, I ran through my first set already.

What kept running through my mind reading this, is how transparent privilege is.

Evra lost possession when attacking and Michael Kightly just ran through our defence.

All that's running through my head is the momentum I got but I'd so thankful for.

To make the interior design of the house interesting a river was introduced to run through the middle of the house.

Visitors travelled by car, hackney carriage, electric tram car - which ran through Kingston every 24 minutes from 5 a.

Lynn has the person run through this sequence with every example they can recall, while she chains it on their knuckles.

In 6% of cases run from is used

Shows run from 5 pm til 9:30pm.

The Symposium runs from 10:00 a.

The event runs from 18:00-22:00.

The choice of Town Homes runs from detached and semi-detached to larger period houses.

The WHEN The Federal Government fiscal year runs from October 1 st to September 31 st.

There ARE diagnostics that can be run from the OS that can help pinpoint network issues.

Scheduling your automation runs from your test management application is another significant benefit to integration.

Becca, my mother went by the rule that the turkey was done when the juices running from deep in the thigh is clear.

Pulau Tikus Neighborhood -- Several times a week I run from our Gurney apartment through the Pulau Tikus neighborhoods.

In 5% of cases run to is used

I ran to Michaels like a lunatic.

I called my father, I run to her.

He ran to a cottage and saw a man.

If you see it then you need to EXIT your house immediately and RUN to a nearby open space.

If I were a resident of any European country, I'd definitely run to the bank and get cash.

I am so guilty of walking away from someone in need instead of running to their rescue.

Here you'll come to a spectacular coastal hiking trail, which runs to Pollett's Cove, about 10km (6 miles) up the coast.

If they try to barf at you or use the linear hand slap run to their side, initiate sniper stance and click triangle again.

Eisenhower's valet, happened to be looking out the window of the General's car and promptly ran to open the vestibule door.

But rather than taking him at his word, one victim tried holding onto him while another one ran to a nearby police station.

In 4% of cases run with is used

Perhaps anonymous will run with it.

David picked up the ball and ran with it.

My deal with myself is that I am only allowed to run with music while on the treadmill.

The other thing Iva could have done, is to have stayed on his feet and run with Kolarov.

Running with -p is unhelpful (just the internally parsed version of the config file).

Nikki: When the conversation is as loose as we keep it, sex is often the topic that comes up, and we just run with it.

If the cable is faulty, or it's a really long run with an under-built cable, most of the time you'll just get nothing.

She will travel to NYC this November to run with the Touch Foundation team in hopes of making a difference in Tanzania.

You got ta credit the BBC for running with the Bond angle in light of the new movie, because really this isn't news.

In 4% of cases run at is used

Run at people with a pitch fork 188.

Let? s use a Core i5-3550, which runs at 3.

The refinery was running at the red line.

They compared to campaigns run at about the same time, one in the UK and one in Victoria.

He was running at the back of the van still ranting and raving like the lunatic he was.

We usually choose a location that is convenient to the other events running at the time.

He's the type of player we'll need in Europe he gives us something Stokes ca n't, his pace &; ability to run at players.

Other stadiums around the country run at a loss but the city is OK with it for the economic value it brings to the city.

Following weaning last month, there has been a growth check for the lambs with growth rates from birth running at 215g/day.

In 3% of cases run away is used

When I run away, I feel meaningless.

And we are not running away from it.

Suk-jin tries to run away from Shin-soo.

He will then ask Anandi (Pratyusha Banerjee) for some money to run away from the house.

She's been living in hotel rooms for too long now, been running away for even longer.

Nobody will run away from BJP just because Modi becomes the PM candidate for the LS polls.

And there it was -- my definition of success, the one I spent my whole life running away from, on the first line.

If you can just fling something out and then run away from it, there's little point in anyone responding to you, shmo.

While recording her statement, she told the Commission that she ran away from her home as her father used to beat her.

In 2% of cases run around is used

She runs around the bases embarrassed.

Wednesday:Did another 10km run around RK.

Said canine ran around the lounge excitedly.

For another ten minutes, she ran around doing who knows what, completely avoiding the kitchen.

Even if kids are too young, its nice to go on a pleasant day and let them run around the lawns.

I spent over an hour one night just dancing and running around the living room with Kasmali.

They take the form of a couple of painters who are furiously running around painting and re-carpeting the place.

Now its happiness depends on ice cream, candy, and junk food, on playing little games and running around the house.

The children were like any other children their ages and just wanted to play, chat, sing, dance and run around the place.

We hired out this class for a couple of hours, picked out the kids that we really liked, and had them running around me.

In 2% of cases run across is used

Something we won't run across often.

Our hearts freely run across the stars.

And then, I ran across a we are change video.

I wish I could offer some sort of advice, if I run across any info I will pass it on.

The markets are like a rabbit caught in many headlights running across a motorway.

I was surfing the net and accidentally ran across the story on National Public Radio's site.

