Prepositions after "rough"

rough on, with, around, in or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 18% of cases rough on is used

I think it's been rough on her.

This semester had been rough on me.

All were equally rough on my sinuses.

I'd sorry to be so rough on you but everyone needs a reality check every once in while.

I know there's a website that was started last year that have been pretty rough on him.

We're rough on everything we own, so I wanted to make the floor as durable as possible.

Kids ' effect on marriage Children are a blessing, but as you show in this book, they are really rough on a marriage.

And if Vultour is on the couch it's no bother to Pat, as he wouldn't like to see anyone sleeping rough on his account.

In his opinion, they were rough on the homeless, and that was the standard he invariably used to measure good and bad.

If you're too rough on your skin, you'll just end up breaking the soft tissue and that's when bacteria starts forming.

In 16% of cases rough with is used

That's taking the rough with the smooth.

But he seems to get rough with me still.

So, yeah, take the rough with the smooth.

So, he can understand whats going on but he doesn't like when darry is rough with him.

Even when I thought I? d die of shame, even when he got rough with me, I still stayed.

I'd a man who's rough with my retail managers, district managers and retail employees.

Just when we try to clamp down and I get a little rough with her, she comes back with a ridiculous story like this.

Now when he starts to get a little rough with anyone I just have to say ' muzzle ' and he backs off and calms down.

I'd another person who found out on Valentines day! Had been feeling rough with a nasty cold which didn't want to go.

The waves were pretty rough with strong undertow, but it was super fun to learn and try to improve my surfing skills.

In 15% of cases rough around is used

A little rough around the edges.

They're too rough around the edges.

I'd definitely rough around the edges.

It's his first year in professional hockey, though, so he's rough around the edges.

It's brittle and bloated, a little rough around the edges but full of hidden charm.

November 3, 2012 7:34 am To me they looked a little rough around the edges at times.

In general, downtown feels rough around the edges and the hotels are definitely not swanky compared to the Strip.

April 8, 2009 New Orleans Mission and KK Projects, New Orleans, Louisiana I woke up a bit rough around the edges.

The engine is peppy and responsive, but after driving the Duster, you'll find it a little rough around the edges.

It's really the perfect expression of the Red Stripe brand -- fun, musical, handmade, a bit rough around the edges.

In 13% of cases rough for is used

Life is rough for poor Francis.

The early 2000s were rough for me.

Sorry things are going rough for you.

And this guy's a travel writer? It must be rough for him in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

It is supposed to stick to a surface, but the finish board was likely too rough for it.

The rough for daily play should be of such a length so as to avoid numerous lost balls.

The past year was remarkably rough for business in almost every aspect despite some of the opportunities it offered.

Well, timing chain got a bit stretched, cars been a bit rough for a while and took it to garage, needs new chain etc.

For those of us who fundamentally reject Obama's policies, things are going to get very rough for the next four years.

Because the short term is pretty grim, I think the 2014 midterms will be rough for whichever party holds the presidency.

In 13% of cases rough in is used

It's very rough in some places.

The sea was rough in the harbour,.

Things are going to get rough in the USA.

Shingles have a smooth finish and shakes are rough in texture and look even more natural.

Hassan spends a couple of nights sleeping rough in the camp before heading back to Jamam.

The satin finish is a bit rough in places and the top nut slots could be cut a bit lower.

Will = I be able to get Tyroc subflooring in Hamilton? To-morrow we will do = the rough in plumbing for the bathroom.

We started the company about 14 years ago and in 2002 I decided that times were going to get very rough in the world.

But a homeless man who sleeps rough in St James's Park said it was not uncommon for people to swim over to the island.

I did wonder how the sea could be deemed too rough in the morning, but then acceptable to go out on a few hours later.

In 5% of cases rough at is used

We knew that it was going to be rough at times.

He can be a little rough at times, but truly loves her.

Both women spoke in English, but it was pretty rough at times.

Two days after Hannah disappeared, Lewis was found by police sleeping rough at a on bail.

