Prepositions after "right"

right for, in, about, on or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases right for is used

It's right for the environment.

Just right for your busy schedule.

It's right for our national energy.

We put it aside when it comes to considering policies and what? s right for a society.

My ladies and I go through EXTREME measures to get everything just right for the show.

Love the gauchos! I lived in a pair all summer and they are just right for the garden.

We'll see a Tufton and Holness, who were never really at the fore during the extradition saga, as right for the job.

Is It Right for You? The biggest question many people have is whether or not variable home loans are right for them.

I assume they've been working on getting the wording of those few sentences just right for the last five days or so.

But its best to start out positioning your skills and experience and convincing them that you are right for the job.

In 20% of cases right in is used

Gollum, it's right in the book.

We were right in the front line.

Getting It Right in Iraq Rabbi Dr.

El Wekala is right in the centre of Taba Heights - so it is close to the shopping area.

But when you are right in the middle of it and you feel lonely, rejected, unlovely etc.

Yesterday thugs wearing hoodies killed one and shot 6 right in his district in Chicago.

I didn't see what was right in from of my eyes! I still had my beautiful baby boy and I knew that I needed to change.

Be certain -- when you agree with your spouse to do something, it is right in the first place; it has God's approval.

Everyone reading R3OK is cordially invited to join us! We are currently right in the middle of the ground floor (SoS).

In 16% of cases right about is used

Yes u r right about california.

You're right about the gravity.

But, u r right about one thing.

He says the Examiner was right about the Daleks and they are all in terrible danger.

If Forbes could have gotten this so wrong, how do we know what they are right about.

You are absolutely right about knowing the rule, even if you don't want to admit it.

Methinks April 18, 2012 at 10:55 am I don't speak for all libertarians, but I think you're right about the states.

Not being a professional scientist, if I know I'd right about something, I'd not worried about being proven wrong.

I think you're right about the ugliness of the Christian Right being a reason for 20 somethings leaving the church.

First lady: Her husband was absolutely right about the sequin dress, it actually makes her look bigger than she is.

In 12% of cases right on is used

Grover This column is right on.

Your observations are right on.

You are right on the money, LC.

I think that Thayer-D is right on by saying we will only finally get it when gas is $5.

The point I am making is that you, Greg, and Doug and the others are right on the mark.

Jerry's light was a bright one and he always gave it all to the music, and he lives on.

A man of unmistakable dignity, O'Neil is a marvelous storyteller, and I Was Right On Time reads like a fireside chat.

But you're quite right on the broader point, that trying to project to 2100 on the basis of an ANCOVA model is brave.

Sale? If they get it right with Danny Cipriani, and Cipriani gets it right on the field, they will be worth watching.

Ted Nugent is right on and has the freedom of speach just like every other American, even if the left does not agree.

In 4% of cases right at is used

I was however right at the time.

We are right at the end of Soi 8.

It's right at the bottom of pelvis.

It's right at the F train subway and it's a stand up espresso place just like in Italy.

This weakens the conclusions because it's right at the centre of the scope of the book.

Terry Dowling and I are right at the end, in a section called The Far Edge of the Real.

The only name I haven't seen that would be right at the top of my own list is Claire Fraser from the Outlander books.

The papacy is right at the heart of the Church and survives DESPITE the failings, even heresies, of particular popes.

Their commanders seem to have no grasp of distances or that the islands were right at the edge of their flying range.

The younger one struck fearsome kung-fu poses right at the edge of the cliff, his face contorted and his eyes bulging.

In 3% of cases right with is used

So all is right with the world.

All seemed right with the world.

I am right with you on this one.

Everybody has said: ' You were a child, this was 40 years ago, we are right with you.

BARTENDER: (CALLS, TO BALDY) Be right with you, sport; I got ta draw this man a beer.

Siany found her mojo, Giroud found his scoring boots and all is right with the world.

If the seller won't let you take the electric cars for a test drive then something is definitely not right with it.

I promised Ralph I would spend every evening next week on his green mountains, and he seemed right with it, anyway.

From the point of view of mindfulness, as long as you're breathing there's more right with you than wrong with you.

Then Manning won another Super Bowl this past February and he was the symbol of all that was right with the Giants.

