Prepositions after "royal"

royal in, of, for, at or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases royal in is used

Appointed Astronomer Royal in 1765.

I learned to be a royal in one week.

Royal in Calgary, ask for Wendy Mayer.

He left for England in 1960 and was attached to Theatre Royal in Windsor for six months.

The Watermill's Noel Gay musical, Radio Times, heads to the Theatre Royal in Winchester.

Kasipillai that elegant lefthander captained Royal in 1947 and won the big ' un for them.

Following a surprising 2-1 shootout loss to Canada West newcomer Mount Royal in their pre-season opener back on Sept.

Most notable of the visitors have been the Princess Royal in September followed a week later by the Duke of Edinburgh.

Thomas ' a 14-11 win over Royal in their Micheal Gunaratne Trophy rugby encounter at the Sugathadasa Stadium yesterday.

The German ships returned fire with every gun available, and at 21:32 hit both Lion and Princess Royal in the darkness.

In 10% of cases royal of is used

It was held at The Royal of the waterfront.

That great pair royal of adamantine sisters the Fates.

After 37 days they arrived in Port Royal of that same year.

I am not necessarily talking any royal of the coast or a brand that sound like tetanus.

Something in his face gave me as much pleasure as a pair royal of naturals in my own hand.

He assisted in the observance of the transit of Venus in 1874 and was popularly known as the Astronomer Royal of Launceston.

Sir Frank Watson Dyson, Astronomer Royal of Britain at the time, found that the May 29, 1919 total solar eclipse would be ideal.

Former traders at UBS and Royal of Scotland are expected to be among the first to be charged over alleged manipulation of Libor rates.

I've heard it said that large numbers of people living in England (all UK?) are descended from Henry II or some other royal of that time frame.

In 8% of cases royal for is used

Royal for a Night: Stay in one of the.

Not sure how loong he was at Royal for Royal to claim credit.

John Brown (b 1947) is Regius Professor of Astronomy and Astronomer Royal for Scotland.

He was immediately made professor of astronomy at Dublin and Astronomer Royal for Ireland.

The ideal script for Royal for the second leg would be similar if not the same as the first leg.

His fascination from his first visit persuaded another video shoot in Port Royal for his controversial, Uncle Demon.

English buccaneers raided Spanish towns and ships returning to Port Royal for repairs, replenishment, and refreshments.

With this win the Lions are placed third and could challenge table leader Peters and second place Royal for the league.

When it comes to charities there is nothing like a royal for bringing in the money, and easing the way to get things done.

In 7% of cases royal at is used

Bawumia, also a royal at Mamprugu.

He captained Royal at cricket and rugby.

Departs form outside the Theatre Royal at 7.

The school was located at Fort Charles near Port Royal at the end of the Palisades Peninsula.

She then returned for a one-off appearance in the Miss WrestleMania battle royal at WrestleMania 25.

Experience refined pleasure at Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo; and plan how to fake being a royal at www.

The day after I got back from Cancun with the family, I went to get my MBE from the Princess Royal at Windsor Castle.

Royal attributed the slump to a lack of hunger throughout the program, as well as some recruiting problems and injuries.

John Wray had built his Shakespeare Tavern right next to the world famous Theatre Royal at Parade in the heart of Kingston.

I'll admit that Casino Royal and From Russia With Love were very good, but Casino Royal at number one is a bit far fetched.

In 6% of cases royal with is used

I had a battle royal with Helen this morning.

Royal with 114 had to follow on for the second successive year.

He has coached Ananda and Royal with much success, that too at grassroots level.

But parents often forget that they are parents when having a battle royal with their spouses.

So Sean Renard is part royal with something to prove -- ambition for validation (deadly combination).

I was completely prepared for a battle royal with these guys over their pacifiers and they barely gave me a fight.

The reggae king from Montego Bay, Mackie Conscious was royal with his performance while Unicorn was not impressive.

In the spring of 1744 Captain Tyng was sent from Boston to Annapolis Royal with news of the outbreak of war with France.

Grignr spread his legs into a battle stance, steeling his quivering thews for a battle royal with a thing he knew not how to fight.

Their relationship broke down amidst claims that Jonas had been unfaithful to Swedish royal with a Norwegian student during a skiing holiday.