She's the one who discovered my mother at a time when teachers were rough at her sometimes.

Okay, so the singing is a little rough at times, as is the production but it's just so damn fun.

The places he played and the people he knew were sweet and innocent at one end of the spectrum and rough at the other.

The beach is great on a morning before the wind comes and the sea was lovely and warm -- a little rough at times for some.

Now beta courses are always a little rough at the edges -- that is the nature of the event, and this run was no exception.

The high accessibility of counterfeits are able to yet produce purchasing the genuine thing rough at various the general public.

In 3% of cases rough to is used

The SEC is going to be very rough to them.

Kiely bowled steadily al through to claim the victory.

Sea condition will be very rough to high around Andaman Islands.

Very few developers can get away with publishing something rough to commercial success.

If they feel rough to the turn, they're probably on the way out and should be replaced.

The grades of cheesecloths can differ, from getting coarse and rough to good and smooth.

There you have it, a step by step guide on navigating youway from the rough to the green and you're secret to shaving.

The guard, being an English gentleman, did not want to be rough to the ladies and yet needed to save Russell from them.

As a non american i was simply trying to give a bit of english flavour to the word ' Blog ', it sounds too rough to me.

Made of soft-touch polycarbonate, the back plate's texture feels a little rough to the touch, which gives it a nice grip.

In 2% of cases rough of is used

This provides only the roughest of indicators.

It feels as though it has become rougher of late.

A man who can get me through the roughest of days is a warrior.

No matter the roughest of weather conditions, it remains strong and continues to thrive.

He's buying top brand appliances for his kitchen but he lives in the roughest of neighbor hoods.

It is by far the roughest of this very rough lot, and yet, the dealer is still asking $9,750 for it.

We had a drink (non-alco, sorry Lushes) in a cafe near the Adelphi and chat and Carys gave me a rough of the StageLoppy badge.

Some 100,000 years later, there are said to be 600m left-handers in the world today, though that's the roughest of rough guesses.

It might be a bit rough of us to criticize it - his heart was probably racing - but it does provide a great example of several things.

Now, that is the roughest of BOTE calculations, given different resource mixes, different electricity share in total energy use, etc.

In 1% of cases rough by is used

The remaining cylindrical tube is, however, very rough by comparison.

Romney has shown his rough by his carpet bombing Newt with negative ads.

It is becoming rougher by the day, cutting their fishing days and trips.

The nature of those contacts are only thought and grasped as smooth or rough by the mind.

Davy was not a properly mannered politician and was somewhat rough by comparison to others.

Photo: Thomas in some of that tough rough by the 6th green Video: Thomas hits a perfect drive on 6.

The key focus of this is to address the vision of eliminating long-term homelessness and the need to sleep rough by 2010.

My goal is to finish the rough by the end of the month, so that I can do NaNoWriMo for book 2, then go back and edit book 1 in December.

The trails were rough by the standards of the day but towards the later half of the 80s riders were looking for more adventurous trails.

He'll be playing nicely, start getting a little rough by nipping at us then he will sit back, look at us and attack our hands and start chewing.

In 1% of cases rough due is used

The trail is rough due to remaining volcanic gravel.

The peel of this fruit is rough due to its large oil glands.

Likewise the ride on these early vehicles was very rough due to the wheels being fabricated out of wood or iron.

People can end up sleeping rough due to a substance abuse problem, or because they are fleeing physical or sexual abuse.

I think this is a slightly altered route since we have gone only about 4KM into the sea (The sea was rough due to rains).

As the years pass bone bumps become more pronounced and rough due to partial calcification of tendons and joint connections.

In 1% of cases rough during is used

I was told that the sea is also rough during November.

It is rough during teenage years, but it will help having thicker skin.

In London alone, 5,678 people were reported sleeping rough during 2011/12 5.

He may be rough during love-making and make you engage in acts you do not like.

Their worries have compounded as monsoon is nearing and the sea gets rough during these months.

Later, Alison finds Noel back at his party and tells him he was a little rough during the prank.

