Prepositions after "rigid"

rigid in, with, about, by or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases rigid in is used

They're rigid in this assessment.

So, I'd never rigid in my thinking.

Or because I am rigid in my thinking.

We are neither rigid in the use of language nor respect hierarchies as did our parents.

By the time of the Council this ultramontane view had become rigid in the Roman Church.

He seems uptight and rigid in all his dramas and Yahaan Pyaar Nahi Hai is no different.

In previous games the player had to pick weapons and perks in a designated slot which was fairly rigid in its design.

On the other hand, Mosaddeq was rigid in his stand on complete nationalization and was not willing to let the British in.

Cai Jing Ya National Junior College Unlike my economics teacher who was rather rigid in the way he answered questions, Mr.

You may have very specific ideas about what you want to see before you go, but don't be too rigid in your thinking either.

In 14% of cases rigid with is used

I was in that situation, i had a 15 tonne gvm rigid with a 8.

The Rabbi was silent but his frail old body was rigid with fury.

The medical culture is very strict and rigid with rules and schedules.

To me, we are in danger of being too rigid with our interpretation of our principles.

Though I do feel that retailers have been incredibly rigid with their pricing schemes.

First that, we a indians were not too rigid with our culture and that was a good thing.

Songs: Soul Asylum, She Sells Sanctuary, Love Removal Machine I'd rigid with excitement at the thoughts of this gig.

Dolittle until I came across two badgers, as big as dogs, dead, bloated and rigid with their legs pointing into the air.

But we know not to be so rigid with our posting schedule When we started we quickly settled in to posting every four days.

In 8% of cases rigid about is used

One should not become rigid about it.

Don't be too rigid about normalisation.

Don't be so rigid about it, which leads to.

When Islam does not demand from us to cover the face, then why are we so rigid about it?

Conservatives are as rigid about Consent in economic sphere as Progressives are in Sexual sphere.

We're not rigid about bedtimes even now but we certainly saw the benefits of an earlier night for them.

It is important, too, without being too rigid about it, to appreciate that different stages of development have different needs.

I plan to do the same with my DCs when they are older, but do not plan to be too rigid about it and risk putting them off studying.

What's so rigid about rejecting the hadith of a liar? Unfortunately, it seems that nobody can list any of the other tools any better.

Not that i agree with her but alot of working women in pakistan think the same I don't think you need to be so rigid about hugs and kisses.

In 4% of cases rigid as is used

REV: His tail is rigid as a cedar.

The big man sat up in his seat, rigid as a pointer.

Left behind in the chamber, Ling stood, rigid as a statue.

I reached for him, but he stood, rigid as a pole, and stared at me.

The shank has to be rigid as the insole and outsole will be bonded to it.

He looked close to tears, pale of complexion and rigid as the portside rail he clung to.

I was becoming increasingly rigid as the situation became more ridiculous and I less certain of myself.

A variety of bank have credit requirements that are a lesser amount of rigid as opposed to those of banking companies.

Scotland had a system of tribute before the Normans arrived, but it was never as structured or rigid as the feudal system.

In 4% of cases rigid by is used

I'd be bored rigid by only ringing (say) call changes for weddings.

Boss can be made rigid by providing buttress ribs as shown in the sketch.

There seems to be a view that unless we are scared rigid by HIV, then we will not take safe sex seriously.

Andy celebrates his 30,000th dent and bores everyone rigid by reading out assorted highlights from his first 10,000.

Gear coupling, grid coupling and disc couplings are manufactured from metal that are further rigid by way of torque.

In other words, it's not being held rigid by the line, it's not going to sink with the line, it's going to dive aside from the line.

The discrimination was so keen the situation became a pressure cooke However, this pagan cancer was not so rigid by the mid-20th century.

There was a lot more to it, including a labour market that is rigid by Western standards, but the result is generally called the lost decade.

Six years ago, America - and the world - were shocked rigid by news of the most gruesome and audacious attack on Western power since Pearl Power.

Just as you would bore a listener rigid by spouting great long pompous sentences of obscure and unnecessary words, you lose the reader in much the same way.

In 4% of cases rigid for is used

Premolars and molars: Flattened and rigid for the grinding of food.

It does make sense but too rigid for my own use as it makes no difference.

Once you mount a hard drive in them though they are sufficiently rigid for any needs.

You can't tell, because his face has been fixed rigid for about five years, but he does.

They are bored rigid for want of adult company and adult pursuits and they dread the summer holidays.

He remained rigid for a moment, and then sprang out of bed, throwing on the loose gown of sacking he had worn all day.

I'd had my head rigid for about an hour trying to swivel my eyes around to see if any of my friends were doing, you know? it.

