Prepositions after "rot"

rot in, from, on, at or because?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases rot in is used

Let these demons rot in jail when Pakatan Rakyat rules the country.

But the judge just ignored all case law and let them rot in prison.

Thus, in the turbulent conditions that prevailed some corpses would have rotted in the jungle or been submerged in blasted bunkers.

I rather doubt Barry-Lee Hastings will give a damn about Judge Barker's worthless ' sympathy ' as he rots in jail for the next five years.

The client has been rotting in jail for years because he lent his laptop to a friend and was picked up as a suspect in the Ghatkopar blast case.

There are no traces on the shore of the lake of the tragedy that happened there so many years ago, just some rusty wire and logs rotting in the water.

Paul Danahar, BBC Middle East bureau chief, says the bodies of Gaddafi soldiers are rotting in the midday sun inside his compound while the looting of his staff's homes continues.

In 15% of cases rot from is used

As Dukakis said in 1988, the fish rots from the head down.

As the Chinese are said to say, the stinking fish rots from the head.

Sorry, is my resentment showing? goodgovernance A fish rots from the head down.

Until we defeat this ideology in the field of ideas our great country will continue to rot from within.

That part of the organization is slowly rotting from the top down, and people have already started leaving.

Dutch philosopher Spinoza ground the mirrors for his own telescope -- and died at 44, his lungs rotted from year of inhaling glass particles.

In 10% of cases rot on is used

We examined boils on the plaster, rot on the beams.

Take away the backpackers and the fruit rots on the trees.

It is not fair to those in other countries that did the right thing and have been rotting on an immigration list for years.

First we saw all the VHS movies re-released on DVD which was somewhat reasonable since my massive VHS collection has completely rotted on me.

In 6% of cases rot at is used

Many of the light poles revealed a lack of maintenance as they were rotting at the base.

They would consider themselves lucky if they couldn't smell a baby's dirty diaper or food rotting at the bottom of the garbage can or the body odor that clings to exercise clothes.

The worst case scenario seems to be a bit of rotting at the ends, but if it's a weathered look you're seeking out, it may well be that this is part of the overall image you desire.

In 1% of cases rot into is used

It really saddens me to see such a great nation as the USA slowly rot into something that resembles the sh*thole that is Europe.

In 1% of cases rot under is used

The freezer is key as it stops the fish from rotting under the burning sun.

In 1% of cases rot with is used

If I'd wrong, my soul rots with my body like yours does.

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