Prepositions after "robust"

"robust in" or "robust to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases robust in is used

DNA remains robust in a living organism.

As ever I was robust in my chairmanship.

The electronic market is robust in Japan too.

I am just saying that we do have a legal system that is quite robust in these matters.

The players we have will be more robust in their approach and that augurs well for us.

Then there is the police-chase hot pursuit mode, which is more robust in this version.

Hiring activities would continue to be robust in three months ending September, according to global HR firm Manpower.

It's got out of control, and the boards need to be more robust in their approach and need to take a more honest line.

Again, these are slightly larger and more robust in designs, but also aesthetically pleasing to match the environment.

Such a scheme if run by NAMA, would be robust in structure and would ensure that proper lending practices were in place.

In 21% of cases robust to is used

ED scores are also robust to taxonomic changes.

They range from extremely robust to buttery teas.

We expect people to be robust to external influences.

Experiments show that the proposed algorithms is effective and robust to common image.

These results are robust to extensive work, wage and sickness absence history controls.

This association with trade is robust to a number of changes in the basic specification.

Making finance robust to people on Wall Street being wrong is the ultimate goal, and that has nothing to do with HFT.

They work for images obtained with any digital imaging sensor, and they are robust to image degradation including, e.

By comparing the posterior odds to the prior odds, the Bayes factor may be robust to the choice of prior distribution.

Our findings are robust to the inclusion of workplace social support, health status, province and occupation fixed effects.

In 7% of cases robust with is used

They are very robust with an earthy flavor.

Choose foods robust with carbohydrates and protein.

Html is far from robust with regard to debugging and such.

Because the algorithm is fairly robust with respect to a variety of predictor types (e.

The Canadian Model continues to be a little more robust with the low pressure development.

It has just gone from weak to robust with the release of GDP figures for the second quarter.

Fiberglass, though robust with a lot of action, is heavy and nearly nonexistent in the fly fishing world nowadays.

But technology improves at a near exponential rate, getting faster and richer and more robust with each passing year.

Fiberglass, though robust with plenty of action, is heavy and virtually nonexistent in the fly fishing world nowadays.

In the event can merchandising, make your mind up a single robust with respect to on the internet trying to play times.

In 7% of cases robust for is used

Check out also robust for men dosage.

Afta all you non see as we robust for our region.

I see Spring 2012 being quite robust for activity.

Nick reports that Michael was in excellent spirits and reasonably robust for his age.

Therefore, it means that the obtained results are robust for making the final decision.

Gold and especially silver buying in India has been robust for the Indian Dhanteras festival.

The supporting cast is robust for single-camera comedy -- and most importantly, the two leading men are attractive.

The staff told me how to get the best from him: he might be amazingly robust for someone 110 years old, but 110 was 110.

This finding was robust for different measures of biodiversity need such as species richness and number of endemic species.

The old Martin may have to be swapped for something a little more robust for touring as a few cracks are starting to appear.

In 4% of cases robust against is used

If possible, the algorithm should be robust against these mistakes.

Google Chrome is very robust against anything the web can throw at it.

I believe it is spurious but it is remarkably robust against my adjustment efforts.

Where it is doing the right thing, a great power should be robust against embarrassment.

If, as in the case of extsmail, one wants to be robust against errors, one has to handle all possible error paths oneself.

I tend to be a little more paranoid about designing the circuit to be robust against that kind of problem in the first place.

The War for Talent brought us in a global economic crisis! What we need is a world that is robust against epistemic limitations.

The charge against him was that he had not been as robust against Churchill as Australia needed him to be for their own security.

In 3% of cases robust as is used

Utilitarianism is more coherent and robust as a system of morality.

I grew up healthy and robust as a result of spending so much time outdoors.

Imprinted junk are generally robust as well as regarding prime level of quality.

If the Solar ORC is to be viable it will need to be proven to be robust as well as advanced.

This briefing shows that those arguments put forward against recycling are not sufficiently robust as to discourage recycling.

Changes are necessary if we want our systems to be robust as well as efficient and our lives to be secure as well as affluent.

This makes the ground-based datasets less robust as a means to determine trends on a planetary scale, but very useful for validating the satellite data.

