Prepositions after "rife"

"rife with" or "rife in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases rife with is used

Britain is rife with the latter.

A crazy time rife with challenges.

Unix is rife with this sort of thing.

It is unfortunate that placards rife with abuse were allowed into the Tononoka Grounds.

How can I trust them with a process so rife with opportunities to do exactly what they.

Despite more innocuous rationales, the Palace remains rife with such supposed hauntings.

Champagne socialism doesn't sit well in my book, Aberdeen is rife with it and in my opinion it is damaging the City.

Being that cinema is rife with political campaigns ranging from successful to disastrous to downright insane, The A.

Viewed through a lens of fear, however, the world appears full of uncertainty, beyond our control and rife with risk.

On his visit, Rod finds the East Midlands town with a rich steel-working past has become rife with youth unemployment.

In 22% of cases rife in is used

This seems rife in New Zealand.

Runaway corruption is rife in the.

Speculation was rife in the media.

According to gossip still rife in the village, Dame Laura was a pushover for the locals.

Corruption and thievery are rife in this country, especially among the corporate players.

And according to my disabilities service provider is rife in all the major retail chains.

Kidnappings involving shipping travelling past the coast of the east African country have become rife in recent years.

Also, poverty, brutality, slavery and deprivation were rife in that historical period, even up to the 1940's and later.

Violence is rife in the Darfur region between government-backed militias, government troops and local insurgent groups.

Knife crime is a frightening violence that is rife in many parts of the UK, and is something that just can't be ignored.

In 3% of cases rife on is used

Fare evasion is rife on trams and trains.

Hypocrisy has always been rife on the left.

Wow, celebratory abuse is currently rife on twitter.

I'd so sorry to see that the British disease of Envy and Jealousy is rife on these pages.

So suspicion of the United States ' changing role in the region has run rife on Beijing's streets.

Corruption is rife on the continent because those who steal the money never lack a place to hide it.

Already, debate in the country is rife on who is best suited to moderate the Kenyan debates with some names being floated.

Ntuli said robbery was rife on trains and that women, who were sometimes delayed while returning home at night, faced being raped.

Speculation was rife on Twitter over the weekend with names such as Dale Hayes, Fulton Allem and even Simon Hobday thrown into the mix.

I can remember him losing the ball only once in the second half; no wonder the British rumor mill is rife on the possibilities of his next move.

In 2% of cases rife about is used

Rumors were rife about the wild-eyed man.

Speculation was rife about where we were heading.

Allegations are rife about their abuse of power and intimidating behaviour.

The royal family are famously not exempt and speculation is rife about them.

HERMAN SERGEANT-: Now, speculation has been rife about what will happen next.

Speculation has been rife about where Franks will play next season since he was granted a release from the Crusaders.

Speculation is rife about who will succeed him, and the present Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi is one of the contenders.

Speculation is rife about who would succeed him, and the present foreign minister Yang Jiechi is one of the contenders.

Masing has evidently fallen from grace with Taib and speculation remains rife about the? sin? he committed against the latter.

In 2% of cases rife among is used

Apprehension is rife among Kenyans.

Wim L: But that mindset is rife among cops.

Anger is especially rife among young people.

Conflict of interest is rife among politicians who have financial links to corporates.

It reminds us that bullying in school, exam leakages and drug use are rife among the youth.

Ulcerative Dermal Necrosis (UDN) was rife among wild fish in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Misconceptions about HIV/AIDS were rife among the prisoners and educational programmes would be needed to correct these.

Who was the source of the story? Speculation was rife among journalists and was allegedly fed by briefings from government.

He was mistaken; but myths and misconceptions about the new operating procedure ran rife among professionals and lay people alike.

All over the country, great tracts of open land lay untilled and uninhabited, while nutritional diseases were rife among the people.

In 2% of cases rife at is used

As I recall rumours were rife at the time.

It appears that misandry is rife at Macquarie.

This has been rife at Arsenal since before the financial crisis hit.

He apparently had 1,000 men test them, and none contracted syphilis, which was rife at the time.

