Prepositions after "round"

round in, of, about, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 16% of cases round in is used

They will complete the round in the morning.

The fighters would roll around in different.

The same round in the next pub was 3 cheaper.

He was already behind the top of the pit again, jacking another round into the chamber.

Once during the night he stole horses from the pasture ground in the village Kolotovka.

It's not the roundest in a certain category; it's just the roundest sphere there is.

It took me a while to accept this; that the reason I felt like I was going round in circles was, well, BECAUSE I WAS.

What was your AFSC? All I am saying is some sort of proof and more on your back ground in the serivice would be nice.

Romney was happy to wait out the round in a clinch, and Obama wanted (and needed) a knock out blow that he didn't get.

In 13% of cases round about is used

It was midday, or ' round about that.

We must take a ' round about ' route.

As I was going round the round about I saw.

Mrs Ross 02 Aug, 2012 (4 out of 5) Jet Parks 3 Jetparks 3 seems a round about route.

This is a round about way to force all of us to participate in funding the democrats.

This is part of the collective history of ordinary people from round about Edinburgh.

It isn't actually a direct feature of the grid (or the dataSource) but it is possible in a round about sort of way.

However, they were indicating incorrectly - they were going straight through the round about and I crashed into them.

There are Tamil literary texts and Tamil inscriptions, dated roughly, round about the beginning of the Christian era.

The writer write in such round about way by bringing up pointless issues that should've been resolved two seasons ago.

In 13% of cases round of is used

The 2012 round of debates were no different.

Once I even treat with 2 round of treatment.

Budget 2011 indicates that the 2010 round of strategic reviews will result in about $1.

As luck would have it, discussion on the 2013 round of scholarships has just kicked off.

This summer witnessed several round of heat waves raising the power demand still higher.

After that he urged everyone in the crowd to give a round of applause for Profesa Jay as he made his way to the stage.

This is the first time that an overall pessimistic business outlook is observed since the Q3 2009 round of the survey.

He did, however, play on August 4, his 51 birthday, which was his 104 round of golf as president of the United States.

He deposited one AK-47 rifle, 3 magazines, 81 round of live bullets of AK-47, three Chinese grenades and 144 rounds of 7.

In 12% of cases round with is used

A yurt is round with a point at the top.

Lopez capped off the round with a big right.

We also fiddled around with our light problem.

This is a pretty even round with both guys throwing and landing pretty clean strikes.

Estermann was especially unlucky in the first round with only a tiny foot in the water.

It's round with two (eye) holes on the upper part &; one (mouth) hole on the bottom part.

Johnny might have been given some bread on his round with the sticks, or her mother might have had some hidden away.

It is round with one diamond in the middle that looks like it is anywhere from one and a half to two carats in size.

Still, it was probably a bit closer than Bacheta would've wanted it to be, as he entered the round with a lead of 33.

The bud is round with a well developed wing which starts at the mid point of the bud and just reaches the growth ring.

In 10% of cases round for is used

Buying a round for 5 people? $5.

Dominant round for Garza 10-9 (19-19).

A devastating round for the president.

And once you find something that works well, stick to that round for self-defense use.

You miss one round and you're labeled as the guy who cheats on the round for eternity.

On his round for alms, he is to be properly clad and he is to walk with downcast eyes.

Put in simple terms, he will never buy a round for the journalists but he will always have time for ordinary people.

Team GB have given us great athletes but also great people that you'd like to have round for dinner or have a pint with.

Do you think these contestants would be just as fast using a touchscreen? Should there be a round for such devices? Let.

Buy a girl a drink, she think your a chump and will want another and a round for her friends or she's on to the next guy.

In 6% of cases round at is used

You can register for the round at any time up to its end.

Then you can bring in a genuine power hitter all rounder at #7.

I wonder how many citizens will be giving up their weapons and ammo (one round at a time).

Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (Hillary edition) I like a good fight as much as anybody.

Mexico will get knocked out at the last 16 round at the next World Cup - like they always do.

Culmination of a round at Stoke Park is the hole number 7: A up to 160 meters long par-3 with water and a narrow green.

Regarding the original MKII, this one is rounder at the corners, something that might not be as nice as the original.

Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (Hillary edition) The Republicans are screwed, caught in a trap of their own making.

After fitting new rotors at the V8SuperTourer round at Hampton Downs a shuddering had started to make it's presence known.

In 5% of cases round on is used

A round on my tab for all in the bar.

The first qualification round on new tires was ok.

Divots: Friday was McIlroys 150th round on the PGA Tour.

On way you may have a round on Meghla Tourist Spot near Bandarban sunset at Nilgiri city.

For a wonderfully rewarding experience, have a round on one of the region's many courses.