In 2% of cases right behind is used

The girls were right behind me.

His father was right behind him.

That's right behind the Monorail.

We can't see Mike, but he is about 10 meters to our forward right behind some bush.

Yesterday, 1230 noon, I was right behind this white saloon car on this 2 lane road.

I ran to take videos believing my assistant cameraman Ipe Soco was right behind me.

Even though the sludge is right behind the plates, it never seeps out, nor does any gas, if the plate is removed.

I'll be right behind you in sack cloth and ashes!! With respect and affection for all of my fellow pilgrims here.

Everyone is right behind him so that he has the necessary support to have a long and prosperous Springbok career.

If the group was trying to get people to sell the latest Kaiser Chiefs reincarnation NME would be right behind it.

In 2% of cases right around is used

And it's right around the corner.

Tyranny is right around the corner.

Wealth was right around the corner.

FAU is right around the corner from the beach, the mall, and plenty of restaurants.

Hopefully the invertible Wii U Zelda game is right around the corner, because I 'm.

Retirement may be a long way off for you -- or it might be right around the corner.

The start of training camp was my favorite time of year because I knew actual hockey was right around the corner.

I even dug out my flannels and made cocoa one night -- true signs that the new season was right around the corner.

The height of the dollar strength came right around 8:00 as the euro hit the low of the day and was sitting on a 0.

This was right around the time of the President's speech and his call for people to call their members of Congress.

In 2% of cases right up is used

This book is right up my alley.

Woah, this is right up my alley.

This film IS right up my street.

So, from age 35 right up until this momento I've been relieved of my active alcoholism.

Well Shaw, based on those 10 year old clips, Romney should be right up your ally, then.

I get excited at the prospect of making action thrillers as they are right up my alley.

We all know that the Kardashians like to flash their cash so a bottle of bubbly and flowers is right up their street.

When I was 18 right up to that age of 32 I used to go EVERY weekend, on a Friday night with my girlfriend, then wife.

He may even be happy, and relatively healthy right up until he suddenly passes calmly in his sleep of natural causes.

This event was right up our alley and Gus (the dog with the guy) was happy to be an ambassador among his new friends.

In 1% of cases right beside is used

I'd right beside you all the way.

Cafe which just right beside Figaro.

The small kitchen was right beside it.

Come out of Appelmans, and you're right beside Antwerp's grandiose Gothic cathedral.

If I am not mistaken, it was right beside the restroom on the then fourth year wing.

Mission Beach Australia also has the advantage point of being right beside the reef.

The road I'd on is dark, I'd not sure if I know the way, Yet with you right beside me, I'd certain I won't stray.

As the players cross halfway Gerrard is right beside Cabaye and it's very obvious that this should be ' his man '.

They would have the loudest, grossest sex in her room (which was right beside mine) while everybody else was home.

Bus Eireann All Bus Eireann buses will conclude their journeys at Busaras, which is right beside Dublin Docklands.

In 1% of cases right by is used

And Yasmin was right by her ear.

We were there right by her side.

No, we're right by the hospital.

And we will continue to do what is right by all our many stakeholders across this nation.

Used to go all the time when I was in grad school, as it's right by the school/hospitals.

Our flat's right by a Mosque, so our routine becomes regulated by the guy in the Minaret.

I figure you may not want to divorce your husband you just want him to take responsibility and do what is right by you.

A busy junction that is right by Milton Cross school, and is depended upon daily by many hundreds of young pedestrians.

So, the Foreign Office in Sri Lanka got it right by appointing Ambassador Amza as the diplomat to represent the country.

Whilst these seats had lots of leg room, as they were by one of the emergency exits, they were also right by the toilets.

In 1% of cases right before is used

It was right before dinner time.

It was right before his accident.

The repeat is right before our eyes.

You have to pretend you didn't see certain things even when it is right before you.

That was right before the finish line so it was an easy sprint after that maneuver.

I find it very convenient that Facebook is forcing Timeline right before their IPO.

There is simply a revealing of what's right before our eyes, that the ordinary is extraordinary, every moment is.

George made sure that i was comfortable, relaxed (as much as one can be right before getting pierced ), and ready.

