Prepositions after "risky"

"risky for", "risky to" or "risky in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases risky for is used

It would be risky for both sides.

Too risky for the team to jump on.

Buying in the RMAH is too risky for me.

Patients also commonly view hazards as more risky for other people than for themselves.

I know too many who gain the weight back after a bypass -- too risky for the quick fix.

Having finished this film with Won Bin, it is seen as kind of risky for the actor to continue playing the same role.

Whereas the PS3 still has some fight in it and would be risky for Sony to release the PS4 whilst it's in it's prime.

Basing a sale on expense: it is incredibly risky for a sales particular person to rely on expense to close the sales.

However, using that may result in a number of unexpected behaviors so that feels a bit risky for a production server.

In 12% of cases risky in is used

It is too risky in this country.

Forex is risky in the first place.

Everything is riskier in Thailand.

Presence of any major defect in shipment pieces may risky in terms of shipment failure.

Forget about expensive and ineffective methods such as surgery (which is very risky in U.

The stream needs to be forded to reach it, however, and this will become much more risky in flood.

The income can fall to less than 4pc if funds avoid financial firms, which still look risky in the current environment.

Important disclaimer -- Taking apart a perfectly good, fully functional, digital camera, is risky in more ways than one.

Body fat located in the upper-body (especially the abdominal region) can be very risky in terms of overall health profile.

In 11% of cases risky to is used

It just seemed too risky to me.

But I think it is a bit risky to short it.

They did not wish to appear risky to investors.

Reduce the rate of alcohol consumption Consuming a lot of alcohol is risky to your health.

Badly made and poor tasting counterfeits may also be riskier to health than genuine product.

So how does, Wayne Rooney, England Captain, Brazil 2014 sound? It sound pretty damn risky to me.

Not only was Avandia no better than Actos, but the study also provided clear signs that it was riskier to the heart.

What does this imply? Winning by cutting prices is more risky to your business than winning by offering superior value.

Thnx guys: level of rich stimulants like ginseng and vivacious throughout the harmful drugs may be risky to herbal highs.

In 4% of cases risky of is used

However, wed showers have a riskier of mighty impairment.

A Robin Hood Tax would discourage the riskiest of these casino transactions.

Sweep Shot: It is the more risky of shots, but also the most yielding against spinners.

Tax defiance Riskiest of all were those who promoted some of the many forms of tax defiance.

Maybe you have heard stories of how day trading is considered to be the most risky of all trading.

To summarize, stocks are by far the most risky of financial instruments, but also the most profitable.

Probably the most risky of such is heart problems, and it will even eventually bring about heart attacks.

Investing, in bulk, in the most risky of all investment vehicles: bank deposits denominated in foreign currencies.

This kind of wholesale deregulation with regard to the riskiest of investments, targeted by definition at non-wealthy.

That's what makes this way of finding new opportunities probably the most risky of all the methods I'd going to show you.

In 3% of cases risky as is used

This can be risky as well as expensive, over $5000.

The informant is a dictionary, not a poet, useful as a dictionary but risky as a poet.

So, it is risky as the election result can be destroyed, tampered with or even replaced.

This may be very risky as well as result in a good deal of spam emails and undesirable calls.

This tranche is the riskiest as there is but it also offers high returns if no defaults occur.

Mitey can't heal himself, so using him is risky as the boss has some particularly damaging attacks.

The barriers are down, the brains are activated and the software tends to be riskier as a result.

Fidel Edwards in this format for these pitches is too risky as the ball pings off the bat to the boundary.

My only other thought would be for a Robin spin-off but it seems for too risky as a standalone franchise to me.

But carrying charges on these have mounted to a point where they now look risky as the economy sinks into debt deflation.

In 3% of cases risky at is used

They are all risky at this point.

We wanted to do something risky at the time.

Air and sea travel are both risky at this point.

It is less client-facing so it seemed risky at the time.

It was an exhilarating experience but quite risky at times.

These factors are very important and yet risky at the same time.

Making a meal out of hors d'oeuvres is risky at the best of times;.

Furthermore, there are industries that have been risky at certain times (e.

But even looking at those deals Fletcher still doesn't look to be risky at 12m.

It was great because we were doing stuff that certainly seemed risky at the time.

In 3% of cases risky with is used

Most of these tasks become increasingly risky with speed.

Human error becomes disproportionately risky with nuclear installations.

If it's risky with a prescription, it's dangerous buying it without one.

Selling on eBay today is VERY risky with the cards stacked massively in the buyer's favour.

This kind of surgery is not only costly but also very risky with 50/50 chances of paralysis.

Chile today is more expensive and less risky with a new class that is investing in Colombia.

Development that would be too expensive and risky with closed-source AI products could be feasible with open-source AI.

It wasn't a bad tactic, perhaps a tad risky with only a goal up, but Guardiola is probably comfortable with 1-1 or 1-2.

