Prepositions after "roundtable"

roundtable on, of, in, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases roundtable on is used

Proceedings of the Roundtable on Intellectual Disability Policy.

The National Roundtable on the Environment is also being eliminated.

Then there's the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy.

Mamat is also an executive board member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

She participated in the Prime Minister's roundtable on Canada-India higher education cooperation.

The WSM's Paul Bowman contributed as part of the panel on the roundtable on the Crisis and the PIIGS.

In Africa has already the African Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production, and the Arab Roundtable.

Obama will be meeting with the Roundtable on February 24th, in hopes of getting healthcare reform back on track.

I recall once we had a roundtable on the Rohingya problem at the Motamar Islam AI Islamiya, then led by the late Dr.

She opposed a separate roundtable on principles, noting the principles should guide the work of the two workstreams.

In 13% of cases roundtable of is used

He is the Director and founding member of CEO roundtable of Tanzania.

The interview went along well, good roundtable of questions from the group.

Mr Ali Mufuruki, the chairman of the CEOs Roundtable of Tanzania said he was.

So, I pulled together a face-to-face roundtable of leaders whose companies have true fans.

At the national level she recently joined the Board of the National Roundtable of Nonprofit Organisations.

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith as well as a roundtable of NFLPA reps join us to remember the late John Mackey.

He vanquished Henrique Capriles Radonski his right wing opponent from the Roundtable of Democratic Unity coalition (MUD).

Sharon Hom: About two or three years ago we organized a roundtable of young people from mainland China who were studying in Hong Kong.

Rhiannon hosted a roundtable of experts in the Federal Parliament in September that called for Sri Lanka's suspension of the Commonwealth.

The roundtable of experts includes a former director of public prosecutions, a retired supreme court judge, law enforcement experts, the list goes on.

In 11% of cases roundtable in is used

Join us for a roundtable in Washington, DC on April 4, 2011.

The hurriedly called morning meeting at the roundtable in GHQ on May 2.

The latter is especially important, as I learned at a Mobility Choice roundtable in D.

The real quote from Romney, made during a veterans roundtable in South Carolina on Nov.

The United Nations Population Fund and The Daily Star organised the roundtable in the city.

In order to develop LEED globally, Scot organized the LEED International Roundtable in 2010.

The roundtable in Beijing was to tease out issues for the Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu next year.

Masrani, the Petinggi (village head) of Muara Tae, attended the RSPO's annual roundtable in Singapore last week.

Members of the Roundtable in attendance included Co-Chair and MLA Kevin Krueger and CGA-BC Chair Cindy Choi, FCGA.

Singapore hosted the AMED Media Roundtable in August 2009, which was well-attended by Middle Eastern and Asian journalists.

In 10% of cases roundtable with is used

Last month, I held a roundtable with a diverse group of NGOs from Latin America.

Valerie addressed a breakfast roundtable with croissants and coffee provided by the Faculty.

Obama and Congress are trying to please the Roundtable with a bill that supports their interests.

The media roundtable with Christian Horner featured a cup of green tea, cranberry juice and sushi.

A good roundtable with the NZ and Aussie brains on the issue could quite possibly be of value as well.

Peter King (R-NY) whines and whines and whines about Benghazi; roundtable with George Will, Donna Brazile, Rep.

When he sent articles about his roundtable with the White House to his sister, she knew what their father would think.

Every year, Barron's magazine holds its annual roundtable with a group of experts that make predictions for the upcoming year.

For example, I held a roundtable with the rail sector earlier this year -- an area where we are making substantial investments.

There was one meeting, early in the administration Obama decided to have a roundtable with Republicans in a way to show how open he was to new ideas.

In 7% of cases roundtable for is used

The Executive Board is elected by the Roundtable for a two-year period.

Rust was co-chair of The Business Roundtable for more than seven years.

We plan to hold our third and final roundtable for this dialogue in May 2012.

Also, Sally Field participated in the Actress Roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter.

For this plan to work, two things are required: An industry roundtable for the energy intensive industries.

Recently, she was instrumental in the administration of the inaugural Expert Group Roundtable for Workplace Learning.

To that end, Joe Thornley, of Thornley Fallis Communications, has organized a Social Media Measurement Roundtable for May 20th, 2008 in Toronto.

Phil Hospitals to talk about Challenges &; Ops in Healthcare IT Written by Macel Legaspi This week, together with ComputerWorld Philippines, Exist will be hosting a roundtable for hospital CIOs.

In 5% of cases roundtable at is used

A lively discussion ensued and was continued in the roundtable at the end of the afternoon.

This subject is even brighter in my mind after reading the notes from the director's roundtable at the MCN conference.

At the Online Editor's Roundtable at this September's Mequoda Summit East 2011, we will set off to answer the most pressing questions our editorial staffs face.

In 1% of cases roundtable about is used

For example, last year we had a roundtable about the climate change negotiations.

There were, however, warnings at the roundtable about relying too heavily on NSS feedback.

I have such an emotionally negative response to the invocation of anything to do with Stan Lee and Marvel that I probably ruined the roundtable about Charles ' book, to Jeet and Dan's chagrin.

In 1% of cases roundtable as is used

Coincidentally, this morning Graham chaired a roundtable as part of it and we heard from professors of government in Belgium and Switzerland.

Adams? plans to disrupt the predicted course of destruction left by enterprise mobility will be discussed at the roundtable as well as possible solutions using currently avail able technologies.

In 1% of cases roundtable between is used

Reconciliation, I believe, has to be a roundtable between established political parties elected by the people.

In the political realm, the reconstruction of the state will require the organisation of a roundtable between the various Libyan parties currently at war.

NAPM will be calling for a roundtable between all political parties on the crucial issue of FDI to understand the different view- points and demand a clear pro-people position.

In 1% of cases roundtable during is used

As host to a roundtable a sponsor is able to send a representative to the event to sit on that roundtable during the day.

Justin Gray will be participating in the Close More Deals with Lead Data: The Lifeblood of Marketing roundtable during the event.

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