Beaver Lake in Stanley Park is frozen solid and my thin legs stand rigid for the first time in unforgiving, gleaming white skates.

Anger seized me, my fingers refused to move, I sat rigid for one long moment, the blood throbbing in my temples, and all the hatred that a child can feel concentrated in my heart.

In 4% of cases rigid on is used

It creates armor by becoming rigid on impact with any projectile.

That's crazy and is a result of my being overly rigid on scheduling.

B*: What specific genre of music are you into? Answer: I'd not rigid on my mixes I mix afro-beats.

Despite the hood and bumper, im still rigid on the fact tha side body must have harder metal sheet.

They are, like private bankers, rigid on the collateral requirement and the scrutiny of a borrower's track record.

All 22 of them -- young, old, male, female -- were breezily chatting to each other while I stood rigid on the periphery.

Conversely, the financial results-based formula is relatively rigid on whether bonuses will be paid at the level earned.

Some of these folks are clearly off their rockers, while others seem sensible enough on most matters, if regrettably strident and rigid on this one.

So what do Home Depot, Mattel and Best Buy have in common? Like many foreign companies, they have been too rigid on how they approach the China market.

In 3% of cases rigid at is used

It seems way too rigid at the moment.

Screens are not held fully rigid at their base.

You grew rigid at his words, and stared at the ground.

The fact that the posts are 4ft high and not very rigid at the point of drilling doesn't help.

Although almost too rigid at times this comprehensive encyclopaedia of design equips technology students with all.

Keeping your feet one on top of the other, lift your hip off of the ground, with your entire body rigid at an angle.

Knee Action Just as a whip is never completely rigid at any point during its throw, neither are any points in your legs.

Their comrades, rigid at attention, carried arms, but everyone knew that their ammunition pouches were empty - by order.

These products enhance also propel their scholar's possess speech rigid at your partner's hearing, causing improved upon oral pleasure onto the brain.

Lee Joon grows rigid at the question and listens as she drops the hints she's picked up: Kang-hwi's been more clumsy and Lee Joon has been uncharacteristically concerned for him.

In 3% of cases rigid like is used

If we ignore them, we become rigid like Jayesh.

Ask your partner to remain rigid like a board, but light on their feet.

His hands were clammy like a frog's skin, his body rigid like a hard rock.

Do not misunderstand that when the mind is samadhi we must be rigid like a rock or log.

However, in the second and third type of knowledge, Islamic education system was rigid and must be rigid like rock.

I want to emphasise this, that when God looks at a human personality he does not see it as something rigid like your brow.

These people will try to prostrate but their backs will be rigid like one piece of a wood (and they will not be able to prostrate).

In 3% of cases rigid to is used

Emma uttered a cry and fell back rigid to the ground.

That helped make the male/female issues divide seem less rigid to me.

These send out a Rigid to the struggle of your Canis familiaris once he barks.

They seem to have become cynical and rigid to the detriment to the system within which they work.

Rigid to the touch, it clicks into place at each of its ten mode settings with a definite clicking action.

Many runners are going to benefit from the Adidas Adios as they move from a rigid to natural running motion.

To keep your balance in the Church today means to be committed, but not rigid to what one holds as core Christian values.

Brown leather furniture pieces come in styles that range from formal and rigid to casual and supple, making it easy to accommodate your decorative style.

Caste system may appear rigid to our eyes because for more than a thousand years Hindu society withdrew itself from successive domination by Muslims and Europeans.

One criticism which, I think, applies equally to all traditional dance music is this: You have a good, steady pulse, but your rhythm feels a little bit rigid to me.

In 2% of cases rigid of is used

Personally I find it very intolerant and rigid of you.

The one who spoke to Miss Chambers was thin and rigid of face.

And there is the rub: The most rigid of believers, whatever their religion or ideology, make an idol and call it God.

Art has been torn down for 70 years, at first for the better, great art came from tearing down rigid of academia, but the less is more thing has been played out for years.

Unless you are the most rigid of representative positivists, you are a rationalist in that evidence is sifted and shaped according to ideology as much as if not more than vice versa.

In 1% of cases rigid from is used

All sides seem to share the failure to recognize that we tend to fix ourselves in a comfort zone and appear rigid from the outside.

However great his firmness was in disguising his heart's disease, it manifested itself in his countenance, his eyes rigid from thoughtfulness, and his emaciated limbs.

In 1% of cases rigid under is used

Aim: A -- Length reflects rigidity, a long body even though strong can become rigid under enough pressure.

What if it didn't work? What if he couldn't wake up this time? He lay rigid under the covers, all his muscles tensed as he fought sleep with all his might.

Choose low heeled shoes with a large toebox and an orthotic which will either leave a space for the first metatarsophalangeal joint or be rigid under the joint.

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