Prepositions after "rude"

rude to, about, in, of or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases rude to is used

And don't be rude to your waiter.

Thou shalt not be rude to waiters.

Ignoring them would feel rude to us.

And if you don't believe in a God- any God then how could you be rude to him? You can't.

I don't want to be rude to you and your concerns but I get mad with the weak comparisons.

The Man United chant against Wenger is factually incorrect and rude to an extreme degree.

I'd sure Romney gave Ryan a check-list, because I'd sure that's how he does things: 1) Don't be rude to that old fool.

WHY are people always so rude to the doctors? Dreary ought to be careful of screwing up her face like that at her age.

MTA employees so rude to people? - Yahoo! Answers Why Does anyone know where i can report a nyc MTA employee for being.

The problem is that because most New Yorkers are in a hurry, that comes off as abrupt and therefore rude to southerners.

In 9% of cases rude about is used

You been rude about his hunters.

Or be rude about your colleagues.

I was rude about Alain de Botton.

I did like the Beatles, but there was something that was just ruder about the Stones.

Needless to say, the lady who was doing our check-in did not have to be rude about it.

As for links, okay, each to their own and I was a bit rude about the ' bore ' comment.

Nobody would tell their solicitor or plumber how to do their job or be so overwhelmingly rude about how they do it.

When I returned to work, which was also pay day, my boss and I talked and he was very rude about the entire situation.

I won't be replying again as I have better things to do but try not to be rude about me, im sure you are a nice person.

He is openly rude about them and trashes their reasoning - they he won't even concede that what they did was reasoning.

In 9% of cases rude in is used

But though I be rude in speech,.

He certainly put the RUDE in erudite.

She rude in mean and almost scarry way.

This is a matter of cultural values, what is rude in one culture is not rude in another.

While you weren't rude on that topic, I do think you were rude in regards to masturbation.

The service and hospitality of their staff is appalling - no smile and very rude in a way.

Don't take it personally if the individual is arrogant, sarcastic, immature, or otherwise rude in his/her initial reply.

I know it's not rude in Ghanaian culture, but it's rude in mine, and I could never get used to it, no matter how I tried.

That's a lot of venom directed at someone who might have been rude in his post but doesn't deserve that kind of response.

Pointing with your finger is rude in so many countries it's probably wise just to abandon the gesture altogether overseas.

In 7% of cases rude of is used

And then, the rudest of shocks.

It was rude of him, I should say.

It is rude of someone to ask directly.

I tell her that it's rude of her to neglect her guests and push her back into the kitchen.

These are my things, and it's incredibly rude of you to even ask me or even touch any of it.

How very rude of you calling us whites, if the it was the other way round I would be racist.

Thursday Newbury and Taunton put on some quality racing this afternoon and it would be rude of me not to have an interest.

Knowing this as the reality, it would be rude of me to ask: how many of us have Egharevba? s works in our family collections.

Besides that was just plain rude of the cabinet - didn't their mothers teach them any better than that? Good grief! Thank you.

Why is it rude for me to establish NC to move on, but not rude of him to disrespect me for so long?! Because it's ALL about him.

In 5% of cases rude for is used

Rude for the bride and groom to ask.

Okay -- I was rude for calling Ed an idiot.

I just thought it was rude for her to adopt such a tone with people who disagree with her.

However, she added it's rude for councillors to be using them when people make deputations.

Sutherland is so rude for writing an article without considering what Pilipinos might feel.

I thought it was pretty rude for the band members to be making such a ruckus at a bar that was paying them for playing.

I had to get used to putting my hand in front of my mouth every time I smiled, as it is rude for women to show their teeth.

The fact that he called Dave McClure rude for not stroking a check once he saw Bens crappy pitch deck was honestly shocking.

In 2% of cases rude at is used

He's like, totally rude at times.

They were rude at the ticket counter.

Is someone being rude at the bar? Acknowledge it.

Poor Rob actually had to be quite rude at one point, just so we could have some privacy.

Mr Osborne must have been most rude at some dinner party or other to the Barclay brothers.

People can be utterly rude at times, even if they mean well some things are better left unsaid i.

Then we had Plebgate, when Conservative chief whip Andrew Mitchell shouted something rude at a couple of officious policemen.

No cots available and we were not made feel welcome in any way particularly by the owner who was extreamly abrupt and rude at times.

My dear, I apologies for being so rude at times, you are right, but when a man surrounds himself with frauds, what would you call him.

In 2% of cases rude by is used

I did not want to be rude by refusing.

I'd going to be very rude by the time I'd 80.

People become rude by hanging around rude people.

In my own knowledge as I also attended few Arab customers in Thailand, Arabs are very rude by nature.

She first accuses them of being rude by not responding, and Khloe and Rob explain their point of view.

Either this woman was in a genuine rush (baby, deathbed, wedding? ), or she was made rude by her own sense of busyness.