In 6% of cases royal on is used

Wow talk about a battle royal on Alaska.

A violent earthquake destroyed Port Royal on June 7, 1692.

She married her husband, Prince Albert, in the Chapel Royal on 10 February 1840.

It is also the notable exception as the terrifying quake shook the infamous Port Royal on June 7.

The Theatre Royal The Theatre Royal on Hawkins Street was a huge theatre, the biggest in Europe at one time.

Need even more room? The Villa Royal on the Golden Mile (reference AH2164) sleeps up to 28 people in 14 beds.

Coming down Canberra Ave / Monaro St from Fyshwick, Tourist is on the left, Walsh's on the right, then the Royal on the left corner.

Norwegian television had old episodes of My Family and The Royal on one channel, some prize giving on another, Harrison Ford on the third.

The Treaty of 1725 was ratified at Annapolis Royal on June 4, 1726 by the Chiefs and Head men of several Districts that were present that day.

After special meetings at Vale Royal on Friday and Ocho Rios today Sunday May 16, According to Gleaner- Power 106 FM news service out of Kingston.

In 4% of cases royal as is used

There are plans to develop Port Royal as a tourist destination.

Patterson has also continued to use Vale Royal as the official residence of the Prime Minister.

The projected developments included Port Royal as a historic site, a hotel, a marina and recreation areas of various kinds.

On December 11, 1962, the House of Representatives approved Vale Royal as the official residence of the Minister of Finance.

The Jamaica National Heritage Trust has played a significant role in the protection and preservation of Port Royal as a historic Jamaican district.

Having the Astronomer Royal as an enemy is not the best recommendation for a young astronomer, even one as famous as Halley, who would soon pay the price.

In 2002 Be My Royal won the race was disqualified weeks later due to a banned substance, from a trends point of view we will count Be My Royal as the winner in 2002.

My undergraduate program was due to start on a Monday in November, and I attended Royal as a prefect right until the preceding Friday -- I was already missing it so much.

Our Centenary In 2008 the Guild was 100 years old, and during this year the Guild celebrated its Centenary, with Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal as the Centenary Master.

In 4% of cases royal to is used

An accomplished opening batsman he led Royal to victory in 1983.

When he came to the sideline, Royal told him his shirttail was untucked.

The causeway that connected Port Royal to the Palisadoes was also swept away.

The play was performed in London later that year at the Theatre Royal to controversial acclaim.

In a desperate attempt to raise funds, De Monts sold his interest in Port Royal to the Jesuits.

He also surrounded by coaching staff who are royal to Francona and that very unhappy he is gone.

I have changed the saddle three times -- from Brooks to Selle Royal to WTB SpeedV to Brooks again -- this time a different model.

In hoisting sails, from a royal to a close-reefed topsail, the lee brace ought invariably to be let go, and the weather one tended.

Juba is also worried that it is unable to disarm SPLA allied militia who are royal to senior Juba government senior military officers.

That's where we've been re-enacting, on Founders Day, the last journey of John Wolmer from Port Royal to Kingston at the end of May each year.

In 4% of cases royal by is used

The Princess Royal by John Parker.

Anne and the Princesses Royal by Helen Cathcart.

She describes her approach to the Hotel Royal by horse back in 1893.

Let us remember she is not the only royal by marriage to see business opportunities in proximity.

In September 2006 the agent who placed the bomb was named as Gerard Royal by his brother, Antoine.

Laid out as a city in 1693 the year after the destruction of Port Royal by earthquake, it became the capital in 1872.

All these entries refer to major expeditions to Ireland by leaders who were recognised as royal by the Irish annalists.

Pretty isn't she? And, she has the right family background and the perfect name to become a British Royal by marrying Harry.

If you are not keen on ferries, you can travel to Port Royal by road, which runs past the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

The thrilling-terrifying clip, which finds Lee portraying his alter egos Uncle Demon and Nephew Demon, was filmed in Port Royal by DK Konsepp.

In 4% of cases royal from is used

After recording, one day, Huberman met John Royal from NBC for lunch.

Doctor in the House appears at Newcastle Theatre Royal from 25 -- 30 June 2012 (Evenings: 7.

