Prepositions after "romantic"

"romantic about" or "romantic in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases romantic about is used

I'd not really romantic about it.

What's not romantic about that? 9.

I am not romantic about Vancouver.

They used to have an Abe Lincoln-themed room (odd, not much romantic about him ).

There is nothing in the slightest bit romantic about it in any way, shape or form.

Instead we are VERY DAMN STUPIDLY Romantic about things and Waste our time on them.

Once in 1969, Norman Mailer bullied Armstrong into saying something -- anything -- romantic about going to the moon.

And telling it over and over among us enlarged something in our hearts, something deeply romantic about our country.

There is also nothing romantic about being married for 25 years - you have been through all life has to throw at you.

People seem to get all romantic about the violin which reminds me sometimes why I started playing in the first place.

In 20% of cases romantic in is used

I guess it's the romantic in me.

There's a true romantic in there.

It is extremely romantic in the Bahamas.

They're romantic in context, but embarrassing and vaguely gross in the wrong setting.

This man is mentally disturbed, this is not romantic in any way, shape, form or fashion.

The romantic in me doesn't care if it devours me and spits me up penniless and lifeless.

I think that this work is very romantic in many senses because it's trying to redefine human nature within nature.

I've been assuming that Bast's love for Kvothe is romantic in nature, but I don't know WHY I've been assuming that.

At that point in time, this book inspired me to follow my dreams; in fact, it helped create quite a romantic in me.

As Jack White said in a recent interview, there's something inherently more romantic in listening to music on vinyl.

In 11% of cases romantic with is used

Dark and romantic with very cool decor.

Keep the mood romantic with the right questions.

Life can get really romantic with romantic movies, etc.

Sun rises and sunsets are romantic with the backdrop of the snow-caped Kilimanjaro.

It was so romantic with Scarlett and Kian but it was sad as they barely see each other.

The rooms are very romantic with a wooden decor and a lovely large bed centrally located.

I thought about myself more recently that I'd somewhere between a hopeless romantic and a romantic with no hope.

Acutally the rule ' watch and see what he does ' is the main thing about starting anything romantic with someone.

He'd rather be all flirty and romantic with Pepper, and Downey and Paltrow have a really nice, relaxed chemistry here.

The daytime experience allows you to see more while the night time experience is more romantic with the city all lit up.

In 9% of cases romantic at is used

Perfect for the romantic at heart.

It's only romantic at the beginning.

I'd also quite the romantic at heart.

I am a romantic at heart and believe the long-lost sisters knew each other by smell.

Being such romantic at heart, I prefer the dim light of little lamps to overhead lights.

I'd a sucker for kissing; I love hugs, long talks on the couch and I'd a romantic at heart.

I feel so sappy these days, but I have discovered, that i truly believe in love, and am a hopeless romantic at heart.

After exploring the beauty of Southwest Michigan, retreat back to one of the romantic at our bed and breakfast in Michigan.

I totally can relate to that leaning on a strong shoulder as even I used to read Mills &Boon(and; pretty romantic at heart).

It also has a spa that's expectedly upscale, and to top it all off: The courtyard is stunningly gorgeous, and very romantic at night.

In 8% of cases romantic to is used

But they are romantic to the core.

He remained a romantic to the last.

They just always seemed romantic to me.

That is romantic to me or eating strawberries off each of my fingers and other places.

And to really knock myself off my own feet, I'd have to figure out what was romantic to me.

Brushing the hair out of her face, yeah I appreciate the help it's nice, but not romantic to me.

Still, the emotion and passion in this work must be a thing to behold up close; it is still so achingly romantic to me.

It's very romantic to holding the hand with your love one and take a walk on the white soft sand along this long beach.

The idea of the deep field being what scientists pore over when they study how galaxies are formed is very romantic to me.

We had all read and been inspired by the ' Making Socialists ' chapter of Thompson's William Morris: Romantic to Revolutionary.

In 7% of cases romantic of is used

It's definitely not the most romantic of places.

It is wholly romantic of you to think differently.

It is widely recognised as being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities.

They will be able to seduce you with that most romantic of languages, Bahasa Indonesia.

Noom is surprisingly unconcerned about gender and is the more romantic of the two of us.

The more romantic of Physicists now define dark as the area from where light has escaped.

This is again due to Bell's embellishment of Dupuy who, in this instance, is sufficiently romantic of his own accord.

Not the most romantic of places to meet your future wife but it was definitely unusual and the making of an interesting story.

Based on Sir Walter Scott? s poem The Lady of the Lake, La donna del lago is the most fully Romantic of Rossini? s Italian operas.

Although these aren't the most romantic of options hopefully the cosmos will strike some of the starry-eyed wonder back into you both.

In 6% of cases romantic for is used

Reality takes over the romantic for me too.

Well, romantic for a gay couple from Maine.

Very romantic for a couple/ up to 6 people.

Whenever he does something romantic for you say: ' That's so nice of you to do that '.

If you really want it special, then there is the Penthouse, totally romantic for honeymooners.

Complete bollocks economically, but romantic for people with no understanding of science, engineering and opportunity costs.

There is nothing more sensual or romantic for a man who is in love with his wife, than for him to see her raise his children.

A great family excursion for kids and grownups alike though we did it entre amoureux and it is plenty romantic for a unique date.