Most of us don't want to try a new cleanser or serum every month -- trying a new brand is too risky with stuff like that.

And normal candles as much with its beauty has its own downside of being messy and risky with children around your house.

In 2% of cases risky because is used

That was very risky because of the leverage.

Much more risky because of the noise of the fans and smell.

The mortgage didn't seem risky because of one crucial detail.

Bringing in a fast bowler too early is far more risky because of the real possibility of injury.

Lots of money on board is risky because of possible extortion attempts by police and army boats.

Numerous find purchasing Forex market risky because of the volatility and mistake within judgment.

Microsoft phones including the Phone 7 were likewise identified as risky because of their limited use in the market.

Doctors believed reconstructive surgery would have been risky because of her age and so opted for the new technology.

These types of vehicles are still risky because of their technology and also expensive because of manufacturing costs.

Additionally, being near these areas on the opposing side of the map is fairly risky because of the sharp vision angle around the corner.

In 2% of cases risky by is used

This is often viewed as risky by many people.

Multiples are risky by nature so you could profit.

Too risky by half, and the Green family doesn't do risky.

The micro-agri space has always been seen as too risky by lenders.

There were other cost-cutting moves that were considered risky by anybody who looked at them at the time.

Even if it's just a result of the recession, regrettably, long-term unemployment is considered risky by employers.

Even though an airline might appear a little risky by your Western standards, it could easily be 1,000 times safer than taking.

As an exporter you start from a point of being different so one of the challenges is minimising that difference being seen as risky by potential customers.

People who have encountered accidents before and those individuals who have had traffic violations before will also be considered riskier by insuring firms.

As a result, some prime brokerage units have already begun squeezing clients, demanding extra collateral and higher rates for products deemed risky by regulators.

In 2% of cases risky due is used

It could be risky due to cultural differences.

That's becoming riskier due to worker unrest.

Posting the notice is risky due to the limited amount of time.

Sourcing products from overseas is risky due to distance and difference between countries.

We know that it is very risky due to the issue of health, but we will give our lives if necessary.

Running a restaurant is risky due to your exposure to two very harmful natural elements: fire and gas.

Middle weight is risky due to it being visceral fat and can be dangerous as it is fat that is laid around our organs.

From the perspective of the international market, growing mpingo in plantations is very risky due to the long rotation time.

In general, farmers provide no special feed, housing or other inputs, and production is risky due to high mortalities from disease.

It has be a fact that engaging in casual and pre-marital sex is risky due to presumably unwanted pregnancies and STDs and all other things.

In 2% of cases risky from is used

This could have been done from abroad or in the USA (less risky from abroad).

Swapping Johnson for Scott Sinclair (if that's what City end up doing) looks risky from here.

Also, while these foreign markets are potentially enormously lucrative they are also risky from an operational perspective.

Making this move, risky from an in-store promotion standpoint, required taking a Hollywood holiday blockbuster approach to the launch.

Meanwhile, smaller private developers, who might wish to take advantage of cheaper contracting prices, can't get finance -- far too risky from the banks ' point of view.

As we beginning to understand (and should know from Ireland's past with reliance on a single crop like the potato ), monoculture crops are incredibly risky from a disease perspective.

The report of the Geological Engineering Environmental Map prepared in 1998 shows that the place 100 meter away from the side of the river is risky from infrastructural point of view also.

In 2% of cases risky on is used

Honey that is pretty risky on your part.

It was a little risky on his part but it paid off.

Anyway, by this time, any conclusion is risky on 8N.

It was too risky on my small graduate stipend to go ahead.

Youngsters are not allowed to do anything potentially risky on their own.

Nearly one third drank at levels considered risky on a single drinking occasion, also known as ' binge drinking '.

Equities can be extremely risky on a day to day basis but over the longer term this volatility tends to average out leaving investors with the overall positive return from Capitalism.

In 1% of cases risky about is used

But at Microsoft, there was nothing risky about it.

Ask yourself what could be missing, wrong, or risky about it.

They saw nothing politically risky about associating with Jerry Boykin.

I'll admit, there is something slightly risky about the whole thing, which is probably what keeps me writing.

On some level, there is probably something professionally risky about acknowledging my sexuality in this public forum.

In 1% of cases risky like is used

There are many other financial domains that are risky like gold and other investments.

It helped us because gold loans are not risky like other loans, and very short term in nature and solved our asset-liability mismatch.

That indicates market participates have more tendency to sway towards anything risky like equities, industrial commodities and higher yield currencies.

Some of my other friends also recommended me to invest my money in online Forex currency trading, but I have never interested in Forex trading because it can be risky like playing the stock market.

In 1% of cases risky without is used

Our other option was to move to a new provider, but this is risky without proper planning and time for testing.

Do not say that innovation is risky without explaining what is at risk and the risk of not taking an action (the do nothing option also has a risk).

He needs a letter from a psychologist to start hormones; he could self medicate but it can be very risky without a endocrinologist monitoring blood levels.

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