This fund co-invests up to 50% (max of 500k) of your round on pretty founder-friendly terms.

Generally blades are flatter in the middle to allow for more glide and rounder on the ends to increase steering ability.

And the top of the cream jar flew through the air and rolled like a penny in a round on the linoleum -- and did not break.

Then a marathon local 3 way split screen session, in which we played a round on each map, with gin being drunk upone each death.

I wouldnt probably frame it in the way its going around on the board here (do nt be a dick) but I suspect that its good medicine.

In 4% of cases round to is used

Example 1: Round to the nearest ten 1.

I'd getting ' round to them, I promise.

Example 2: Round to the nearest thousand 1.

Put 1 under the tangent: Cross-multiply: Divide both sides by tangent: round to 39 feet.

The HE Extended Range round uses base bleed to propel the round to a maximum range of 27.

By giving it a 0 value in the ROUND to decimals, we make this result round to whole numbers.

I've written (briefly) about FBD before (it's in my Baker's Dozen for 2012 ), but never got ' round to a full-blown writeup.

There's been time for plenty of other things, but somehow I just never got ' round to making one of those things ' blogging '.

There was enough time to place your bets, play the round to completion and present your distant superiors with a fait accompli.

In 3% of cases round up is used

All of Brazil is Round Up Ready soya.

For a round up to about $100HKD (est.

Round Up does kill them but it takes a lot.

In honor of today's odd holiday to celebrate fresh breath, we've round up some tips to.

You need only to round up the amount and you should not pay more than 5 dollars for tips.

This week's round up features a lonely wandering planet, invisibility cloaks and rainbows.

Young boys were picked up off the roads in round ups and tortured with the number of disappearances rising to 23 by early 1983.

I've got a bit of Round Up left from my more ignorant days and plan to use it on a patch of poison ivy and then never buy it again.

As for being able to easily pick and choose which foods are contaminated with GMO or round up that is a pandora's box at every meal.

Add baskets and bins Add baskets and bins into your kitchen because a round up stuff on unwrap shelves using nice-looking containers.

In 2% of cases round after is used

It's something I reminded him of every round after that.

That's get on the tractor for round after round in the field.

Loaded and going off in our ears round after round after round.

FakeFifthDriver won the round after causing a Tabac traffic-jam and taking out 19 cars.

The zombie team is counted to be winner of the round after all of the humans have been infected.

Another historical year was 1997 when the penny went back to being round after being 12-sided from 1982.

I find it hard to believe any populace would stand for round after round of devastating superhero battles with no end in sight.

Froch had a good ninth, spurred towards the end of the round after the challenger's left eye was split laterally above the eyebrow.

However, she was also adding to our confusion by moving house repeatedly, dragging the reddest luggage in the West round after her.

As a result, the refugee issue has been an immovable obstacle in round after round of negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians.

In 2% of cases round into is used

He looked around into the emptiness.

During a struggle, his gun fired a round into the floor.

Williams then fired the round into the security monitor.

The gunman fired a round into the ceiling and another at the cook, striking him in the leg.

Should you hear a noise at night, all you do is pick up the gun and rack a round into the chamber.

A German tank fired round after round into the structure, partially demolishing the upper stories.

I still get a giddy thrill watching Arnie pumping round after round into some faceless grunt as he grits his teeth.

I said nothing, but I let them know I was armed and ready by racking a round into the chamber of my pump-action shotgun.

The sound of racking a round into the chamber is a butt puckering experience for a criminal or anyone one the receiving end of the piece.

The driver got out after the bear left, cranked a round into a bolt action rifle and asked me if he should shoot the bear if it returned.

In 2% of cases round from is used

The Humungus fires a round from his.

He once won a round from Jon Jones in 2009.

It raised a $50 million Series D round from Tiger Global in May.

At 6pm, as he greets the car and friends in the courtyard, King is shot with one round from a 30.

She didn't think she could take a round from the slipper, not after everything that had happened today.

Enthusiasts not usually process settling except for any little bit previous to participating in a round from tennis.

So if a startup is choosing between an angel round and an A round from a good VC fund, I usually advise them to take the A round.

On the way one of us was ordered to run to a post a little off the road and immediately after him went a round from a machine-gun.

It is carved almost in the round from the natural rock to which it still remains joined all along from behind, and is well preserved.

In 2% of cases round by is used

Maybe he shades the round by default.

Open this post to get a round by round account as it happens.

Have a read of round by round account of tonights first fight.

Every day he would spend about three hours out on the course, playing a round by himself.

Will that be a factor against the athletic Haye? Haye gets the first round by my accounts.

