Prepositions after "roam"

"roam around" or "roam in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases roam around is used

I only hope one day as he roams around the hood, he finds Jesus.

Roaming around the inn's varied gardens is a very good way to ease into the day.

So we got to roam around the building, it had an elevator and it was air conditioned.

He realized that during the nine days, he had actually lost his path and was roaming around Shirdi.

No longer can you roam around the desert with impunity or lately, even without an official escort or guide.

The herds of wildebeest migration can be seen during this time of the year roaming around the central Serengeti.

We chose to roam around Mussoorie and Landour to save the cost, and believe me some places in India are well worth walking.

They've grown up quickly! They've been cozy in a refrigerator box in the barn, with plenty roaming around the nearby outdoor area.

Now that he has been forced out (albeit ceremoniously, ), he spends his wealth roaming around the west proclaiming himself to be Abraham Lincoln.

It is very important in today's scnenario to define the accountability of pevert minds who are roaming around feeling claiming that women dress proactively.

In 22% of cases roam in is used

In the autumn they let their pigs roam in the woods to eat acorns and beechnuts.

For example 10mb from Rogers (Canada) to roam in US is $30 how ridiculous is that.

Teenage boys roam in knots about conventions, all holding papery requests for hugs.

That's why you still see it roaming in the wild instead of dying out quickly (as it should).

One day, a bush cow roaming in the nearby forest came to the place where the cow was tied to a tree, grazing quietly.

Is there international roaming in Sri Lanka? Yes, depending on your provider international roaming should work in Sri Lanka.

But still large herds are roaming in central Serengeti, which is a clear indication of a relatively slow migration this year.

The latest release, TAP3, includes support for inter-standard roaming in a satellite network, WLAN and UMTS and other 3G technologies.

Diplomats roam in the streets of Paris in luxury vehicles with diplomatic number plates, as the Sri Lankan taxpayer fuels their luxuries.

While it is not natural for birds to be housed in a cage it is also not natural for birds to be free roaming in a living environment such as the family home.

In 9% of cases roam on is used

I have 300 beaked chickens that roam on 4 acres of pasture alongside ducks and geese.

Roaming on the river, you can admire the rich amalgam of Quebec's natural and historic heritages.

If you have Voice2Text and the international carrier you are roaming on has SMS capability (find out if SMS is available and the associated charge) your messages will be sent to you via Voice2Text.

In 7% of cases roam with is used

His soul could never find peace in a public cemetery, forever roaming with strangers.

The day, commercially viable alternate fuel is developed, they will be roaming with begging bowls.

In 6% of cases roam from is used

A huge school of bigeye trevally roam from structure to structure, nearly equal in size to the ones of those found at Sipadan.

If the protocol is not efficient, there is a chance of packets being lost as the user roams from access point to access point.

Due to the pastoralist lifestyle we roamed from place to place in search of food for our livestock and people during severe drought which were prawn to the harsh environment of the rift valley.

In 5% of cases roam about is used

But actually the children were not being sent on messages, they were just being allowed to roam about.

I had just tried to discuss the unsupervised groups of grade 7 children who were roaming about the school, disrupting the other classes.

We already have CIA and MI6 agents roaming around the country under various guises, German BND spies also were caught roaming about dressed in local Pakistani wear and even burqas.

In 5% of cases roam outside is used

Crowds of people roamed outside afraid to go indoors for fear of further tremors.

You may only Roam outside the Republic of Ireland once you have been approved by us.

In 3% of cases roam through is used

It was roaming through fields at the back of his house alongside the M42 motorway.

One day while roaming through forests in search of animals he was overtaken by the darkness of night.

In 2% of cases roam along is used

What I remember most is the freedom to roam along the canel banks and shoot magpies with beebee and pellet guns until they'd fall out of the Russian Olive trees.

In 2% of cases roam at is used

He was sleep walking and/or roaming at harry's age and going down the stairs after opening the fridge UPSTAIRS and bringing me a 1/2 gallon of milk in the middle of the night! We lived on a lake.

In 2% of cases roam between is used

There is very little difference in the output phone power as a result of roaming between cells.

When moving at high speed, you are more likely to roam between cells and the mobile will ' handover ' while roaming.

In 2% of cases roam by is used

Otherwise, lurking regrets and doubts would result in aberrations and dissipation -- the mind, set roaming by fanciful thoughts.

In time, he becomes a werewolf, howling at the moon, growing strange, feral parts in the darkness, roaming by the edge of the forest and desiring human flesh.

In 1% of cases roam into is used

With shifting Kagawa to the left, he was able to cut in and roam into various pockets of space where Spurs had trouble picking him up.

In 1% of cases roam amidst is used

And so it was on a day of sweltering temperature last month that I found myself roaming amidst the sights, sounds (and smells) of Karachi.

In 1% of cases roam against is used

Its kind of easy when fullbacks are given the license to roam against lesser teams.

In 1% of cases roam after is used

As the case of roaming after 3G auctions shows, the government servants are actively looking to create opportunities for rent seeking using obscure rules and? public good? as an excuse.

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