All because there is nothing romantic for women and whatever equivalent to bother going further into space and stay earth centeric.

In 3% of cases romantic as is used

She has done many romantic as well as comedy movie.

And I don't think the book was near as lovely romantic as the trailer lets on, too.

If you do it together, it'll make it much more romantic as well as something to talk about.

Romantic as the notion of marriage may be, most people forget to ask if they are really marriage material.

Othello was a romantic as well as an egoistic lover who held a delusional belief that his wife was being unfaithful.

It is that sort of place where it? s easy to be romantic as the light, shadow and weather changes to reflect your mood.

Clearly influenced by noise acts such as The Jesus And Mary Chain, their lyrics can be romantic as well as melancholic and very dark.

Some have identified the first Romantic as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden because that beast was the first rebel against authority.

By the same token, a majority of the women I interviewed also said that Nigerian men are not as romantic as they would like them to be.

The concert promises to be funny, classy and romantic as the singers interact with each other and with the audience, keeping them engaged.

In 2% of cases romantic by is used

I am romantic by nature and loving by soul.

Purchase 1001 Ways to Be Romantic by Gregory J.

Romantic by nature, Xian was very creative in expressing his feelings.

The two developed a burgeoning friendship that became more romantic by the day.

The updating of SOPs is not seen as very romantic by operators so they get left.

No matter what gift you choose for your man, make it truly romantic by accompanying it with a love note.

They were blissful days, made all the more romantic by the fact that the press was unaware of their relationship.

One lowly priest named Valentine proved to be both heroic and romantic by continuing to perform marriages in secret.

Be Romantic While some people are poetic and romantic by birth, the others miserably fail in expressing through words.

They were blissful days, made all the more romantic by the fact that the Press was still unaware of their relationship.

In 2% of cases romantic like is used

Shorty and I are not romantic like that.

It's just not all romantic like you see in bollywood.

Maybe someplace romantic like Bali or unique like Machu Picchu.

You're so sweet like the smell of roses and you're so romantic like the sunset.

Walking across Rainbow Bridge was not all that exciting or romantic like it looks on TV.

Now I can tell my sister that I am fussy about finding a man cause I am holding out for a romantic like you.

I guess, for a hopeless romantic like me, i expect a more sweeter ending but the smile of Min Ho completes the scene.

In 2% of cases romantic on is used

As everybody knows, Conrad is a romantic on the side.

The song will be a romantic on theme based on Salman and Sonakshi.

Was I getting all romantic on him after eighteen years? No, I said.

That would include being romantic on a day-to-day basis and also on special occasions.

You can't be everything you wan na be before your time, Although it's so romantic on the borderline tonight, tonight.

From the article: Kat Dennings: romantic on the red carpet Kat Dennings must have been in the mood for love on the red carpet at the 64th.

It was only a little 12 foot boat and we went out for Sunday lunch one day and we thought we'd get a bit romantic on this boat out at sea, and we nearly ended up in France.

In earlier interviews with a popular tabloid, Bebo confessed that she is not a possessive girlfriend to Saif and doesn't mind Saif getting romantic on screen, with his co-stars.

In 1% of cases romantic without is used

It is very funny and romantic without being corny.

You make a great mistake if you think you can be romantic without religion.

The C4 Aircross body lines Nongmo heavy pen, rich romantic without a trace Xiaojiazaiqi.

This movie is romantic without all of the sexual content that is found in many romantic films and comedies.

Romantic without being sentimental, political without being didactic, and spiritual without being religious, it brings an unflinching gaze to the violence and hope it depicts.

In 1% of cases romantic rather is used

Today you are known as a romantic rather than a psyhotic or an action hero.

I rather be a dreamer, hopeless romantic rather than a bitter, cynical gay man for the rest of my life.

Just because Meyer's warped perspective thinks that's romantic rather than simply the product of inexperience, doesn't mean it isn't very realistic emotionally.

In 1% of cases romantic over is used

The media failed because they were in love and romantic over Obama and the Democrats to right all the wrongs of history.

At first I thought this touching and eccentric -- emphasizing the romantic over the practical and symbolizing the return of normalcy to daily life.

The Doctor's companion is an important role, usually female, and with romantic over (or under) tones, the relationship can be fascinating for a fan to watch.

In 1% of cases romantic from is used

Ruby is everything Cal expected; a bubbly, unpredictable romantic from Dayton, Ohio, exactly as written.

I get the same beautiful feeling I got the first time I heard it having been quite a romantic from a very early age.

The darkening cloud layer makes it appear dreary from the living room window, but a bit romantic from the backyard swing.

In 1% of cases romantic between is used

But it never been romantic between those two.

Along the way, she things get romantic between her and Jake (Angus T.

I'd sorry to disappoint our fans that there is nothing romantic between us.

The male friend was single, I was single and there was nothing romantic between us.

He asked me out on a few dates which ended with a few kisses, but I didn't feel anything romantic between us.

The 31 year-old was said to be desperate to be the ' Countdown ' singer's BFF and worked hard on gaining her trust as soon as things turned romantic between her and Kanye.

In 1% of cases romantic after is used

The sunset view if fantastic and it's very romantic after dark.

Veste Ralph lauren There are a couple who turned out to becoming a more romantic after having children because they become really keep their relationship and communicate properly and maintain their.

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