I thought it was because my boyfriend is rough during sex, but it still hurts now (2 days later).

In 1% of cases rough about is used

All we do is have sex and he is very rough about it.

He ability attending a bit rough about the edges, but this racer's in it to win.

And there is nothing really rough about them, they are professionally produced for a broad audience.

Those, it will be able to litigate once the transfer of ownership is complete (Canada seems to be cutting up a little rough about it).

In 1% of cases rough from is used

The road is rough from here to Green Turtle.

I expect this to get real rough from here on out.

Hers were rough from lye soap and hard well water.

In private hands, even when the going was rough from one source, another could be mobilised.

Car The road from Mbeya to Karonga is good tarmac, and rough from Karonga south towards Chiweta.

They don't look really rough from out of town, but be prepared for the moment you in between these mountains.

The match was rough from the beginning but became increasingly violent after Hungary took a 4-0 lead in the second half.

Me: Were there any balls that nearly got you? Kane: There were a couple of balls that turned out of the rough from Jeetan Patel.

Blacks living in those eras had it rough from the whites and at that particular time he was dealing with a white dominated industry.

It is a lovely spot and three of us went swimming for what was probably the last time this year, for the sea gets rougher from now until about March or April next year.

In 1% of cases rough like is used

It became rough like sandpaper.

It is gamey like venison but not rough like dog.

Some of the players DO need to get more rough like Gomez.

They are not as crude and rough like the typical punjabis.

Especially the finger tips that were rough like sand paper.

I love navel play, even when it's a little rough like this.

His skin used to be dark black and rough like a buffalo? s hide.

And he liked me because, as he said, I wasn't rough like the other boys.

Only hoping for the best! I like it a little hasty and rough like that haha.

An orchestra plays in one end, their music rough like the broken end of a whetstone.

In 1% of cases rough as is used

I was rough as a child, very rough.

This going to be rough as both teams are going to throw everything at it.

This was despite feeling rough as the proverbial badger's arse for the previous 10 days.

Please help us to learn from the rough as well as the smooth, and from our tears as from our laughter.

The ruts in the road become sinister gashes that seem to get bigger and rougher as the gradient increases.

Is not that his character? ' Rough as a saw-edge, and hard as whinstone! The less you meddle with him the better.

Christ this woman always manages to look rough as a badger's bum! - Ellen, London UK, 17/4/2012 4:25 **40;1897;TOOLONG.

When these become rough as a result of arteriosclerosis, changes occur which lead to the reduction in blood supply to the brain.

Quality of voice doesn't matter it can be rough as well as soft the major thing that is to be considered is the sexy appeal in the voice.

If you? re running on a following sea and it? s rough as a cob, that thing? s going to want to bury on you, and you got no way to get it up.

In 1% of cases rough round is used

It was like Japan but rougher round the edges.

It was pretty rough round there but it was so cheap.

It's rough round the edges - but therein lies its charm.

When he has his first suit, he's pretty rough round the edges.

We just like writing music that's a bit rough round the edges.

Yobbos and okas are exaggerated Aussie rough round the edges blokes.

It's down-to-earth, it's simple, it's supposed to be all rough round the edges.

In short, my efforts were amateurish, or maybe just a bit rough round the edges.

When they hire a graduate, they should expect them to be a bit rough round the edges.

It'd be nice to be able to dress down and look a bit rougher round the edges but still know I looked good.

In 1% of cases rough after is used

It must have been rough after the war.

I knew today would be rough after the last couple of days.

A good shot can kick into the rough after hitting the fairway.

You'd expect the surface to be pitted and rough after so long.

Each time he sailed out, the sea turned rough after a few days.

The play started to get rougher after that, and the penalties really piled up.

No major problem but tend to run very rough after years even with proper maintenance.

The lone plot point of The Road is that things are pretty darn rough after the collapse of civilization.

Mont Helium -12 down sleeping bag and cotton/silk blend liner (so my bag doesn't smell toooo rough after a few weeks).

The only real disappointment? A plastic design that probably will be looking a bit rough after a few months in your pocket.

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