That's why the boys aren't going to find out who is right before the end of the training, unless you come in here.

By the time the connection went live, it was right before an audience who had assembled to witness a demonstration.

In 1% of cases right from is used

You are right from that aspect.

Probably, it was right from birth.

This is not right from either gender.

There should have been a bigger push to really separate the two right from the start.

But yeah, for (everyone?) most people, we already know who it is right from the start.

But of course intelligent men have been there right from the beginning of the creation.

With the over 35's and a youth set up you have a great chance of retainment if you get it right from top to bottom.

My instincts re the AC were right from the off but because of my own needs, wants and desire I chose to ignore them.

A true gaming experience, which sets you in the middle of a Zombie Scenario, which could be right from a Romero movie.

Unfortunately for many individuals, they are incapable of differentiating that which is right from that which is wrong.

In 1% of cases right of is used

Pawnee's right of retainer 173.

McCain is just right of center.

He conceals the right of action.

Also on the far left you have communism, and just to the right of that you have facism.

He must now feel affirmed by President Aquino's express support for the right of reply.

Similarly, the patient's general right of access to his or her records is not absolute.

SELF DEFENSE Since self preservation is the first law of nature; we assert the Afro-American's right of self-defense.

The right of employees, by and through a labor organization, to bargain collectively shall not be denied or abridged.

It is not therefore the right of all kings that you describe, but the injuriousness, and force, and violence of some.

Watching that little upstart Hipkins playing head prefect on telly makes me think they are going right off the rails.

In 1% of cases right after is used

But they may be right after all.

So Khaleque was right after all.

I think it was right after WWII.

The best example of just how oblivious they all are is right after baby #2 was born.

I can eat the most right after my evening meal, without much of a blood sugar effect.

Total Pageviews My Weather Segment is on KPLU! Friday's at 9 AM right after Birdnote.

There would be some other reviews right after the release of the examination results in the next six to 12 months.

This was right after a bloop hit by Ian Kinsler, and right before an error by Albert Pujols sent Andrus to second.

Often, it is right after your superstar leaves that people covering his work find out about the shortcuts he took.

Everything that you want in life -- happiness, friendship, abundance, blessings -- is right after the door of fear.

In 1% of cases right to is used

Everyone has the right to life.

PART 2 Right to a Mark RULE 200.

She has every right to be heard.

John, Bellville, Ohio, USA I am, generally speaking, a proponent of one's right to die.

We reserve the right to moderate posted comments and may paraphrase individual entries.

This vow of non-misappropriation safeguards everyone? s right to ownership of property.

This award from Novartis will make a very significant difference in advancing the efforts of Right to Sight in Kenya.

It is only after the sale has been effected that the purchaser acquires the right to require a transfer of ownership.

People have a right to identify with their families and they damn well have a right to have their history acknowledged.

In 1% of cases right under is used

They are right under your nose.

These records were right under Prof.

Walt did all this right under his nose.

You may say that this statement is wrong; however the proof is right under our noses.

It could be right under your nose the whole time, much like it was for me and my father.

I guess unless hardship is right under our noses, it makes it tough to make those choices.

But the ultimate match was right under their noses: 20-year-old Aminah, who was a friend of Zaki's younger sister.

There is an even more relaxing scent that'll make you comfortable, it's just right under your partner's undershirt.

Further, to require such involvement in abortion would be to breach the doctor's right under Article 9 of the ECHR.

If you don't know what I'd talking about, it's the space that's right under your eye area, right before your cheeks.

In 1% of cases right across is used

The beach is right across the road.

Plus you're right across the street.

And Ma'velous was right across the street.

Here's the gauge at Belle Chasse, which is right across the river from Braithwaite.

He was a deputy in Pinellas Park, and was right across the bay from Tampa, I think.

It's not just the individuals or the community, it's right across the Pacific community.

This will apply from 2013 right across the country as the welfare benefit level of 324pw leaves just 174pw for rent.

There aren't many restaurants here in White Rock, and this one is right across the street from where we are staying.

He was trying to get out from under the steering-wheel, but it was right across his hips and he just couldn't get free.

One thing I like about this hotel is that the Catholic church is right across the road -- The Church of Christ the King.

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