She then runs across ledges and buildings as people fire at her from several places including a flying helicopter.

I'd searching for one now but seem to only run across business owners who want to start their own affiliate program.

We had a ground-floor flat with a little brook running across its path, and a patch of scrubby parkland in front.

I wouldn't be claiming any credit for uncovering whatever it happens to be, as I really just ran across it by dumb luck.

In 1% of cases run between is used

Stage 2 was run between Nottingham and Knowsley Safari Park on Merseyside.

The regular SBS (city bus) 170 also runs between Larkin and Ban San terminal (RM1.

While Line 4 running between north and south, train comes in every 10 -- 17 minutes.

The Figure 2-1 depicts how various communication threads can run between MIS and production.

He wasn't flustered when R Ashwin inverted the laws of calling when running between the wickets.

Linkage with the city is provided through a shuttle bus service running between Moscow and Sheremetyevo Airport.

Most of this train including the 1st class sleeper only run between Kuala Lumpur &; Padang Besar on the Thai frontier.

They were left humiliated and some were financially ruined by the scam, which ran between November 2009 and August 2010.

He led the minor leagues with 37 home runs between AA and AAA, and appears to be ready to take over as the starting RF for the Royals.

In 1% of cases run as is used

Now the plan is to run as well as possible.

Senate, where she ran as a Republican candidate.

Yay! Running as an adult has been so much fun.

Bush ran as a war president first and a compassionate conservative second (at best) in 2004.

If he did, he would fight to run as the party's presidential candidate in five years ' time.

That Bloomy ran as a Republican was always an opportunity thing, and never an ideology thing.

She wants to exploit her dad's name to make money and that place could never be run as a financially sustaining concern.

The administration is run as a permanent political campaign because its most influential advisers are political consultants.

In her pursuit to serve for the African American people, Maggie ran as a republican state superintendent of public instruction.

At the moment, Nicira supports a version of Open vSwitch inside of an ESXi virtual machine, which runs as a software appliance.

In 1% of cases run like is used

But I can run like the wind blows.

Just a warning - it runs like a dog.

This circle runs like the circle of life.

Can somebody please tell me how a so called big professional company can run like this.

Long runs like that create enough heat that woodland animal like to cuddle up to them and munch on the cable.

Check out our guides to Windows maintenance and Mac maintenance for more info and keep your PC running like new.

Why is Storage not being run like a business? Against this background has emerged the idea of running IT as a business.

Running like headless chickens (wie ein kopfloses Huhn herumlaufen) spreading them everywhere with his crafty runs.

It runs like a dream and the only thing that has been replaced is a clutch slave cylinder, which was done under warranty.

There are many other older buildings currently undergoing conversion and are run like hotels which can be a less expensive option.

In 1% of cases run off is used

The retention pond was then constructed, this was required to contain all run off water.

The Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act were run off the rails mostly by the tech sector.

It must also have end dams to prevent water from running off the end and back into the wall.

We need these tunnels runs off the road which means a dispersal zone and barriers on race nights.

I know that he, like every other Government Minister, is run off their feet in a very difficult time.

The central axis with the lanes running off it at right angles gave mediaeval Cork a grid-type sructure.

Of particular concern was the immunization of run off water, due to the close location of the Schykull river.

Around 8am, most of their boats had been hauled up on shore after their early morning fishing run off the coast.

Another (belt- &-suspenders); backup for emergency power, from other discussion threads: Get a good-sized inverter you can run off your car.

They add a huge amount of footballing ability over Steyn and Kirchner and could do some real damage with a fearsome pack of forwards running off them.

In 1% of cases run along is used

They run along both sides of the road.

After spawning Prud runs along the road northeast.

You're subjects run along the left hand side of the dashboard.

We will keep running along the camels of the Mujahideen provided we get leather shoes.

The parachute ripcord is attached to a cable running along the inside of the aircraft.

There was a bruise running along the lower part of the jaw on the right side of the face.

Lara running along the deck in her waterproofs with another sailor, trying to batten down the hatches or whatever.

Power lines on the ground Where electricity is provided on the rail, there is a third rail running along the railway line.

Even in the dead heat of Texas summer, I would find a time to run along the gorgeous lakeside trails or through quiet neighborhoods.

From this location, the line will run along the south side of a narrowed Queen's Quay in a design not unlike what is proposed west of Bay.

In 1% of cases run over is used

They will run over Hawaii and qualify.

Sure he may have run over a few (OK, many) people in the process.

Ryback runs over Miz and lays him out with Shellshocked for the win.

But he joked that he would have felt less pain had he just tried to run over the catcher.

If you can keep from running over the lines, you have a good chance at a full recovery.

The toms walked a fence down to the ground, just like someone had run over it with a truck.

Pastor had good pace at the start of the race but on lap 12 he ran over debris that was lying in the middle of the track.