In this scenario, a cloud backup system is only possible by integrating their computers with solutions such as SecurStore and making it robust as well as secure.

This is due to a highly advanced Techno-polymer compound, a lightweight material that is as rigid and robust as the steel which pallet trucks are normally constructed from.

Doll's Doctors Study was not sufficiently robust as regards the ill effects of smoking to be produced in court (the McTear Case) as evidence that even smoking forty a day causes illness.

In 3% of cases robust at is used

The final turnout was robust at 58 percent.

Barber said sales of The Vikings were robust at MIPCOM.

Human beings seem so robust at times and then just incredibly fragile at others.

That would make the globe as such, much more robust at managing these extreme weather patterns.

We think our cooperation on Iran and North Korea has been very robust at the UN Security Council.

Although the financial crisis of 2007/08 also prompted a marked slowdown in these regions, the annual growth rates remain robust at between 7% and 10%.

This suggests that phase-locking to the amplitude envelope is less robust at higher temporal rates and may instead be coded by an energy-based scheme 37.

That has been a bit of a dampener for local currency debt -- while returns in dollar terms have been robust at 13 percent, currency appreciation has contributed just 1.

In 3% of cases robust on is used

Unfortunately, the story is not very robust on the ground.

Those are the hallmarks of good companies and they all look very robust on that.

Activities are not as robust on weekdays but on Sundays especially, yoga and music classes makes the place hum with life.

Parliament is the reverse - people tend to be robust on the floor in debate, but them much friendlier outside the chamber.

The resulting system of management is robust on one hand but, on the other, can be quickly revised and changed as the need arises.

The molecule needs to be robust on the one hand, and on the other hand have different stable states between which it can alternate.

With the Coast Guard, Marine Police and various other agencies playing their part, the entire maritime security set-up is extremely robust on paper.

Rather, the CofE needs to be more robust on issues of preaching the Gospel instead of fighting over unimportant issues such as women in pastoral roles.

At the end of the day if the bubble was going to burst it would have already done so, Australia's economic conditions are very robust on more fronts than its weak.

He uses the response to Hurricane Sandy as a metaphor for his vision of what the federal government should be: fast, aggressive and robust on behalf of people who need help.

In 3% of cases robust of is used

Volt sales are the most robust of the EV/PhEV class since the company restarted production.

And we support the necessary patches and upgrades on our server to host the most robust of websites.

In an independent review the MSC criteria were considered the most robust of all certification schemes.

The most robust of the leaching microorganisms are the extremely thermophilic and acidophilic species of the genus Sulfolobus.

The OWEL device is one of the simplest and most robust of the various WEC designs, with no moving parts in contact with the water.

OtterBox offers many different cases for the iPhone 5 (and other devices ), but the Defender Series is the most robust of them all.

And during the last decades, considering the robust of the FEM, most researchers preferred to use it to solve the interior acoustic problems.

Transport Express is by far the simplest interface for users and also the most robust of the products we looked at for managing changes to our SAP systems.

In 2% of cases robust across is used

Results were robust across various dose-response models.

Furthermore, the results are quite robust across different specifications.

That estimate for Greenland seems pretty robust across multiple techniques -- see http: **35;2307;TOOLONG.

Dynamical time is robust across an interruption in civilization because it is derived directly from observation.

Earth rotation time is robust across an interruption in civilization because it is derived directly from observation.

Terrestrial Time is not currently robust across an interruption in civilization because its principal realization depends on atomic time.

By comparing the forecasts from different models we can hedge against outliers and find predictions that are robust across several models.

The authors write: Although the benefits of prosocial spending are robust across cultures and methodologies, they are invisible to many people.

This conclusion of overall income stagnation over the last quarter-century is robust across various measures, and has been reported in many studies.

In 2% of cases robust over is used

The Youth Congress will become robust over time.

And they have been much more robust over the past 500 years than the previous 2,000 years.

The research reported here appears a confirmation of this, especially if it proves robust over time.

The ' Sell in May ' effect tends to be particularly strong in European countries and is robust over time.

Indeed, these unrealistically positive views of oneself are generally robust over time as easily demonstrated by Sharanga's inability to shake off his god-given faith in laissez faire.