He is befriended by a relatively harmless gang skirting with the skinhead culture rife at the time.

But since their mysterious decline, feral dogs -- and disease -- have been rife at the carcass dumps.

I hope Leveson understands that the power structures of newspapers is one of the reasons why phone hacking was rife at the NoW.

Ranatunga was out of the country then, but speculations were rife at the time that Alles had resigned from his post in the party.

Speculation about the UK property market is rife at this time of year, as experts try to predict the prospects for prices for the year ahead.

In 2% of cases rife for is used

Yet such calculations are rife for misjudgement.

The time is rife for complete overhaul and change is inevitable.

Rent free/rates free/soft loans/free land its been rife for years.

Some argue that inequality doesn't have to be rife for economic growth to be witnessed.

Rumours have been rife for the last year or so that Mourinho would be the man to replace Sir Alex.

The system I went through after high school, with a few exceptions, was rife for the need to reform.

The public sector is rife for the kind of radical reform introduced with such excellent results in New Zealand and Hong Kong.

To do this, we must start at the source, with the known facts, and then branch out into other areas more rife for speculation.

With a great deal of uncertainly among traders and public agencies regarding the evolving food supply, the time was rife for speculation.

Speculation about Mugabe's health has been rife for several years after the former liberation figure appeared to become increasingly frail.

In 2% of cases rife throughout is used

Corruption is rife throughout the region.

It is rife throughout our National Parks.

These establishments are rife throughout the U.

There is no question that corruption is rife throughout football, from FIFA and down.

I would predict mainly aussies, as racism is rife throughout their culture past and present.

The use of temporary contracts is rife throughout the Global South and actively encouraged by the World Bank.

We conclude that the corruption is rife throughout Sheffield City Council, and is controlled from the top down.

With unemployment still rife throughout Europe and only set to get worse the economic prospects remain challenging.

They are both symbolic of accepting injustices were rife throughout history and moving on as one under a flag that represents us all.

In 2% of cases rife within is used

Faction was rife within the city.

Oppression is now rife within the organisation.

It is rife within the false hierarchies of UK academia.

Corruption is also known to be rife within the UN agency.

Alcohol and drug addiction is rife within this population.

As Peters says, under-employment is rife within this stagnating economy.

This came as no surprise as conflicts of interests are rife within EFSA.

It's no doubt that corporatism is rife within all three major political parties.

In 1% of cases rife across is used

Such scams are already rife across Europe.

Technophobia is rife across the generations.

This sort of management twaddle is rife across the corporate world.

It's rife across the Western world, as this article by a former Danish high court judge illustrates.

Corruption is rife across Jamaica in most if not all Government agencies and the police force is not immune.

The volume of complaints from retail workers indicates similar pressures on staff are rife across the sector.

However, in the light of German anti-Jewish measures, one must remember that anti-Semitism was rife across Europe.

Child abuse is rife across Britain with many of the depraved sex attacks being carried out by youngsters who have had their minds.

In 1% of cases rife amongst is used

Its rife amongst the Teenagers there.

Infidelity is also rife amongst the poor.

This could become a primary reason of marital rife amongst partners.

Unfortunately events soon take a turn for the worse and suspicion becomes rife amongst the guests.

ANIMOSTIY RIFE AMONGST THE PEOPLE At this time, Muslims will be weak and there will be very few pious people.

Trout fishing is one sport where a short-sighted, blinkered view of how things could and should be done is rife amongst a self appointed ' elite '.

Given iPhones and iPads are rife amongst people traveling it seems foolish and remiss to have a login system for a TRAVEL card that is not supported.

One of the things that I witnessed was the amount of alcohol that was being used and I soon realised that dependency was rife amongst the refugee camps.

While disenchantment with the main political parties is rife amongst the publics in both countries, the responses of the political classes has been markedly different.

Rumours of an EGM being held this Friday back in FAI headquarters are rife amongst the media and Trapattoni's sudden eagerness to try new players ' may fall on deaf ears.

In 1% of cases rife around is used

As with most new technological innovations, skepticism was rife around this new revolutionary format.

