Prepositions after "ring"

ring in, for, at, with or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases ring in is used

His sweet words are still ringing in my ears.

From a distance the lake appears ringed in pink.

The wails of my aunt who lost her son still ring in my ears.

IC has done a brilliant job in bringing in awareness to these kinds of foreign conflicts.

This may be connected to reports of insomnia, irregular heartbeat, and ringing in the ears.

So we're offering our consumers the most affordable white rum to ring in our 50th anniversary.

This down town venue is not only a terrific option for dinner but also a great venue to ring in the New Year with a touch of class.

It is just that if you are fairly new to organic chemistry you might not have come across any compounds with benzene rings in them yet.

I didn't have much of a voice left after the show, but I went home with a beat in my heart, smile on my face and music ringing in my.

I rang in the evening to be told driver had left a card (he had n't) and the depot manager would ring me first thing Wednesday morning (today).

In 10% of cases ring for is used

The taxi was 7 euros and I was told it would cost the same if the hotel rang for you.

Real estate has clearly kept the cash registers ringing for major Hindi newspapers.

In London, Big Ben was rung for the first time since the start of the war in August 1914.

There are few online jewellery stores providing top quality of diamond engagement rings for affordable costs.

My mother would complain about my deteriorating accent, and those of the girls who would ring for me, and we inevitably rowed.

So, if anyone asked about this and got a response when they rang for their EIN (or at some other time) then I'd love to know! I was told once that if you have an ITIN or an EIN you should file a 0.

In 9% of cases ring at is used

This translates to a whopping 13 NBA rings at home.

In our temple, a huge temple bell is rung at the time of puja.

As soon as the alarm rings at the twenty minute mark, get up and stretch.

View the wonderful selection of modern and traditional Claddagh Rings at the Claddagh Jewellers online shop.

Maria Akhtar, who miraculously survived the inferno, said the fire alarm rang at 6:50pm and the workers on the sixth floor ran to the staircases for exit.

Student of the Year starring newcomers like Siddharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan in leads, has continued to keep the bells ringing at the overseas Box Office in the second weekend.

Karan Johar's latest movie Student Of The Year SOTY, which has rocked the viewers in the first week, has continued to keep the bells ringing at the Box Office in India in the second week too.

In 8% of cases ring with is used

The phones will stop ringing with pleas for exclusive interviews.

Small rings with two or more chromatin masses are seen but are more common in P.

It was ringed with what seemed to be a random scattering of antennae, optics, and -- things.

Plasmodium malariae The earliest forms are small, round, compact rings with little or no vacuole.

The first grooved pottery, which is so distinctive of the era, was made here, for example, and the first henges -- stone rings with ditches round them -- were erected on Orkney.

The man picked out one, and carried it to the Princess Badroulboudour, but the exchange was no sooner made than the place rang with the shouts of the children, deriding the magician's folly.

From the center to the American shore it was evidently hard work to propel the bicycle, but at last the edge of the cliff was reached, and then the welcome did ring with the applause of the people.

In 6% of cases ring from is used

I have had 3 expensive diamond rings from Ernest Jones.

He said it wasn't a cold call, but that he was ringing from Microsoft.

He said he was ringing from Smart Tech Guys not sure if right as accent very thick.

Like when a telephone rings from the bank asking for due payment and you don't have cash to pay.

His name was Shaun, the line was poor (maybe ringing from India?) and he was very difficult to understand.

The fine and delicate look of vintage rings from its old European round center cut and Asscher cuts, to its minimal engravings and delicate stones, you will never go wrong.

In 5% of cases ring on is used

Day six: I hate you, company #1 Cue my cell phone ringing on vacation day five.

As he was ringing on my home business line, and my ISP only has my home phone I became suspicious.

My technique - Index finger on the low E string, middle on the high E, and ring on the B sring like I'd going to play D.

Nearly turned CG into an alcoholic trying to keep cope, still rings on occassion, drunk and belligerent, but looking for his hole, as Twenty might say.

Often, temps find they are offered a permanent role if they work hard and show promise, so it's a great way to reach that first rung on the sales ladder.

Maybe a forum section on Skype 4 for Linux? Is there one? My two pence is this: Skype as a phone application Needs to be able to ring on one sound card and chat on another.

In 5% of cases ring by is used

While the downtown of Adelaide is wonderfully ringed by parks, these are city parks.

One of the country's most fabled attractions, Inle Lake sits in a flat valley in central Burma, ringed by green tropical hills.

Ringed by the mountains of west Lantau, the isolated upland plateau at Ngong Ping is home to the giant statue of the Tian Tan Buddha (Photo No.

A Meeting of City, Sea and Mountains - Victoria Harbour Ringed by mountains and boasting one of the world? s great urban waterfronts (Photo No.

In 3% of cases ring around is used

As he left the stage, cheers of ' one more song ' rang around the Wedgewood Rooms.

Other popular Moe Bandy lyrics are: She Finally Rocked You Out Of Her Mind, Lady From The Country and Ring Around Rosie's Finger.

It seems to me that pensioners are an easy target, while some people can hide behind a smokescreen of expensive, secretive advisers and run rings around the tax man.

Things like the LED rings around the headlamps and the very rugged looking external fittings like the door handles and wing mirrors give it a classy utilitarian feel.

In 2% of cases ring to is used

More than just forwarding, it was a simultaneous ring to any other number(s) I wanted.

From the tasteless signet rings to the constant gurning for the cameras, this family is crass and vulgar.

Took the ring to a local jewellers and they were quite shocked at how it had worn and the colour underneath.

To get inbound calls to ring to your PAP2T instead of giving a busy signal you should check you main DID settings on your voip.

I'd definitely go there again! my mum gave me her 30+ year old engaging ring to me, &; it has two bad chips in the rubies so I went there to get it repaired.

In 2% of cases ring through is used

Alarm bells rang through Muslim Spain.

The five minute warning rang through the train, and both stared at each other in considerable surprise.

In 2% of cases ring off is used

Then a couple of dead hip dance DJs -- who I had never heard of before -- started playing it, and then the phone started ringing off the hook.

So this means as of Jan 1, your cell phone may start ringing off the hook with telemarketers, but unlike your home phone, most of you pay for your incoming calls.

In 2% of cases ring of is used

Now listen to this, in this department Sierra Leone in Africa is at the lowest rung of the index and is placed at 177.

The reason being that these children are on the lowest rung of society and the least able to access justice or be believed by the authorities.

In 1% of cases ring without is used

It confirms where the caller is ringing without them having to check and sets the tone for a professional conversation.

In 1% of cases ring about is used

So, I rang about 3 other agents who also work in the area to ask their opinion.

When I rang about attending the briefing I mentioned this and the social worker asked if we had any joint bank accounts, mortgage accounts that would show that we had been living in the same house.

In 1% of cases ring as is used

This bird with WEL45 was ringed as a Russian Common Gull.

I just hope to God that if anyone saw my name come up on the screen, they know that I was ringing out of concern for a friend, not ringing as a reporter for a story.

In 1% of cases ring among is used

Cyber Criminal While the rest of the Cybercrime Law would do our country good, the libel provision in particular has sent warning bells ringing among Filipino Netizens.

In 1% of cases ring after is used

I remember a night when the -editor's phone rang after the Nine O'Clock News.

More My ears have finally stopped ringing after an evening with friends last weekend.

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