It helps to keep passers-by from tripping over your lines and keeps maintenance and patrol vehicles from running over them.

Rather, he takes up one of his leaves, and slowly let the substance hidden within it run over my wound, as a stream of green liquid.

Phillip Constantine, 26, another refugee, said that one Tamil family had been executed by the Indians by having a tank run over them.

In 1% of cases run against is used

He ran against Senator Edward M.

You're running against deadlines.

Look at the commercials Warren ran against him.

Let me list out the lines of the plot now running against the White race and America, itself.

Does it mean that whoever is elected will run against Mr Hollande in five years time? Not necessarily.

If she's not going to run against Mitch, she certainly isn't going to run for this busch league office.

Especially when you're running against a guy who is on the stump, banging the podium for equality and inclusion.

Don't worry, when terrorist linked Reform Party chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam ran against you - you are sure to get elected.

Early in the summer, Akin was considered only a distant prospect for the Republican nomination to run against McCaskill.

He is running against time with less than two years for the government and rating companies are breathing down his neck.

In 1% of cases run after is used

The monster saw them and ran after them.

The rest of the crew just ran after our shadow.

Still, we keep running after the next best thing.

Running after him were a trio of men, paled faced and dressed in tattered clothes.

If somebody snatches your wallet, the one who runs after him will likely be a Nigerian.

One guy seemed intent on getting the wallet but ran after his friends when they ran away.

You might be disturbed to discover that there's somebody running after that market, and they may be gaining ground.

Your ex girlfriend will not have the response she was looking for, which is you running after her begging and crying.

Escaping the JavaScript call stack with setTimeout Setting up handlers that run after an event has fired needs some trickery.

Gary David (Jhong Hilario) went to Cristina Borres ' (Desiree Del Valle) house but have escaped from the police who ran after him.

In 1% of cases run towards is used

Mo ran towards Ahmad's house in a panic.

Mo screamed as he ran towards his best friend.

I could see Clips and Stagger running towards the shop.

According to police, she ran towards her father's attacker and struck him with an axe.

Gary runs safely to third base but Jong-kook gets ahead of himself and runs towards second.

Imam Hussain? s youngest daughter Sakina took the tumbler of water and ran towards the open field.

Her teammates take turns in running towards her and trying to get away from the Canuck that is following them.

Police officers ran towards Mo and pulled him away afraid of him causing more harm on the motionless body of Ahmad.

The Arabs burst out in ecstatic celebration and ran towards him, firing their rifles into the sky and gesticualting wildly.

How long before Wazza is kissing the badge, as he runs towards the Stretford End in jubilation? To be honest, it makes me sick.

In 1% of cases run under is used

Aquino is running under the Liberal Party.

These are variously running under XP and Win7.

Water pipes to two houses ran under the spill area.

Chakrabarty to be a trainer of the schools situated in Dinajpur district run under CARITAS.

Similar tests were conducted in tunnels running under government buildings in Whitehall.

Have the proxy digital for your numbers, and never the ways that are to run under the windows.

I haven't found an old Windows (32-Bit) application that won't run under Windows 7 and tweaked compatibility settings.

The pipe ran under the floor of the tunnel and it was quite a hard job to pump air to the face as the tunnel got longer.

I just zip tied mine to either the rear brake line or the front der cable (I forget which) that runs under the top tube.

I've played the original HHGG on nearly every computer I've had since I had a copy that ran under CP/M on the Coleco Adam.

In 1% of cases run until is used

It will run until November 11 with 2 p.

The trial is due to run until Thursday.

The poll runs until 23:59 on Dec 31st.

It is set to run until 30 th November 2011.

The clinic opens at 9am and will run until 3pm.

The Jobs Fund will run until 2014 and has so far allocated 46.

Commencing today (Thursday 20 September) Tent London runs until Sunday.

The 41st edition opens on Saturday 3 July and will run until 19 Sep 2010.

The Discover the Hill interpretation program runs until September 3, 2012.

The show opens on Thursday 24th May at 7pm and runs until Sunday June 17th.

In 1% of cases run up is used

Ran up Love Lane and back down (1.

He smiles and quickly runs up to them.

She sees them and will run up to the TV.

You can only run up to a certain VA underground before the earth/line losses kill your efficiency.

Sometimes you wish it's all done in 72 hours! Waiting while doing work is like running up a hill.

Apparently, it runs up hill for most of the day except for the morning rush hour when to runs downhill.

She shared with me that as she was running up a hill, she could see a beautiful day dawning, but still could see stars in the sky.

The best part, undoubtedly, was running up Bourbon Street at 8 o'clock in the morning, with the city workers hosing down the street.

And I know it, too - ever since a few months earlier, when some kids came riding into the park on their scooters and Honey ran up to them.

As he stood in the open car, an extremist named John Schrank ran up to him, pulled a gun from his coat, and fired a bullet into Roosevelt's chest.

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