What, haven't had enough? Here's the steak knife! A round by round for the visual learner.

The Stream will be supported on the round by Telegens, a local Wifi company will be providing the internet feed to Livestream.

Before that, he got KOed in 1 round by a journeyman: Ishida, a guy who since then has lost shutout decisions to virtual unknowns.

Iif they have low scores/no scores, item drop increase (or nothing ), and start off the round by shooting a combo bonus, they suck.

A country's media may be free on paper but is all too often challenged on the round by continuous legal charges and security threats.

In 1% of cases round like is used

We've been spun ' round like a cat chasing a laser pointer until she falls over.

One john pulled off his shirt jumpin ' ' round like a lunatic threatenin ' to throw it at me.

I tinks, ain't two guys like dem saps to be hangin ' round like a coupla stew bums and wastin ' demselves.

Likewise, if you are a bowling all rounder like Thissara or Maharoof, you need to be able to justify a bowler's position.

It is mediocre in batting and fielding and a powerful all rounder like Razzak would be a front line player in any cricket playing country.

In 1% of cases round before is used

And was in front of the main execs this was the round before Manchester live next week.

You need to finish the round before 8 am as specialist may come and do round around 8am.

I think in the round before this one, I got punched in the eyes and my eye was a little blurry.

Order your round before glasses are 1/2 empty otherwise someone else may beat you to the punch.

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Waterhen Round 5- A big hug to start the round before Waterhen avoids takedown and spinning back fist from Davis.

Naturally the get-together starts out on the wrong foot and we're treated to our favourite heroes going round for round before the misunderstandings are sorted.

The president took one more round before disappearing into the cavernous exit to join family friends and staff for a long night of partying celebrating his victory.

Only Australian Jason Norris, out early and having completed his round before a breath of wind arrived, could matrch Brown's 66 as he moved to a share of ninth at even-par.

Lascuna, who claimed his second runner-up finish in six seasons on the Asian Tour, stayed in touch with the leader for most of the round before three putting for bogey on the last.

In 1% of cases round as is used

Great all rounder as well as great dual coat mascara.

He did, however, seem to lose the round as the first signs of tiredness crept in.

We read ' Thanking the Moon ' and ' Round as a Moon Cake ' by Roseanne Thong and illustrated by Grace Lin.

The first one wasn't as pretty a round as the second one, of which I have no rolling pictures! The tawa pictures are all of parantha #2.

This came too late in the round as the bell rang shortly after which gave Murtagh no time to capitalize on the damage inflicted on his opponent.

Watch your child's eyes get rounder and rounder as acres and acres of fabric get pummelled, rinsed, shaken and dried in this open-air laundry in Mahalaxmi.

From a leisure point of view there is a golf links three miles away for anyone who fancies a round as the sea air sweeps in, and quite often so does the spray from the waves.

After the international break, Chelsea's next game will be the eye catcher of the round as the blues travel across London to face a Tottenham team high on confidence and on the brink of the top four.

In 1% of cases round against is used

It has taken him five years to win a round against his critic.

At this point, Shandong was in a 2-1 lead and it was all up to Zhang Jike to seal the round against Hao Shuai.

In fact, at the end of the round against SA, the entire round hinged on Dave being able to minimize his loss, which he did fantastically.

Khan looked good even before the cut, but it's easy for an athletic fighter to look good for less than a round against a slow pressure fighter.

It was more Crumble in Dublin than Rumble in Dublin as the unpredictable Joe Rea failed to last a round against Brendan Fitzpatrick in a disappointing affair.

I've seen Meek Mill battles on youtube and as talented as he is, he wouldn't survive 1 round against the likes of Tsu Surf, T-Rex, Hitman Holla, Conceited or O-Red.

When questioned what would happen if Jones turned down a Machida fight given that Jones had voiced his lack of enthusiasm for a rematch with the only man that has won a round against him.

In 1% of cases round without is used

They'll play round after round without a plan.

Simply turn up and you are guarenteed a round without the need for booking.

You can't watch a stand-up gig in the round without the stand-up getting very dizzy.

Now's I'd just looking forward to Homebush and having a round without too much pressure.

Enemies sometimes offer bonus XP if you can, say, go a round without blocking or get five combo strikes in.

But Alisha admits she had to push thoughts of her father from her mind, as that was the only way she could get through the round without breaking down.

Like me, people need help, someone like a gym coach who can ask them to complete another painful round without giving up, and motivate them to keep going.

Instead new and great ideas were often abandoned midstream while another bunch of new ones came into play; it was like a merry-go round without achieving much.

Didn't Herol Graham win a round without throwing a punch? It would have been interesting to see the punch stats, but Haye was the better fighter and landed the more telling blows.

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