McMansions are rife around here because property developers have gotten greedy! To some this may sound like a lot of land.

Take care of yourself Freshers ' flu -- a particularly persistent and horrid kind of cold/cough/flu -- is rife around this time of year.

It is also worth pointing out that inequality is rife around the continent and a high GDP per capita does not signal prosperity for all.

Camra's new figures show that this kind of behaviour is rife around the country as around 1 pub a week is converted into a convenience store.

As soon as Oneman dropped it, debate was rife around who was responsible for it's irresistible hook: ' I'd the information// Co-caine Powder '.

CAMRA's new figures show that this kind of behaviour is rife around the country as around one pub a week is converted into a convenience store.

Speculation is rife around Cunard Cruises new ship which incorporates sixteen decks into an extravagant liner keeping additional than 2,000 passengers.

The rumours were so rife around the BBC, Prole, that your apparent belief that Savile kept his sexual peccadilloes well hidden just doesn't hold water.

Far from it: the street art so rife around Stevenson Square, Thomas Street and Hilton Street make it a fascinating place for kids; we also recommend Slice for easy and cheap eats.

In 1% of cases rife as is used

In this paper's absence, speculation remains rife as to.

Speculation is rife as to the effects this might have on the X6 case.

Jewish press has been rife as to who will succeed the well-respected Sacks.

So speculation is rife as to what on earth is Apple going to do with the money.

Speculation is already rife as to who he might want to make up the rest of his backroom team.

Cynicism, however, is rife as the government has lost touched with the ground and needs to put a show on it National CONversation.

Speculation has been rife as to who and why anyone would commit the crimes that left many Kenyans agape with more questions than answers.

Without a doubt, speculations by political experts are now rife as to the possible foreign policy approaches that Obama will adopt during his second term.

As the Norman conquest progressed ethnic tensions in the church were rife as the Normans sought to take over the church to the exclusion of Gaelic clerics.

Speculation is already rife as to who Royals might buy in the new year, with owner Anton Zingarevich publicly declaring there is a wish-list with 10 players ' names on it.

In 1% of cases rife of is used

Fears are rife of a vicious circle.

Speculation has been rife of late as to when Microsoft will introduce its next game console.

Counterfeit was rife of Fundador, it was an endemic way of life in virtually all Philippines's communities.

Rumours were rife of his having travelled on a false passport to Colombia in 2001 with the IRA's Padraig Wilson.

Talks are rife of his purported singles recording with Stay-Jay, apparently Van wants to show the Ghanaian public his versatility.

But in any case, there are hardly any inconsistencies between this episode and a history rife of the political manipulation of funds.

Fairly comparable to the onslaught SOTS2 received on release With rumours rife of its incompleteness and a Metascore of 44, I reluctantly steered well clear.

So terrifying was this event to the local people that they believed it to be the devil incarnate and tales are still rife of fire, hails of brimstone and evil spirits.

Reports are rife of official corruption, brutalities carried out by a duly-appointed judiciary and the depradations of the police upon the very people they are meant to protect.

In 1% of cases rife over is used

Speculation was rife over the weekend that.

But it was not only the trows who were rife over Yule.

Speculations were rife over the motive behind the killing of Shehla Masood.

Meanwhile the speculations are rife over the fate of Prabhakaran's immediate family.

It's rife over there too, but at least when the catch someone, they are punished for it.

Speculation has been rife over these last few months as to whether Apple will play in the 7-inch tablet space.

It's disappointingly rife over objects in both the mid and far distance, causing fatigue over long viewing sessions and undoing some of the otherwise strong sense of sharpness.

Speculation has been rife over the past few months that a third seat may be reserved for the PLA on the next Politburo, in addition to the two occupied by the CMC vice-chairmen.

Speculation has been rife over the former England captain's future after he revealed that he would be leaving LA Galaxy following December's MLS final, with his contract expiring.

Despite the undeniable success of the league, debate is rife over whether its economic and entertainment benefits outweigh the threat that it poses to the tradition of International Test Cricket.

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