If the waiter is acting rude, tell them they are rude by being nice yourself and let them know you would like them to be different.

Here's some definitions (some of these are rude by the way, because we have some very inventive and old Saxon words for rude things).

He starts with a delicate cup of tea, but Kim instructs him that by elevating his pinky finger, he's being totally rude by British standards.

In 2% of cases rude on is used

He's rude on his show and on other shows.

Hi Robert -- Yup just ignore the rude ones.

Here is the news: it is just as rude on a website.

While you weren't rude on that topic, I do think you were rude in regards to masturbation.

And then, for whatever, reason, he may be down in the dumps and downright rude on the next trip.

I've seen valid-opinion comments far more rude on this site over the last week, given dozens of recommends if not hundreds.

They are also changeable and inconstant, so on good days they can be charming and gracious, but moody and rude on bad days.

I disagree about how you approached this, being rude on purpose about meaningless things does not strike me as the right thing to do.

Pitiful Worst moment for me - The presenter who interviewed the kazak winner, ' not what the british public wanted ' How rude on his triumph.

In 2% of cases rude towards is used

So there is no need to be rude towards me.

Young children are rude towards parents and show disobedience.

They are very abusive, judgemental and rude towards claimants.

He was so rude towards all matters Bangladeshi that others were feeling embarrassed.

On the subject of fans: weren't the Polish fans rude towards us as well? I bet they were.

And yes, he spoke with an Indaian accent and was extremely forceful and rude towards my mother.

He reaches out to me, but when I spend time with him he's cold and rude towards me because he feels so miserable.

Even if someone from the majority is rude towards them they think its a racial event, even though it might not be.

Many others have seen it as an excuse to be forthright, self-righteous or downright rude towards those same christians.

If you keep acting rude towards them, they might spread the word or other people might catch on if they see you arguing in public.

In 2% of cases rude with is used

They have supplanted rude with crude.

One thing is for sure, she will not be rude with you.

I have never seen any journalist so rude with with anybody.

I notice their live commentator's are rude with their questions of the losing Olympians.

Remember not to be rude with anyone, or offend anyone as you try to be different from the rest of the crowd.

Even She is trying to b rude with me, also sometimes behave so strange and formal as in i am is normal friend.

South Korea and China are the rudest with the linejumping and the way their grocery stores and hotels sometimes won't allow foreigners.

I find it hard to imagine how anyone could be demanding and even rude with people who are just trying to do their fellow journalists a service.

So why should the wife be angry and rude with her husband? Hiranyakasipu abused his own son Prahlad, but Prahlad was never disrespectful to him.

Do you know? If you talk rude with your client, he/she will let other 100's of his friend circle know that you are not good at what you are doing.

In 1% of cases rude as is used

Jesus C, but that's rude as well as vulgar.

I think some of our so-called representatives are downright rude as well as ignorant.

Piers asks questions to embarrass others with a smirk look on his face and is rude as a host.

He really hustled everyone in line and we felt that it was quite rude as the menu is quite extensive.

I have to say, I wasn't prepared for this but I gave it a go (one can't be rude as a guest, after all).

It will be rude as well as hurtful in case you bailed out on the date at the beginning or right in the middle.

You are right, your comment is both off-topic and as unthinking and rude as the person this blog post is discussing.

Not only that, but Brewer was being flat-out rude as well as foolish; MSNBC invited Brooks to appear to get his perspective on the issues.

Passengers do not have an outlet to vent their frustration about these security measures, and I do not mind if people are rude as a result.

Was on Myspace last night -- have a Twitter and love it but just felt sentimental -- Conclusion: we were much less rude as an internet back then.

In 1% of cases rude from is used

It can be so rude from what I've seen.

His family members were very rude from Day-1.

The staff were rude from the minute I arrived.

Lest anyone forget the four men who were so rude from the dias are public officials.

He was pretty rude from the start and wanted to know why I hadn't been there the day before.

Having said that, I find Pakistanis with an over inflated sense of what is rude from someone working at a restaurant, because to them it is a menial job.

Don't get rude from a keyboard, I didn't insult you I simply corrected what I thought was incorrect information so there's no need to respond in such a manor.

Well that's it, and what else did you expect? You had everything that you came for right here so it would be rude from your side to EVA LONGORIA NAKED ask me for something else.

In 1% of cases rude like is used

They are not rude like Afghans.

She definitely has confused badass with rude like some.

I wouldn't normally be rude like this Ethan, but shut up.

Italy and Italians are not so uncivilized and rude like someone wrote here.

Obama is not rude like Romney and not in a bubble caused by enormous wealth.

You can't be rude like that and survive in a tough business for 21 years, as Westhaver has -- and it is a tough business.

The worst thing is that the three other children are becoming rude like him, and I just feel like I want to pack up and leave them all.

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