In 2% of cases robust from is used

LPS ' rating is ideally robust from gaming.

I would expect growth to be fairly robust from 2013 on.

These can be pretty robust from the point of view of security.

I used to be not an excessive amount of robust from finance purpose of read.

He seem to still be robust from the report of his attempts at goal from open play and from set plays.

Likewise, a network that is robust from the perspectives of backorders could be vulnerable when evaluated from the perspectives of inventory and total costs.

In 2% of cases robust by is used

It would make the system more robust by changing incentives.

However, those positive indicators are far from robust by historical standards.

GyroLabs aims to make the TV viewing experience even more robust by combining it with various online components.

On top of it, the jobs growth is not robust by post-recession standard; consequently many Americans are hurting as financially.

Like many things, Scotland's great strength in Financial Services is made more robust by being part of the Union; let's keep it that way.

It's a natural progression companies tend to go through and the best insurance possible is to make a business more robust by giving it more than one dimension.

Our clients also want assurance that their infrastructure is kept secure and robust by a local service provider, who can take accountability for the outcomes right here.

We can make our mapping more robust by using virtual data members instead of referencing the private data members directly: Note also the addition of the transient clause.

Sighting the following cellular phone you actually would certainly assume it is very fragile, nonetheless essentially our bodies is definitely produced robust by using metal.

In 1% of cases robust during is used

He expects the pipeline of capital spending in the LNG and shale oil industries will be robust during the next five years, providing longer-term growth.

That growth remained robust during the first half of 2011, despite challenges from a weak US economy and the March earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which impacted the automotive industry.

In 1% of cases robust like is used

The cloud apps are just as effective and robust like the desktop counterparts.

Her molar teeth had not grown robust like those of Lucy, for grinding grass seeds and roots, but nor had they shrunk for processing soft fruit as those of modern chimpanzees have.

Protection offer is usually indefinite, Buying proper the law to one to fit that company the line to their house or simply a that expert writing be robust like giving a room interior job.

He is large and wonderful and robust like a buffalo, athletic, created to live the life that he describes and that he could not describe without his physique, but such giants as he are bashful.

In 1% of cases robust despite is used

FDI has been robust despite the economic crisis.

But when that's the economy's robust despite high taxes or the economy doesn't jump start after taxes, then suddenly there's other factors dragging the economy down that are to blame.

In 1% of cases robust along is used

Your joints can become more robust along with the relaxing aspect of yoga exercises is likely to make the pain sensation easier to handle.

This type of appear operates finest in situation your stockings and leggings tend to be diverse colours, The pilots needed shoes that have been robust along with very warm and comfy.

In 1% of cases robust throughout is used

Natural gas production remained robust throughout the year in the face of a relatively calm hurricane season.

Moreover, global industrial and commercial demand for silver will remain robust throughout the remainder of this decade as the purchasing power among the growing middle class in Asia increases.

In 1% of cases robust after is used

On QoQ basis, company witnessed robust after tax earnings of PKR717mn (EPS: PKR1.

Which has been extremely robust after a dip that these graphs show took place from 2002 to 2005, approximately.

You'll be able to tell the couple that you hope that your marriage can be as robust after fifty years as you recognize that theirs is now.

This performance difference remained robust after accounting for the contributions of labor, capital, purchased services, and traditional IT investment.

In 1% of cases robust about is used

I just think we've got to be a lot more robust about this.

I believe very robust about it and would like to learn more.

Update: I see that Robert Gibbs on Tuesday (ie, before Mr Brown spoke) was rather robust about suggestions that Mr Obama has made up his mind.

In 1% of cases robust within is used

Firstly, make sure your communication procedures are robust within your business.

The reaction to the Swiss decision has been predictably robust within the Muslim world, but also elsewhere in Europe.

In 1% of cases robust without is used

It is possible to be robust without being rancorous, rigorous without being rude.

The performance of the system was robust without any of the usual lag time waiting for reports to run.

Forgive me for being pedantic, but it is entirely possible to be robust without necessarily earning a record.

There could be one or two more, but you can make these planes smaller and more robust without someone onboard.

The flavour of the sauce was robust without being too heavy and dipping the meaty crab meat into it was a delightful experience.

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