Azhar College Akurana had little difficulty in brushing off the challenge of Wayamba Royal from Kurunegala.

Host: Really now? Who are yall dating? Star: (With a big smile on her face) Well *giggles* I am dating Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior.

Part One: Port Royal The drive out onto the Palisadoes (the long, flat spit of land leading out to Port Royal from Kingston) was very scenic.

The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner is a Pilot Theatre production at York Theatre Royal from Friday, September 14 to Saturday, September 29.

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to see Mount Royal from certain areas on the island because of office towers and condominiums.

How true this is and what information did you find during your research on this? Piracy did thrive in Port Royal from the late 1650s into the 1670s.

Port Royal from the Air Fort Charles can be seen towards the top of the photo, towards the right side, near the shore -- look for the triangular walls.

In 2% of cases royal after is used

Royal to have something to commemorate it: We gave the game ball to Coach Royal's wife Miss Edith Royal after the game.

Royal after taking a convincing lead in the first half had to face a late rally put in by Vidyartha before coming out winners.

Johnson congratulates Texas quarterback James Street and coach Darrell Royal after the Longhorns defeated Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl on Jan.

The win for Wesley which incidentally was their first outright win for the season was a worthy one as they won against Royal after a lapse of 43 years.

Lee Lynch: Lee quit the Royal after a very short time in late 1971 to return to his home in London where he had been based since 1959 (from Ballinasloe, Co.

In 2% of cases royal between is used

Obasanjo - Atiku 2003 Re-election campaign turning to battle royal between the cabal - anti democrats and the pro-democrats.

All of which guarantees an ongoing battle royal between those who see the glass as half empty, and those who see it as half full.

Originally Posted by Knock-on then I see a battle royal between Seb and Lewis and it's no secret that I think when under real pressure, Vettel will crack.

Fourth quarter, 2:39, Celtics 83-82 It's a battle royal between Monta Ellis and Paul Pierce, as the two exchange daggers as the Celtics and Bucks trade baskets.

This miniseries has focused heavily on Axe Cop building a team, and rather than gigantic battle royal between all the Bad Guys and Axe Cop, we get a more subdued final chapter.

In 1% of cases royal into is used

In 1962, an Earthquake and tidal wave toppled over two-thirds of Port Royal into the sea.

All of which pushes the day when he becomes a full-time, ribbon-cutting Royal into at least the middle distance.

The conversion being taken from just left of the post Rimze slotted the regulation kick to take Royal into the lead 10-5.

In 1% of cases royal during is used

Royal during the French campaign season.

However, far from being a royal during his life time, his life was full of hardships.

Saunders met the Princess Royal during an event she was holding in her rather extensive back garden.

Trierweiler goes out of her way to shake hands with a seated Sgolne Royal during a campaign meeting in April 2012.

It was the icing on the cake for Prince Charles when a dwarf from The Hobbit pledged his allegiance to the royal during a tour of Peter Jackson's New Zealand movie studio.

In 1% of cases royal over is used

Even less takers fancied Rajasthan Royal over the mile drift.

Friends of the Mountain Things stand to change a lot for Mount Royal over the next decade.

With four teams on 0 laps and two teams just one lap down, its going to be a battle royal over the 2nd half of the.

In 1% of cases royal since is used

He has been Astronomer Royal since 1995 and Master of Trinity College, Cambridge since 2004.

Texas coach Mack Brown, who became very close to Royal since taking over the Longhorns program in late 1997, recounted the lessons Royal taught.

It is the highest approval rating the well-respected questionnaire has produced for a royal since 1984, with RAF rescue helicopter pilot William out-polling even the Queen, 86.

In 1% of cases royal through is used

A book about the position of Princess Royal through the ages as well as about Princess Anne.

In 1% of cases royal before is used

Mayberry was a great Royal before coming over to Toronto and was instrumental in teaching Lloyd Moseby and Jesse Barfield how to be professionals.

Though their performance was at a satisfactory level in the first match Wesley showed great promise as they almost stunned Royal before going down by 32-33.

Through a simulation exercise, visitors will not only experience 21st century Port Royal, but 17th century Port Royal before, during and after the earthquake.

In 1% of cases royal about is used

There was NOTHING royal about the brown sugar.

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